Red Apple Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles free Download

Today we’re here to describe Red Apple Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles free Download. This series known as Kizil Elma but we will use Red Apple. So its have no trailer issue so we approch direct on Episode review. Episode starts with A voice in pain. Somewhere a birth prosess. At least the birth is complete. In meantime of birth the rain and storm also playing, and stutue of Hisriyan aslso damage by Sky shok. This is best scense of this series. So lets began the chapter of ahead.

Red Apple Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles free Download

After birth Jandarli Khalil Pasha took news to Sultan, Sultan you have another Shahzada now. Sultan ask to his mom, Valida, Thanks to Allah Who bestowed his grace upon us on the day of Muberak Meraj. Everyone call Ameen. SUltan said, In the Garden of Murad, a rose of Muhammad (PBUH) has been blossomed. Sultan’s wife asked, What will his name be, my SUltan? I just recited the Surah of Muhammad (PBUH). LEt his name be the neame of glorious Prophet (PBUH). But as per the traditions of Oghuz we will call him Mehmet.

Its Kizil Elma a story of Coquest. now we are talkin about 10 years later. Let’s see you be able to resist this time. Mehmet going to perform a Experiment. He starts fire with the name of Allah and Bismillah. the fire down Calesi walls with a big sound. Mehmet become very exited because his experiment work well. all the servent are gather to see whats happenned, the call for Shahzda but he quitly skipp from there. no one caught him. now he walking through quietly to his mother’s room.

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So he reached his mother’s room. his mother ask to him, What’s wrong with your face? Did you misbehave again? Mehmed repled to her, I checked the destruction power of the gunpower I increased the amount of. Finally it’s perfect. You will be alright, alright, my Valida, Mehmet told his Mother. She repleid, In Sha Allah, my Shahzade. Next scense Sultan, told his Pashas, My Pashas, Finally, we were able to complete the serbian expedition. Our Benner has been planted in serbian lands. How the General situation? Sultan Asked.

Pashas replied to Sultan, Byzantinm is content with the state of peace, my Sultan. However as we saw in the last sieg we did years ago, we don’t have enough power to destroy their walls. and one of t=other side Rumelia, The fact that Brankovich gave you his daughter bothered the Hungarian infidels a lot.. But they will misbehave , my Sultan. Toko in yanya and tuvtko in Bosnia are still paying us taxes. Frujin in Bulgaria meets their best.

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