Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles

If they knew he was killed, Issa, they would become disperse and humiliated. What do you think, Issa? I… agree with what Abu Jaafar said. And you, Uncle, what do you think? I agree and disagree. How so? People are revolting against us everywhere. This is not the time to worry about Abu Muslim. This is the time, Uncle. This is the time. My Lord, either we do this now or we never do it. What applies to kings, Caliphs and states doesn’t apply to Abu Muslim. Give me the orders to kill him, My Lord. Don’t rush me, Abu Jaafar. Give me some time to think about your suggestion. It’s not only about Abu Muslim, it’s about hundreds of thousands of his followers in Khorasan. My Lord, Abu Dulama is at the door. – Why is that man here? – I sent for him, Abu Jaafar. You! Ever since I assumed this position I only heard news of killings, seditions, revolts and looting. I was told he was funny. – Send him in. – Yes, My Lord. Peace be upon the Emirs of the Believers. Peace be upon you too. – I’m awaiting your response. – Won’t you stay with us? I wasn’t born for that. – Me neither. – You too, Cousin? Yes, My Lord. I need to check on the armies. Come hither, Abu Dulama. Sit down. Tell me, Abu Dulama. Do you have an advice for the Emir of the Believers? Advice? Yes. Let us hear it, Abu Dulama.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 17

What’s the matter, Rabie? There’s a veiled man at the gates of the palace asking to see you. But he won’t say his name or remove his veil. Disarm him and bring him here. At such a late hour, My Lord? – No problem, Rabie. – Yes, My Lord. Please have mercy, Master. Please have mercy. The man didn’t do anything to warrant his execution. Get away. You brought him to me. I will pay you, Master. May God reward you for saving me, Abu Ayyoub. I assure you that I will never forget what you did for me. Your money didn’t go to waste, Abu Ayyoub. God damn you and your advice, Abu Dulama. This is not how advice is given. Let him continue, My Lord. Go on, Abu Dulama. My Lord, I’ve thought about you and your vast Kingdom, and I found that you limited yourself to one woman. So, if she got sick, you would get sick too. And if she was away, you wouldn’t enjoy the company of concubines. Some of them are tall and slim, others are delicate and dark skinned, and others are old and black and there are the crude and vulgar. So, why isn’t the Emir of the Believers looking at free women? And why isn’t he looking at what they have and listening to their nice talks? Some of them are tall and white, others are yellow and fat, and there are those from Basra and those from Kufa. I think I had enough advice for today. I’m giving you… I’m giving you 10 Dinars. What about wide eyes and slim waists? 20 Dinars and that’s all. What about those with sweet tongues? – That’s enough, Abu Dulama. – Woe be to you, Abu Dulama! Haven’t you heard the Emir? Off you go. Get out. Go! Peace be upon you, My Lord. Are you alright, My Lord? Are you alright? I’m not feeling very well. I’m going to bed. Woe be to you, Abu Dulama! I’m glad to see you happy, My Lord. – What is it? – Abu Dulama wanted to give me advice so he urged me to marry, and he went on to describe concubines and free women, urging me to seek their company. What a shameless man! How could you let him talk to you about such things? He gave me a good laugh. Abu Dulama! Abu Dulama! Wake up! Wake up! – Wake up, damn it! – What is it? There are soldiers at the door. I knew the Caliph would raise my reward. – Are you Abu Dulama? – Yes, that’s me. – Wait, I’ll get the bowl. – Why do you need a bowl? – To put the money in it. – What money? Didn’t the Caliph sent you to give me more money? Actually, Her Ladyship Um Salma sent me to give you this. Where are you taking me? Wait! What’s this, man? Who did this to you? Well, nobody, My Lord. I was walking on the roof of my house, riding my donkey, and I fell off the donkey and I found myself in the well and a rock fell over me in the well. God bless you, Abu Dulama. Give me advice. I’m no advisor, My Lord. What about what you said about concubines and free women? I was saying that Arabs called the second wife “Dorra” which means harm, and that whoever had more than one wife suffered because of her. Woe unto you! That’s not what you said last time. It was, My Lord. I also told you that having three wives is like being placed over a boiling pot. That’s not what I heard. I did say that, My Lord, and I told you that having four wives is like inflicting evil upon the husband, as they cause his hair to go grey and make him look older than he is. Woe betide you, Abu Dulama! I swear I didn’t hear this from you or from anyone else before. I swear this is what I said, My Lord. Are you saying that I’m lying? Woe betide you! Do you want to kill me, My Lord? – Keep talking. – I also told you I also told you that young concubines are like men and… and that the Makhzoum Clan is the crowning jewel of Quraysh. And that you have one of these jewels and yet you’re looking at… at concubines and slave women. Get out, damn you! Get out! My Lord, the Emir of the Believers. – What is it? – A messenger from Khorasan. Send him in. Abu Dulama learned a lesson he would never forget. – Go get me some water. – Yes, My Lady. Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! Mercy, Uncle of the Caliph! Let him go. Mercy, Uncle of the Caliph. Mercy, Son of Ali. Get up, man. Get up! Excuse me, My Lord. I was expelled from my land and came to you. And I was led to you after I heard about your virtues. So, either accept me with generosity or turn me down without hurting me. Who are you? Your name. I’m Omar bin Muawiyah bin Omar bin Otbah bin Abi Sufian. Welcome. What do you need? We have with us women whose closest relative is you. And you’re responsible for them after us. They were scared as we were scared, and those who are scared must be worried about. God help us! God help us! Son, you shall be spared, your women shall be protected.

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I swear I would do the same for all your people if I could. So, be discreet and keep a low profile. Let him stay in my palace until I’m back. Don’t let anyone do him or his family any harm. God save the Emir! God save the Emir! Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. The police chief said you wanted to see me at once. I sent for Abu Muslim to come to Kufa. Will we get rid of him? No, we shall honor him with a big ceremony. He had eliminated a new conspiracy that was being plotted against me. Once the ceremony is over, take your family and leave to your province which you haven’t visited in a long time. Or step down so we may appoint another prefect. No problem. I’ll go to my province, My Lord. You were too harsh on him, My Lord. And I shall remain harsh on him until he softens towards Abu Muslim. I’ll take my leave, My Lord. Prepare the procession. Abu Jaafar. Abu Jaafar. Abu Jaafar! Please, Uncle. May God help us! Open the door, Abu Dulama. Open the door, Abu Dulama. Open the door, woman.


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