Red Apple Episode 8 Last with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

So we are here to describe Red Apple Episode 8 Last with Urdu Subtitles Free Download. This episode is very sad and advantures also. As you know in last episode Shahzada was died by zoltan. And valida sultan also trap by Jeni hatun so we will describe how they escape. The shahzada was died and Zaganoz kill him. in other side Shahzada mehmet trap to jeni hatun and save valida sultan. Actually he was know about dayi and jeni hatun plan so he inform guards to protect his grandma to this trap.

Red Apple Episode 8 Last with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Brother, I’m not interested in standing here either. I’m going out, okay, watch me. They do this in the first place. They will pay for it. Meanwhile, we watched the video. Ezgi, the men took the other one, get out of the house. What are we going to do with this shoe of yours? Come on, come on, I’m watching you, come on out. tension music rises I’ll be there tomorrow. Ok. OK, I’ll let you know when I leave. See you later. Ok. tension music continues Come on Ezgi, come on. Come on. thriller continues phone rings Say it. Commissioner, I’m following you now. He was driving by taxi, he stopped the taxi.

He’s getting out of the taxi now. the thriller continues He looked at his phone. It’s standing at the beginning of the street. tension music rises He walked in from the street. What do you say, should I follow you? thriller ends door opens thriller music Are you talking to the commissioner? Can I have a talk with him? Give me the phone, Omer. Lieutenant, may I ask why you’re chasing a man? I know you’re hiding something from me. You know wrong. The truth is that; I found the bomber, I saved your life too. We’ll look at it now. thriller continues I think he’s a little pissed off. Good luck with.

Red Apple Episode 8 Last with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

We have business with this commissioner. Cem Did you tell me? Are you still there? Hey, the link is open. OK, Red Apple Episode 8 Last with Urdu Subtitles Free Download , son, turn it on. Do you have any tea? Hey, there is dad. You’re late, I’ll give it. Sit, sit, come. I know, girl. You are worried about your son. But this is not where he should be right now . Dad, remember what happened in the military. We didn’t leave for days. Your son is a hero girl. emotional music Never forget that. Hang the insignia given to him on his wall. You proudly tell those who come. You are right too.

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But let him do whatever is necessary for his country now. A country without heroes has no future. Look, I gave my life. Now it’s Korkut Ali’s turn. Well, we didn’t wait for you too little with my mother. Mehmet Akif said , “You are the son of a martyr. You forget. You are the mother of a hero who did not give his country to the enemy . message voice Heh, heh. emotional music ends The sound came. The moon got me used to this technology. Korkut Ali Mommy, I ‘ll call you soon. lets Don’t worry, I’m fine. Oh, thank goodness. Let me drink my tea, I’ll go out to get some air. Ah, at this hour?

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