Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles

The Imam is in jail, I don’t expect Marwan bin Mohammad to spare his life. Let’s get him out then. We’ll trick them and break him out. Our comrades will hear about it and the news will spread. Listen, Uncle, if we don’t declare our revolution against the Umayyads now, we will never do. Nasr bin Sayyar, the governor of Khorasan is busy with the unrest between the Modaris and the Yamanis just like his Caliph. Yazeed bin al-Waleed… Didn’t he rely on the Yeminis to obtain the Caliphate? Marwan bin Mohammad did the same thing. He won the Caliphate through the Qaisis, didn’t he? Yes, but we have to think carefully. It’s just one order, one order. Either you give it or I will, so we can reap the rewards of a Call that brought the Qaisis and Yamanis together before we’re destroyed by the news of my brother Ibrahim’s imprisonment. Come on, Uncle. We have pardoned Ibrahim bin Al-Waleed and Suleiman bin Hisham. Did you bring the money from the treasury? – What… – Speak. Speak, Ibrahim. We gave it to… – those who… – Those who set out to fight me. Guards. Accompany the Umayyds Emirs to their palaces, and obey their orders. Yes, My Lord.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 12

Almighty has spoken the truth. Peace be upon you. This letter from our Imam may be the last one. He ordered us to present it to you due to its importance, and he didn’t entrust anyone else with it What do you say? Where can we start? How about we declare our Call from Khawarezm? That land is the farthest from Nasr bin Sayyar. When his men reach us, we will have gathered our forces and stood firmly to face the men he’ll send. I see we start from Marw Al-Rawth, because it’s situated between Marw and Balakh. We’ll start from Marw Al-Shahjan because many of our supporters live there and its sultan is weak. Once we get a hold of it, we can dominate other places. That’s a good suggestion, because we have a lot of power there and our enemy is powerless. God Almighty is the only God. We call upon you to join Imam Al-Rida of Mohammad’s Household. God is the Greatest. God is the Greatest. – What’s new? – A fierce battle is taking place between our soldiers and his. We have to wipe Al-Karamani’s name from the book of the Azdis. Sire. The calling for Imam Al-Rida of Mohammad’s Household.

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Didn’t we arrest their Imam? Are they ialling people without an Imam? Send them a hundred cavaliers. Yes, Sire. May God bless you, people of Marw. Raise the flags of Imam Al-Rida of Muhammad’s Household. Ibn Sayyar thinks… his army can keep you as slaves for the tyrants, but God will make His light prevail even if the unbelievers may detest it. God is the Greatest. God is the Greatest. Send Ibn Sayyar news of his men’s death. Kill them. God is the Greatest. God will inflict you with a punishment from Him or at our hands and heal the chests of believers. People of Hadhramaut, people of Hadhramaut, We have freed ourselves from our allegiance to the Umayyads. We call upon you to free yourselves from it too, for they are immoral tyrants. My brother Abdullah bin Yahya and I… promise that we won’t stop until we undermine the state of injustice and immorality, and build the state of righteousness. – God is the Greatest. – God is the Greatest. – God is the Greatest. – God is the Greatest. So the Palestinians have chosen you to be their governor, Thabit bin Na’eem. Yes, My Lord, and I’ve come to perform my duty. If the people didn’t choose you, I wouldn’t appoint you, because men like you aren’t worthy of trust. Hisham imprisoned him because he corrupted the army that he had sent to Morocco to fight the rebels.


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