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My Lady, this is from the Minister. It’s a Dinar. The first Abbasid Dinar, Arwa. Look at it. On this side we carved the name of the Prophet, peace be upon him. – Peace be upon him. – Muhammad, the Messenger of God. I’m thinking of building a city for my son. Like my city, Baghdad. How was Khorasan when you left it, Son? As best as could be desired, My Lord. Listen to me carefully, Son, as I won’t be there for you forever. May God grant you long life. Look at this city, Muhammad. Baghdad. And never replace it with any other, as it’s your home and your pride.

I’ve gathered for you enough money that if you had a deficit in tributes for 10 years, you would have enough to pay the soldiers’ wages and for expenses, as well as people expenses and to cover the needs of the outposts. So, save it, Son. For as long as your treasury is full, you will remain powerful. What’s the matter, Rabie? Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace be upon you too. I have prepared your procession as you ordered, My Lord. Where are you going, Father? To Damascus, Son. I haven’t seen it for a long time. Would you like to join me? Pardon me, My Lord, but I’d like to spend the night with my mother. I have been away from her for a long time now. And I’m leaving back to Khorasan tomorrow morning, with God’s will. As you like. Let’s go, Rabie. Move! – How are you, Sir? – I’m fine, thank God.

Don’t you recognize me? How could I forget what the Abbasids did to Damascus. Woe be to you! Wasn’t it enough we rid you of the plague? God wouldn’t inflict two calamities on us at once. – What do you mean? – You and the plague. My Lord the Emir of the Believers. What do you want? Make way, make way. Where is Al-Mahdi? He left to Khorasan as soon as he heard the news. – To Khorasan? – Yes, My Lord. When did that happen? He was joined by the people of Hirath and most the territories of Khorasan. – What was his name? – He calls himself Emir Master Sis. Master Sis. How did he manage to mobilize 100,000 warriors? It wasn’t him, My Lord. It was the Zoroastrians who hate Islam. What about our prefect of Sajistan, my uncle Yazeed? He escaped to Nishapur. Keep in mind, Khazem, that you’re marching towards an enemy that outnumbers you in men and weapons. And that you’re marching towards them in Khorasan, the land of unrests and seditions, which you know very well.

Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Last Episode

If you weren’t Khazem, I wouldn’t send you. The Emir of the Believers shall rest assured, with God’s will. Godspeed. I will go camp with my army in Ray. I don’t want to hear any news of revolts or unrests in Marv. Don’t worry, My Lord. We’ve deployed our men on the streets since dawn. If the Emir of the Believers sends back-up, let them follow me to my camp in Ray. Yes, My Lord. Peace be upon you, My Lord Al-Mahdi. Peace and blessings be upon you too. The Caliph sent me to you and I’m at your service. Welcome. Sit down so I can bring you up to speed. Good news, My Lord. Good news! Is it news about Al-mahdi? May God make My Lord Al-Mahdi victorious and provide him with support from Heaven, amen! Amen. What’s the good news? Two Roman men arrived with a chest full of gold. The jizyah. Send them to my majlis. What’s going on, Khazem? Our soldiers are retreating in their face. Yes. They have a massive army. We can’t handle them. Unless we resorted to trickery. How? Send a troop of cavaliers, infantry soldiers and archers to distract their rearguard. Then give orders to our right flank to withdraw to the rear lines, and then surround their rearguard. I think that their army will then turn their attention to them, and we can attack their front lines which will be their rearguard. Inform the soldiers, and proceed with God’s blessing. I forgot to tell you something, My Lord. – Your uncle Suleiman bin Ali. – What about him? Did something happen to him? He’s bedridden as he’s gotten very sick. Excuse me, My Lord. How are you, Uncle? As you can see. I hope you’ll get well soon. Emir of the Believers, would you listen to a few words by a man… who’s about to die? Yes, Uncle. You, my nephew, have been so swift with your punishment, as if you’ve never heard of forgiveness. You kill people based on suspicion, and you pardon nobody. And you possess absolute power. May you get well soon, Uncle. May you get well soon. I became as you described because the sons of Marwan haven’t completely surrendered yet. And the sons of Abu Taleb are still up in arms. And we are a people who were considered commoners until recently. And now we’ve become Caliphs. The only way to instill our fear in their hearts is to refrain from forgiveness and replace it with punishment. Sometimes evil can do what goodness can’t. Stay with him, Ishaq. Stop! Why are we stopping, My Lord? I don’t smell horses anymore. We lost their trace. I think they went up to the mountain. Listen, Khazem, I took it upon myself to kill than man, even if he went to the end of the world. Give orders to the army to go up the mountain. Go! Move! Here, My Lord? Here, My Lord? The pain is concentrated in here. We must send for a Persian doctor, My Lord. Woe betide you! Whenever you examine a patient, you send for that doctor! What if he died? – Rabie. – Yes, My Lord. Send for that Persian doctor to examine me, and once he’s done, have him teach these ignorants. – Go. – Right away, My Lord. My Lord Al-Mahdi. Master Sis is asking for a guarantee of his and his followers’ safety. I’m not in a position to give him that guarantee. I can guarantee his safety until he reaches the Caliph. Go and tell him what I said. Welcome. Welcome, brave hero. Hello, My Lord. Excuse me, My Lord. What shall we do with that enemy of God, Sis? – Kill him, Rabie. – Right away, My Lord. I heard you were sick, Father. Our genius doctors couldn’t cure my illness, Son, so they sent for the Persian doctor, who prescribed a medicine that got me better. I’m glad you’re feeling better now, Father. Listen, Muhammad. I was generous to that doctor so he would teach those ignorants. So, follow up on that and don’t forget it. As you wish, Father.. Will you build another city, My Lord? Yes, Muhammad. We will build the city of Rasafa, which will be yours. Mine, My Lord? And I say about power, power must be in the hands of a man who’s well aware of the things he orders to be done, and well aware of the things he forbids, and who’s fair in what he orders and what he forbids. Do you know who we are, Sufian? How could I not know? You are my friends, the memorizers of the Holy Quran and the scholars of Makkah. Why do you ask? I heard that Abu Jaafar was going on a Pilgrimage this year. He will pass by here to cut our heads off. So, think about us, Sufian, as we will face that fate because of you. I tried to say that to the prefect. I’m the one the Caliph wants. I implored him for your sake, but he refused. Tell me, what can I do? How could a man like me advise a man like you? What do you mean? Pray to God that he won’t enter Makkah, so we might be saved by your prayer, as you’re Sufian Al-Thawri. I don’t know who gave me that reputation. By God, I’m just an ordinary Muslim man who prays to God like everyone else. Actually, I’m the one with the least good deeds among them. May God help us! How much I need to have four men at my door, who are the most chaste of everyone whoever came to my door. The first, a judge who’s not influenced by anyone when it comes to justice. The second, a chief of police who does justice to the weak against the strong. The third is a tributes clerk who investigates and doesn’t do injustice unto people. As for the fourth, it would be a post director who writes to be about all of these. Take care of your family, Muhammad. Preserve their dignity and do so much good unto them. And never deny them anything. May God grant you long life, My Lord. Sit down, Son. You know something, Muhammad? I feel like I won’t live much longer. – Is the pain back? – No, it disappeared completely. Now I feel as if I were a strong, young man, like you. But death doesn’t need reasons to happen. What is it, Rabie? Excuse me, My Lord. A letter arrived from your deputy in Makkah. He says that they saw Sufian Al-Thawri, and they are awaiting your orders. Sufian Al-Thawri is there? That’s fine. I was intending to go on a Pilgrimage this year, so inform my deputy of that. As you wish, My Lord. Won’t you pardon him, My Lord, since he’s a knowledgeable scholar?

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No, Muhammad. The Caliph’s fear must be instilled in the hearts of scholars as well as the commoners and the ignorants equally, so that they will all obey him. – You know something, Muhammad? – What, My Lord? Do you know how many times my subjects revolted against me? – How many times, My Lord? – 300 times. And I would suppress them with my sword each time, so stability and security prevailed over the land. I’ve been a Caliph over Muslims for 20 years. For 20 years… I haven’t eaten my fill, nor has sun risen while I was in my bed. Never. Lower your expectations, Brother, for this seems to be your day. You have been through a lot over the years. You have reigned this Kingdom, but one day it will be someone else’s. I seek refuge with God from evil. I seek refuge with God from evil. Peace and blessings be upon you. Peace and blessings be upon you. Peace and blessings be upon you. Peace and blessings be upon you. You said you would go back to Khorasan, Muhammad. I want to go with you for Pilgrimage, My Lord. No. You will stay here in Baghdad. Shan’t I go back to Khorasan? I said no. You will stay here in the Gold Palace. In Baghdad.. As you wish, My Lord. My Lord, this is a letter from Al-Awzaie. My Lord the Emir of the Believers, you are trusted with the well-being of this nation, which was offered to the heavens, earth and mountains but they refused to bear it and were afraid of it. The Prophet, peace be upon him said: “Any leader who cheats his subjects will be deprived of Heaven’s smell.”


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