Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles

We swear by Allah the Almighty We swear by Allah the Almighty that we pledge allegiance to Ibrahim bin Mohammad bin Ali, that we pledge allegiance to Ibrahim bin Mohammad bin Ali, as a successor to his father Mohammad bin Ali. as a successor to his father Mohammad bin Ali. – We take him as our Imam – We take him as our Imam until we spread our teachings until we spread our teachings – or die trying. – Freeze! Come on, come on. Come on.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 6

You apply the methods of reasoning and deductive analogy to conclude your rulings, and that’s not right, it leads you to error. Tell me, what’s a greater sin in the eyes of Allah the Almighty, killing a soul that Allah has made sacred except in the course of justice, or adultery? Killing a soul. In the crime of murder, Allah the Almighty imposed a condition, which is having two witnesses, while His condition in adultery is having four witnesses. How can you apply deductive analogy here? Tell me, what deserves a larger reward from Allah, fasting or prayer? Prayer is above anything else.

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Why do menstruating women compensate for the fasting they miss and don’t compensate for the prayers? Have fear of Allah and don’t interpret the rules of religion based on your opinion. Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you. – I beg forgiveness from Allah. There is no power nor might save in Allah. You shouldn’t have argued with the teacher in front of his students. You made him look ignorant with your argument. My argument was weak, Abu Ayoub, and he could defeat it if he was knowledgeable. But he assumed his teaching position with no effort. Why did you stop? I live in that inn, come with me if you want. No, I have a long trip ahead of me tomorrow. – Where to? – The prince has sent for me. Are you going to Persia? Yes, to Persia. Why don’t you take me with you, Abu Ayoub? – To Persia? – Yes, having a companion makes travel less arduous. And maybe you can introduce me to the prince. Why do you want to meet him? He may give me the pleasure of his company. Okay then, prepare yourself to travel with me to Persia tomorrow.


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