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Or go a little faster. Savasci Episode 24 I’m about to give birth, I say. Do not you understand? Okay, okay, I ‘m driving as fast as I can. Look, you promised me. You will not register on my behalf. This kid won’t be on me, I don’t want it. I said I’ll handle it. My mother and brother must not find me. It won’t. I’ll handle honeycomb. Help! Help! -Baby, the baby’s about to come.

– All right, sir, calm down. Handle the login process , please, leave it to us. Goodbye birthday. Yes. Can I have your and your wife’s ID? Of course. This one is mine. We couldn’t find my wife’s identity card while we were leaving in a hurry . Marriage certificate, right? Sure. Mrs. Elif. I did not know that Hakan Bey had a daughter . I didn’t know either, until the accident. What did you do, Dila?

Savasci Episode 24

What did you do? Why did you do this? “Wearing.” I took it off when he said. What are you talking about? I `m talking about this. You smashed my dress. Don’t be silly, I didn’t do anything like that. If you didn’t, who did? I can’t seem to tear my own dress apart . No. I did not do. When we argued about the dress in the living room, you were very angry and went to your room. I was angry too, but very worried. I came back to the room for him. You know what I saw? My mom did this to you. My mom did this to you. My mom did this to you.

My mom did this to you. My mom did this to you. My mom did this to you. My mom made you. My mom did this to you. No. Not true. You are lying. You’re trying to confuse me. You’re trying to remind me of things I didn’t do . That’s how you always did. Whatever I loved, you either tried to confuse me – or you threw it away. -Enough! Enough. Don’t shout anymore in this house.

You will either learn to speak calmly or take your medication regularly. I’m not even worth as much as these flowers in your eyes. Dila, Dila! Enough. You don’t even speak to me when you call me your daughter. You never loved me. None. None. Enough enough. What the hell is going on here? Mom. Get this out of my sight. You’re shattering everything beautiful. Ya brother tore my dress.

And he says he didn’t do it, I did it. He’s trying to confuse me and drive me crazy. I don’t care about your stupid dress or my mother, Dila. Look at me. I will ask you a question. And I will ask once. You will tell me the truth. Worrior I know you and Hakan. OK. Do you have children? Answer me. Do you have a daughter? Neither daughter nor relationship bro? I know your relationship with Hakan.

You also live together. Don’t try to lie to me, Dila. Do not. OK. Okay, I had a relationship with Hakan, but it’s over. When I realized that he would not leave his wife, I finished it bro. He had the last things I had left, so we talked to him. Do not speak. Brother. If I had a child, why would I hide it from you? You have always been by my side, protecting me. If I had a child, Believe me bro.

Please. Fulya was very scared. He spoke to me. “Do n’t leave the sun,” even if it’s half-hearted . said. It means he can talk. This is something super. Yes. Do you know? I think you couldn’t leave the sun anyway. So even if you quit, you would run and get it the next day. If you could see the way you look at her, Elif. He’s a strange pup, I’m sorry. On the other hand, every time I look at him, I see Hakan.

Then I think of betrayal. What’s wrong with that boy? On the other hand, how does his mother feel able to be separated from him? How can he not call and ask? How well does this woman sleep at night? Really. Doesn’t a person call their child once? I think that woman does not deserve this angel, Elif. But in the end I have to find it and give it back to the Sun. Every child should grow up with their mother.

He has the right too. I mean… He’s the most innocent of all this. If her mother deserves it, of course. She either didn’t call or did not call even once, so if she had called, Elif could have found us. He didn’t call. Savasci Episode 24 Anyways. Worrior Who is left of our customers who did not leave us . I’ll bring it right away, dear, wait for the list. How do you do that? How can you tell my brother boy? God, I’m going crazy, no.

I have to do something. I need to talk to Hakan. Do we only have Aylin’s wedding left now? He’s not really willing either, but I think we have a hope because he said okay to the meeting . Also our old client knows our working style. TRUE. If we explain, he will understand. I’ll go before I linger so I can see him. I’ll let you know. I’m Elif. My dear, friends’ salaries. How do we make them? Worrior I was thinking of paying with Hakan’s compensation, but I came out as a debtor, not a creditor. What do you mean I’m in debt?

I do not understand. Hakan has constantly withdrawn advances from his salary account. Exactly. Now the company wants this money from me. No, not anymore. How does he want from you? Savasci Episode 24 Calm down. What if they didn’t give an advance or something. How do they want from you? Did you spend it? Fulya is calm. OK. I will fix everything. First I’ll go, I’ll talk to Ms. Aylin, I ‘ll convince her, and then OK,

we’ll get new customers . Deal? -We stay calm. -OK. The sun is yours, please be careful. I say no. You know that Ãœmran Hanım is a woman like a genie. I can’t handle you against him. By Allah, he will throw me into the pit of hell. Besides, you couldn’t go out the other day. This time I really drank my meds. Or Mehves. I say one hour.

