Haci Bayram Veli Episode 2 in Urdu Subtitles

Editing and Translation: Sher Khan Bhaijaan Khalid Bashir Watch the full episode from our website to support us. www.TürkçeUrdu.com Haci Bayram veli _ Journey of Love Episode number 2 What are you doing, man? Are you out of your mind? are you mad? It was completed Mullah Effendi. Robber, robber You pick it up, you pick it up. Come on, move it We said we will let you argue but you are engaged in useless work. It is forbidden for you to waste time. Tell me, what is the meaning of Sinan “كولٌّ فَلَكٍ يسبهونَ”? Mr. “Tomorrow” means everything. Flick means returning to a bad road. Jesus According to one tradition, it means rumour, according to another According to one rumor, and another, it means dawn. According to whom did you narrate these traditions? Know their meanings, you can’t give an example. Our professor Nauman said that you need to appreciate words and even letters with all their meanings.

That’s why I said. It seems that we have not been able to teach you the correct principles of discipline and conduct. After that time, you will be given answers according to what we will teach you. Do you understand, Sanan? I have to tell you everything from the beginning. Obviously you didn’t remember the lectures you gave and you kept your mind occupied with nonsense. Well, we have enough time, we will teach you one by one. God willing one by one He hit him on the head.

And badly beaten. He didn’t hit his own head, he was hit by others. Bandit, bandit, he was saying, anxious. His wound is terrible. don’t get up His wound is terrible. Don’t let him get up Leave it on until it heals. We see the outer but do not yet know the inner. Thank you, Ataji Ma May Allah have mercy on you, you saved their lives. They are in coma, will wake up soon. Where am I? We used to practice shooting arrows around the compound. We found you in the forest. You were unconscious on horseback. where is my bag Ataji mother said not to move. I will bring my parcel Here’s your saddlebag. Book Well done, Effendi? Not here, not here. How are you? The robbers took away something very important and valuable from me. what Where, when, who took it? Do you keep your real capital around your neck? Leave. Leave Disaster, disaster. I have to go. I have to go. You shouldn’t do that, Mulla Effendi.

