Haci Bayram Veli Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitles

Editing and Translation: Sher Khan Bhaijaan Khalid Bashir Watch the full episode from our website to support us. www.TürkçeUrdu.com Haji Bairam Vali Ankara 1385 Peace be upon you and peace be upon you Episode No. 1 Lord, expand my chest for me. and make it easy for me And untie the knot from my tongue. They understand my words. O my Lord! Open up my chest for me [with assurance] Make my job easy , and untie my tongue So that they can understand me. [Prophet Musa’s prayer – Surah Taha 20:25-28] Dermosh Effendi. You can quickly pick him up and take him to his mother. Abu Waleed Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad better known as Ibn Rushd.

He was born in Andalusia, died in Morocco [1126-1198 born in Andalusia, died in Morocco] He is also known as Heber Rais in Diyar Kuffar. He is also known as “Sahib al-Mutiq. [“The Prince of Science”] Pagans knew him as Aristotle the Philosopher because of his Latin translation. Well, what does all this have to do with these eggs? The great Ibn Rushd. Logic sir. If the egg is broken by an internal force, life begins.

حاجی بیرام ولی قسط نمبر 1

If the egg If it is broken by an external force, life ends. As you know, only things can begin when life ends. There is death. Therefore, any phase of your life will evolve only if the conditions are perfect for it. But most of the time we pick the fruit raw from the branch. We harmed the fruit and ourselves. Here too, when the egg was broken from the outside, the result is on the front table. However, evolution is in the order of good things. All the truth, at the right time, at the right place And when they come together in the right amount, evolution happens. In the name of Allah, the Merciful. In the name of Allah, the Merciful. “My life’s desire is not in this world.” [“Benim al-Maqsudam al-Alimde”: author – Bayram-Veli] “There is none but Allah” “There is no remedy for my sorrows in these worlds.” Only [He, Who] is [the Absolute Being, Allah]” The universe has become a particle due to my remembrance of Allah. And if you look through this small spot, nothing is visible. “…but be [He, Who is] [the Absolute Being, Allah]” And if you look through this small spot, nothing is visible. “…but be [He, Who is] [the Absolute Being, Allah]” “No one can truly understand the secret of the secret.” There is none but only [He Who] is [the Absolute Being, Allah” ][“Baynam Maksudam Alimde”, Author – Bairam Wali] Noman Ostad Rostam Ostad Let’s pray in Ahi Sharifeen. Let’s not be late for prayer or assembly. We don’t stay, we go to Masjid Alauddin. Imam Reza leads prayers early. Let’s not go to Gaur’s place Mahal Gavarsa Masjid is ours, Rustam He is away. What is the correct answer about this? I do not know. Get it out of here. It smells bad in here. Get those filthy animals off the counter. Engro markets with animals do not own them. Brother, where are these wool sellers? Or a blacksmith? Thanks What nonsense is this? Do you think Engro Bazaar is a pasture where you run horses? Get it from here. Take it away Should I be wary of my goats just because you set up two stones? What are they doing here? What’s in the sack? Oil or milk? This is wool. I’ll take a look. What’s going on? what the hell? What are you guys doing? Can’t you see that they don’t know the way? Behold, the lady Aisha has entered the city with the animals Take my word for it, it will never be seen again. You may never see him again, Aghaon Well, Ayesha Khatun. Is there a Greek spectacle, what have you gathered to watch? He is correct. Right or not, that’s another issue. Is it right for her to quarrel with a man in the middle of the market? Come on, you do your work quickly, come on. Thanks, as you ordered Doesn’t a true woman have her boss? He freed both ranks from prison. take it. Thanks Thanks Teacher help me Thank you, thank you Milla Effendi. Thanks, stay strong. Bashir was the baker of Agha Bazar but did he hand over to you? When the creature disappears, it is non-existent, Mulla Effendi. We said that the boat should not be left unattended. We were his guardians at one good time. Then it’s good. Thanks Are you from Ngoro? I have no acquaintance with you. Should you be familiar with the non-existent, Mulla Effendi? If it is meant to be, we can be. We’re getting late here, Master. Hold on now Take this, bless your hands. Keep This is yours, Milla Effendi, keep it No, there is no such thing Absolutely nothing, you have helped a lot. Mulla Effendi also. My name is Numan, Samunchu Baba. You can remember me by my name, if that’s not a problem. Both of you say, “Samouncho Baba” and remember me by my name, Numan Effendi. Bless you in your work. Thanks. Go safely. Who will be represented in the logical group in Bursa is the only important issue, sir. Even from Cairo and Samarkand on all four sides Famous biologists will join the group. The one that comes to my mind is Mulla Numan Effendi. I ask you too, share your opinion. Mulla Noman, worthy my lord Now he must be considered an experienced teacher. He is