Look, my mother trusts you, she believes whatever you say. Don’t make me a prisoner, what will happen to this house? Come on. You look at me. What are you doing out there that is so important? Savasci Episode 24 Do I have to have a job, MehveÅŸ? What could be more important than my mental health? I’m going to go crazy, sit in this house. I’m just saying I’m going to get air. I’ll be back in an hour. I say no to you. Wherever you go, don’t mess with me. I swear by God, the zucchini would explode in my head, so I would burn. All right.

Then I’ll hold my breath and choke myself. Don’t do that. Do not make the moon, my child. Come on, my child, ay. Don’t make the moon, my child. I beg you, my child, don’t do it. I swear you will bring it down to my heart. Are you afraid that I will run away again ? OK. Look. The necklace my dad bought me for my 18th birthday. You know I never take it off my neck. Get. Stay with you until I come.

Can you lend me a taxi alone, MehveÅŸ? I have no cash. Come on. You have always been by my side, protecting me. If I had a child, Believe me bro. – Savasci Euphrates. Savasci Episode 24 -Mom. In the daytime, you wouldn’t leave work and come back. What happened? I did the cost reports at night. I forgot, I came to get them. Why didn’t you send someone else to get it? I had time. I wanted to come myself.

What’s wrong with that? What did you talk to Dila? You’re coming to get a report, what are you doing in the conservatory? Mom, I heard your shouts. What would I do? Had I been ignorant? I know you have a problem. I understand your distress from your eyes. I have no problems. I’m pretty fine. Do n’t mind me, okay? I have to go to the holding, see you in the evening.

Mr Ahmet. Here you go, Ms. MehveÅŸ. Maybe there is something wrong with the air cleaner filter of the pool. Can we look together? Sure come on. Savasci language. Where are you going? I will go. You don’t love me, you don’t love me You love my brother. Is it a lie? You do not like. You will not do anything without my permission. You won’t even be able to breathe. Come on, Elif. Show yourself.

The fate of the whole team depends on you. Mrs. Umran. To where? I’ll look into Dila. Fırat didn’t say anything, something happened between them. Worrior Thing. Don’t bother. I gave him his medicine and he went to bed. Savasci Episode 24 He was yelling a little while ago. How will he fall asleep? No , of course, his brother scolded him when he heard you yelling at you. Turkce Urdu Historical Series With Urdu Subtitles

My baby is upset. Let him rest for a while, then you can talk. Here you go. oh. It’s good if I don’t go from the heart today. Thank you Nuray. Savasci Mrs. Elif. I know very well what a professional organizer you are. I’m sure that video circulating on social media was also made for defamation. Thank you very much Aylin. I wish everyone could be as objective as you.

But unfortunately there is something like this. It is very difficult for me to explain this to my fiancee and their families . Savasci I mean, that video is everywhere. I’m really sorry. If it were up to me, Savasci Episode 24 I would go with you, but– Believe me, it is a perfect organization– Ms. Elif, even if you organize the most beautiful organization in the world , the guests will find fault after that video.

And I don’t want the most important day of my life to be remembered like that. You are right. Don’t worry. I’ve exhausted you so far, but I wanted to talk face to face. Not important. I guess I have no more words to convince you. I am really sad. With your permission. I’ll pass you. What’s this? You don’t have much time left. You will need this for a wedding to be as planned.

We deal with catering, sound and light systems companies. Savasci Episode 24 The music tracks we will play are all in this file. Savasci Why are you doing this favor? I am sure it will be the happiest day of your life. With or without me. As I promised.

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I do not know what to say. Thank you. Love is a very sacred feeling, Aylin Hanım. That’s why I love my job so much. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Goodbye. Come. Mr. Firat. You called me. Its been a long time since we met. Savasci Age. You know I don’t like you very much. But in the meantime, my work falls. How can I help you? I want you to collect information about my sister Dila .

Especially criminal record, population information and hospital reports. I want everything from you for the last six years, okay? Of course. However you like. You will not open your mouth to anyone. Savasci Episode 24 You will only inform me. Worrior All right, Mr. Firat. wow? What are we doing with this man? It’s a personal matter. You leave him and tell him why my instructions are not being followed. I do not understand. What are you so nervous about again?

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