حاجی بیرام ولی قسط نمبر 2

Relax, don’t go out like this. Otachi Ma Effendi, you cannot go in this state. I have to go. Don’t go in this state, you don’t go. I have to go. They stole, robbers stole. you can’t I have to go. Thank you thank you where is my horse Bring their horse. Help if you don’t mind. If you don’t mind, put your hands down. Thank you, have fun. Is it necessary to follow a man who cannot even ride a horse? It is not necessary. You don’t see he doesn’t need help. Is he with an injury? He is Baba, he is. But he didn’t do much, he said yes and left. Do you know who or what he is? I don’t know, Dad He was riding an unconscious horse on an injured horse. But he was not destined to die yet. thanks God. May the path and fate be clear. The wounded Mullah Effendi dropped him. Teacher, what happened to you? Quit, nothing happened teacher let’s help. You can’t talk about what you see. To the students in the absence of Nauman Effendi By not realizing you, you have taken the burden off our shoulders. What do you mean teacher on your order? Your trust I will try my best to achieve. How is your attitude towards your students? That’s right sir. I am trying to fix the errors. Allowed. Noman Welcome my dear The door is open, come in. Pleasant has come together It was not pleasant for the visitor. It was not pleasant. Did we leave who left. Agha knows, Agha knows. Agha surely knows. Then, he kept my precious ending. What was meant to be was done. This will drain the soil. It will crush the soil, the soil will become slurry. The water will flow. Water will revive the soil. Wet, muddy. This is what you said. Will become mud, will become a man. Splashing water, what about it? He will find his way. Can running water be stopped? Panic and wet turns into a mud? It turns into mud, rolls and returns to the human. where do you come from Don’t go back Don’t go back will you go back Don’t go back, stay some time in Engro. We are the protectors. We will go back when the owner of the boat comes. Agha knows. Will Shaheen return unhunted? I give you your bread. Peace be upon you, Samunchu Baba. Peace be upon you. It will burn. We are soldiers. Reason will not help us here. We are full of love. “But we never get drunk.” [By Sheikh Hamidi Wali Aksarai aka Samuncho Baba] Did the robbers steal the book? What is the connection between the bandit and the book? They stole it because it was old and expensive, sir It got bad. Too bad. Katadu Bilge is probably the same copy. We haven’t looked at his rate so we know if he’s there or not. The fault is mine, the sin is mine. I have no right to apologize, my master. The biggest mistake is mine. Despite the book, I wasn’t going to send you alone. Nothing comes back from talk. Then let’s not waste time. Let’s hurry to Qazian. In the evening we have invited the emigrants. Bread will be made, we need flour, Samuncho baba. However, it is necessary for those who do not plant crops. Come and tell my nomads. Thanks to Bashir Agha, he used to turn our mill. He also warned me not to leave him without flour. I see flour as an excuse. Say what you have to say. The one I ran into last time, you know? Noman Effendi. While we were practicing shooting near Chamildar, we found him injured. is it ok now Did he say anything? The bandit cut his way. But he is good, he is healthy. He will be right, God willing It means the bandit attacked. He kept saying that what was in his bag they stole something very important from me. Can a person on the road know that a scholar or a tyrant has come before him? There is nothing more important that one can practice than one’s own life. Do you know which one it is, will you be able to recognize it? I know, but exactly sixty years later, I still try to know myself. How will I know it? He is the Mulla of Madrasah. Why are you worried? Samuncho Baba, I wonder who is he? He dropped his notebook in our mansion. I thought to bring it so I asked for it. I tell you, we are here today, we will be gone tomorrow. So keep it with you and return it when you see it. So it’s time. Let’s unload our burden now. We have missed Engro for a month now. My way passes through there today I will leave. You do your business in the market, go. All right, Samunchu Baba. Goodbye. Come on bye bye. If the egg is ruptured by internal forces, life begins. If the egg is broken by an external force, life ends. Hello. Peace be upon you. Order, Mr. Effendi! We wanted to meet Mr. Qazi Effendi. Qazi Effendi is in Bursa. Qazi Effendi’s deputy Sharaf Effendi is the substitute. Of course it will. The Honorable Sadruddin Effendi of Kara Madrasah wishes to meet you, Mr. Effendi Let them in. Naib Hazrat is waiting for you. Welcome, Sadruddin Effendi. We welcome you, Sharaf Effendi. Come here Noman Effendi is one of the valuable teachers of our seminary. Sharaf Effendi, the reason for interrupting your engagement is that Astaghfir Allah I have ears to hear you. A very important thing of ours has been stolen. But if it is told, we will be in a more difficult situation. Of course I understand you. Our Noman was on his way to Bursa to join the science group on behalf of Effendi Madrasah. All he had was trust. come Peace be upon you, my Sheikh Peace be upon you, Rustam Effendi. Your health will be good, God willing, my murshid Well done, well done. We have many diseases but we do not complain. By the permission of Allah, my Sheikh, by Allah. Don’t we know? You seem a little sad. You will not have any problems or sorrows, God willing. What can happen to me, my sheikh, when I am under your guardianship? But I felt sorry for Mulla Numan. What happened to Numan Effendi? God willing, nothing bad will happen to him. He was going to Bursa with a very rare book. On the way, robbers attacked. is he ok has something happened He’s fine, thankfully, but they stole the book. Why do robbers need a book? How can it benefit them? Allah, Allah… All Mullahs need this book.

I can certainly confirm his identity, Sheriff Effendi. The faces of these three are in my mind. Of course, our teacher Numan is also very sad. The book is very important. Spiritually, even materially. It is very unfortunate that this happened to him. He who cuts the roads, may cut off his head” and will be brought to court. [Sultan Mehmet Fatih’s Saying] You and our teacher can rest easy. I myself will start the investigation soon and follow up. I am touched by your kindness, Sheriff Effendi. I don’t need to thank you. Get justice We got good news, God willing. God willing Allow us again. Excuse me sir. I can’t even look at your face. I betrayed such a trust. “There is no cure for the dead.” [Proverbs – Some things cannot be denied.] Have hope instead of regret, and let Sharif Effendi find you. God willing, God willing I could not give your credit its due. forgive me. I have to go to the monastery.

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I’ll see you at the seminary, Numan Effendi. [Ahi – Turkish Islamic Guild] You are ruining everything Noman Effendi. Noman Effendi. Peace be upon you, my dear father. So, peace and blessings be upon you. Let’s pass us by, don’t pass without at least saluting the master of the donkey. You must be thinking, what is this condition of mine? Why should I think what I know? Well…now I wonder how you know about it? Would you believe us if we said we are miracle workers? Aisha Khatun said. Yes. I’ve been through so much stuff in a day that it seems like it wouldn’t fit into a century. I forgot. Thanks to his family they picked me up. Oh, how pure is your heart that all those who stand in your way are giving up one by one. Well, that means he didn’t deserve the post of head professor. He deserves it, he is a good teacher. What are you trying to tell us?


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