Red Apple Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

As we know what’s happened in previous Episode. Now we will describe about Red Apple Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download. I am innocent, my Shahzade. -Did you put Haci Pasha in the dungeon? -We did, my Sultan. -His eyes were blinded. -Good. Those eyes are too much for a stateman who cannot see the truth. Attention! Sultan Murad Han Hadhrat! We got rid of that Haci Pasha trouble.. We cannot make the state’s issues wait. Our new Grand Vizier is Candarli Halil Pasha. Let the big turban be given, dress him with a glorious caftan.

Red Apple Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

This is for your rooted lineage, your all-seeing eye. This is for your trustworthy and true word. This is for your self, your essence which will rule with justice. If you are true like Quran… ..I will shield you. If you’re crooked like a dagger… …I’ll straighten you with my own sword. Candarli’s son Halil! May our Grand Viziership be blessed. May your heart be relived, my Sultan. Your Candarli servant will keep the state’s secrets… …and he will do his best to improve the lives of your people. Katmer Agha. Leave us alone. I didn’t do anything. -I believe you are innocent.

But we need proof. My Sultan Murad would never forgive betrayal. We don’t have much time. I wrote a letter to Tamara. The one that Valide Sultan found says different things. But I have no evidence to prove it. Even if we cannot see it right now, there must be evidence Red Apple Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download . Help me, my Shahzade. My Shahzade. Someone will see you. Let’s go now. You saved my life. I never owe people, Mara Hatun. Grand Viziership suits well to our Shahzade Alaeddin’s Lala, Candarli. InshaAllah we will see the days when our Shahzade will become Padishah, my Sultan.

InshaAllah Firuze Kalfa. InshaAllah. You know how to read Serbian, right? -Yes, my Shahzade to. Come with me. Grand Vizier. In our state, the duty of the state is given to the one who has a wide chest… …that is, to the one who is brave. It is given that when you know what you do not know… …it will not overflow. But you were shallow Haci Pasha. Your heart turned out to be low, not wide. Why, huh? Why this plan? Why this betrayal? Do you know how many infidel swords my chest fought against which you call low? I am not a traitor Candarli! I devoted my life to our Hunkar!

Red Apple Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Do not try to cover your betrayal with your loyalty in the past. Your mouth is crowded, your words are smart, but they are useless. You thought your position was your property… …and the seal was your verdict. Is there a worse betrayal, Haci Pasha? I did everything for the benefit of the state! Belgrade was a bottomless pit! You’re going to make the state fall there! The state never falls! It doesn’t fall. It first thinks.. ..then it makes others fall. You talk in vain. The end of this is the Crusader alliance. You know this as well. You served as the grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire, not the Persian Empire.

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When were we afraid of infidels? Shame on you. You blinded me… but you are blind! You cannot see what is going to happen! You cannot see the future! Red Apple Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download If I was to decide, I’d take your head. Pray for the mercy of our Sultan.. Now go to you hometown.. …and tell how you could not carry the entrustment given by our Sultan. May you be worse than me, Candarli. May you drown in my fate. Don’t forget what you did, Candarli! Don’t forget! What is so important Zaganos? My Sultan. The reason of my unplanned visit is Princess Mara. The order is given Pasha.

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