competent and speaks many languages. You are right, my teacher How fortunate we are to have at least three professors who are proficient and fluent in other languages ​​to send this group to Bursa. Mulla Numan is just one of them. I think Mulla Rustam is as dominant in Persian as it is in Arabic. But I don’t mean just one group. I consider Mulla Nauman suitable for the post of Sir Madras which has been vacant for three months. [Sir Madras – Head Professor]. Before that I will explain my decision in the word group in Bursa, after which the final opinion will be formed. Thanks Take it easy, sister. Thank you Aisha Khatoon. Thank you, Ayesha Khatun. Welcome I liked it. Take it easy, sister. Son, how are your lessons? It’s okay, Dad My teacher there is Noman Effendi. Not only Engro, even people from other provinces come to him as students. Masha Allah Masha Allah Is it allowed, Dad? Why won’t it be allowed, daughter? come sit down Welcome, sister, coming from the market? I liked it. Yes, I have come from the market. I have delivered Maher. Sofcho Agha has sent his greetings. [Mehir_Wool Cloth] Peace be upon you. The nomads again entered the market with the animals, Baba. Migration accelerated. Complaints will start soon. It is important to send a quick message and talk. They should convey the news to their clans. Make them your guests. At your command, father When will you go back to seminary? At the time of Amsak, God willing. [Imsaq – the time when the day’s fasting in Ramadan begins] Has His Holiness Sadruddin come? They came sir. They are in the office. Darmosh Effendi leave it in the room. Thanks I better not say it, I won’t do it, but we have made a big mistake for the love of Samuncho Baba. Would it be better if we hurt his love? Well, you’ve made a joke that isn’t really a joke but an arrow you shot. So, when did we request the office? Say whatever you hear However for the head professor, Nauman Effendi is young and unmarried. Science doesn’t accept sand, he says. Master Mazarani prefers the path. However, she is still unmarried and besides her we have other candidates who are more experienced and capable. As you know, your job is not to give a lecture. But to handle it. [Sir Madraslak – Higher Teaching Level] Do you think he can’t manage? Is he weak in this area? Astaghfirullah I see it not as a deficiency but as a necessity of nature. Mullah Numan is an Islamic teacher. They are also valuable in dealing with their professional demands. Allowed, Effendi. come on You’re welcome, come on Hello. Peace be upon you. If you bothered to come, then you won’t be bothered much. As you know, Hazrat Sultan Bayazid Khan Under the shadow of majesty, in the capital Bursa A group is formed with scholars from seven different regions. As a professor this year our seminary Mulla Nauman was considered suitable for this. Do you have something to say, Noman Effendi? Thank you for your trust, sir As you see fit This is a difficult task. Famous scholars from all areas of Islamic countries will gather. You’re welcome, sir Participating as a simple listener and breathing the same air as scholars whose opinions we know is a treasure for me. Well then. Allow us, sir. Noman Effendi you come with me. I have a little business with you. Sit down here. What will be the lesson of Numan Effendi, the lesson should not stop. Mulla Rustam will not draw us to the lack of Numan Effendi. We are always protected by the presence of Rustam Effendi. Some go, some come. Mulla Rustam is always here, in the Black Madrasah. Gublik This is the book of secrets of Hazrat Haji Yusuf. Of course you know. I know sir. But this is the first copy I have seen. On behalf of our madrassa, Melik Khatun, daughter of the great Sultan Kikubat, may his resting place be in heaven, received it from a merchant in Shamakhi.

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[Shamkhi – capital of Shamakhi We lived on treasure and we didn’t know sir. It has a certain moral value and therefore its confidentiality is important. The exhaustion of all these years had worn him down. His Shirazi is about to disperse. So we couldn’t reproduce it. For several days I had intended to find a way to send it to a bookbinder in Bursa. Be careful, his Shirazi is completely shattered. Thank God that this happened. Mulla Funari Hazrat has given Tuesday off in Bursa only to repair and treat the book. You have heard. I did not hear sir. But what he did was amazing. Hamid Effendi is a book seller in Bursa Bazaar. Greet them when you arrive. Such a metal can only be handled by a skilled master like him. Most importantly, no one will ever know you have this book. This will be a secret between you and me. Until you come back from Bursa. You won’t get it back until then. God willing Continue until you reach the road. So can I read? Carefully, of course What’s inside it with extraordinary attention to yourself and yours. my teacher I’m happy for you, it’s not a short road, Bursa when are you going to go Tomorrow is my last class, I hope to go out at dawn.


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