Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Listen, Issa. You will go to him, Issa. And you will take enough generous gifts to satisfy Abu Muslim’s desires. And distribute similar gifts to all the commanders of the Khorasani army. And tell them on my behalf that I congratulate them on their victory, and that the Caliph wishes to honor Abu Muslim here at his court. Bring him here, Issa. I will march to him right away, My Lord. I have a suggestion, My Lord. What is it, Abu Ayyoub? Do you remember what we did with Khaled Al-Thohli? You asked me to postpone the plan until your rule was established, following the death of your brother, may God bless his soul. May God bless his soul. I think that you should appoint Khaled Al-Thohli as a ruler over Khorasan. And to send him enough soldiers and horsemen to allow him to crackdown on the followers of Abu Muslim. That’s a good suggestion, Abu Ayyoub. I also think you should mobilize the armies and give orders to call people for Jihad, and put them in front of our armies waiting at the borders of Damascus. So, if war breaks out, we will be ready to confront him. That’s fine, Abu Ayyoub. But first, we must count the spoils he has, in order to know what he has in mind. After that the Emir comes into play. Your Master sent you to count the spoils. I was trusted by his predecessors who were better than him. They trusted me with the lives of the people. So, why isn’t Abu Sallam trusting me with the money? Go tell your friend that the riches of Damascus are spoils for the soldiers of Khorasan. Those who had put you on your throne. And know this, if you weren’t a messenger, I would kill you. Get out! Listen, this money is yours. If the Caliph asks you about the wealth of Damascus, tell him that Commander Abu Muslim has distributed he money among the commanders of his army and his soldiers. Beware of telling him what Abu Muslim said. Come with me, I’ll give you the letter. The Emir of the Believers has been victorious over all his enemies. And we used to say about the Kings of Sasan that the ministers are most afraid when the masses go silent. I am making sure to stay away from you while keeping my pledge to you, as long as you keep yours. And I am still obedient to you. So, if this pleases you, I will be your faithful servant. However, if you’re determined to do what your heart desires, then I will free myself of my pledge to you. Peace be upon you. That damn Mawla! The slave! Abu Muslim. You did well, Abu Muslim. The Caliph ordered me to come to you personally.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 21

Don’t underestimate me. I’m the Successor. Welcome, Issa. Welcome. – Abu Ayyoub. – Yes, My Lord. – Go to him. – Don’t you want to wait until Emir Issa is back? Issa won’t be able to bring him. Go to him at once. Come with me. That wasn’t a good time to attack him, and I didn’t want to take any action before seeing you and consulting you. I came to you after what I heard about Ibn Sallama’s intentions to depose me as his Successor and name one of his sons instead. Now is the time, Abu Muslim. He’s happy with you and wants to make you a Ruler over Egypt and Damascus. Is that so? Does he really want to do that? Still, I’m not going to him. First I’ll go to Khorasan to regroup the armies, and then God will do what He wills. Either I go to him or he comes to me. You are welcome wherever you want to go, Issa. I’ll think about this. I’ll go to Khorasan, and you will all come to me, humiliated. In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful. From Khaled Al-Thohli, Ruler of Khorasan and its outskirts, to Abu Muslim Al-Khorasani. We haven’t intended to disobey the Caliphs and Prophet’s Household. So, don’t disobey your Imam, and don’t enter Khorasan without his permission. Peace be upon you. Go tell Issa bin Moussa that if was serious about what he said, then he must go back to Hashimiyya. And let him stay there until he receives word from me. Yes, Sire. We haven’t intended to disobey the Caliphs and Prophet’s Household. So, don’t disobey your Imam, and don’t enter Khorasan without his permission. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. What’s the matter? A delegation by the Caliph is coming to meet with us. – When will they arrive? – We’re expecting them tonight. Abu Jaafar has done it! Sire. A letter by the Emir of the Believers, Abu Jaafar, may God grant him long life. From the Emir of the Believers to our retiring, slacking, lethargic Ruler Muhammad Al-Qasri. Why are you spending your time with your companions, ignoring what we put you in charge of? Don’t be like you predecessor to avoid suffering what he suffered. Peace be upon you. Get out, all of you! He said to me: Talk to our Trustee Abu Muslim kindly, and tell him that I’ll raise him in rank, and that I’ll accomplish with him what nobody has accomplished before. That hypocrite! He sends me messengers and dismisses me as the Ruler of Khorasan! But he made you Ruler over Egypt and Damascus. And he authorized you to appoint whoever you want as a Ruler over Egypt. And to stay close to him in Damascus. I shall go to Khorasan first. And let God’s will be accomplished. Then, you have made up your mind.

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I sensed that he was starting to come around. No problem, Abu Ayyoub. No problem. Send a messenger to tell him that my patience is running out. So, either he comes to me and I honor him, or I’ll go to him and kill him. Yes, My Lord. My Lord. Our Ruler over Al-Madina sent Jaafar Al-Sadeq and this letter. – Send him in. – Right away, My Lord. Muhammad says that he burdened you and his uncles with more than you could handle. And he’s about to collaborate with the Abbasids, so you may be released. No. No. We must be patient, I’m hoping that this will reap the fruits of this. Tell him to go back to his mission with diligence, as our deliverance is in the hands of God. Abdullah. God help me! What do you want then? We sent you the Caliphate on a silver platter, but you turned it down. Hence, we assumed it. What’s bothering you now? Do you want us to give it back to the Umayyads? You accused us of being infidels, and you kept inciting people to overthrow us and fight against us. Why? Why? Why are you boycotting our State? Why won’t you meet with us since you declared you were not interested in the Caliphate? Why didn’t you pledge allegiance to us from the beginning? You just sat with some Muslims crying over your relation to the Prophet.


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