Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitles

You were a good man in life as in death, Brother. May God bless your soul and grant you eternal life in Heaven. Losing you is very hard on us. Our only consolation is to follow in your footsteps, until God accomplishes a matter already enacted. You are carrying Abu Jaafar’s son. I don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl. I just know it will be born an orphan. A lonely child. Its father died before it was born. It’s destined for a life of suffering, as it has no guardian or caretaker. How did Abu Jaafar die? Perhaps his child will ask me about it one day. He was killed by some bandits. They attacked us out of nowhere. – Where’s his corpse? – We didn’t get a chance to… You didn’t get a chance?! You left his corpse out in the desert to be devoured by dogs? You couldn’t take some time to bury his body? You valued him when he was alive and lost his value when he died. Tell me where he is. I might be able to find some of his remains and bury them. Now that your husband is dead, be quick to deliver his child. It’s time you left. You shouldn’t be cruel to her, she’s grieving for her husband. Pardon me, Imam. I didn’t mean it.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 9

I’m glad to have you here. Please have a seat. If only a lion would devour him! That would be better for everyone. He divided the Emirs into two parties of differing opinions, thus driving a wedge between them and making a loop hole through which the enemies could penetrate our circles. What did you say, Abrash? I said, if only a lion would devour him. I would kiss that lion even if it would eat me. That naive man didn’t know and I don’t think he will ever know that he’s an pickax in the hand of those trying to demolish the Umayyad Kingdom, and a sword pressed against our necks. What sedition will that frivolous boy spark after I’m gone? Are you alright, Your Majesty? Shall I bring the doctors? No, no, Abrash. It’s just that pain coming back. But it will go away soon. You look gloomy. Woe be to you, Abrash! How could I not be gloomy when that lewdest is my Successor? And I don’t think I can oust him. I think that he will be the Caliph. If that happens, a Kingdom built by great men will be reduced to ruins, so that boy could take over it and hand it to the enemies. In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

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Saeed. Some of my pain is gone. Put the medicine aside. Get well soon, Your Majesty. Get well soon. I want you to stay with me for a few days, Bakir. I need you. As you wish, Imam. So, I’ll take my leave, Imam. I’ve been away from my family for too long. You may leave, God be with you. – See you soon. – Have a safe trip. Godspeed. Come, Ibn Mahan, sit beside me. I want you to tell me about your relationship with my father. Father! Your pain will go away. Drink this, Father. It’s an effective remedy. Please, Father, drink it. They are waiting for my death to safeguard the property of Al-Waleed. May God grant you long life, Father, and good health. – Saeed. – Yes, Your Majesty. Is it time? What a horrible fate awaits Hisham, if God doesn’t forgive his sins, Saeed. My son… I acknowledge that there’s no god but the One God. And I acknowledge that Muhammad is His messenger. Father! Father! Verily, we belong to God and to Him we shall return. Close the gates! Close the gates! Protect the money of the Emir of the Believers, Al-Waleed bin Yazeed, until he arrives. Had my father not mentioned you in his will, I wouldn’t have known about you. My father trusted you more than anyone else and put you in the front lines. Muhammad, God bless his soul, was so secretive about the Call. So much that the chieftains called our Call: the Shadow Call. That’s why the Call survived and went on. The Umayyad couldn’t detect us or trace us. Listen, Bakir, I’m thinking about something that might seem untimely. But I think its time has come. I want to meet the chieftains. What? What are you saying, Imam? That would be a risk. A huge risk. Muhammad, God bless his soul, only met a few of them. At different times and different places. My late father had his way of thinking, and I have my own way. To each his own. My late father called for uniting frontiers, and gathering men and money so that one day they would declare the Call openly. I for one don’t want that day to be too far away, he do I want to stay in the shadow. Aren’t you afraid for yourself? If the Umayyad knew of the Imam’s meeting with his chieftains, God forbid, the Call will be history. The Umayyads won’t know about the meeting place, with God’s will. It’s getting late. I want you to rest and we will talk again later. Okay. – Peace be upon you. – Peace and blessings be upon you too. – Listen, treasurer. – Where are you going? Did you tell one of the soldiers to bring us a flacon – to wash the deceased? – Where would he find a flacon? Isn’t there a flacon in the palace? Yes, there is, but all gates are closed until the Caliph Al-Waleed bin Yazeed arrives, with God’s will. Woe betide you! I’m asking for a flacon. A flacon! The gates won’t be open without orders from His Majesty Al-Waleed. God save us! Don’t you feel any gratitude for Hisham? He was your Caliph. Wasn’t he ever good to you? If you’re afraid for Al-Waleed’s property, then go and bring the flacon yourself. – I said, the gates won’t be opened. – May God help us! How could it be? An hour after Hisham’s death, everything is gone. Everything at once! To pass the money down from the dead to the living is only natural, and it’s only natural that a man is no longer feared after his death, but for people’s affection to die with his death, and to forget his virtues, that’s not natural at all. I don’t want anyone to know that I’m back.


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