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Hakan Kara, car accident. Hakan! Please my love, please get up, this place is so bad. Alparslan Episode 28 Please, no, no, no. He can’t be dead! No, Hakan. Please Hakan, open your eyes. You’re freezing, he’s freezing. He’s freezing, come on get up. You’ll be cold here, please. Come on wake up, let’s go home.

Hakan, Hakan come on you can’t just die all of a sudden. Please, I beg you, please don’t leave me. Please, please don’t leave. Don’t let go, Hakan don’t leave me, please! I can’t live without you, no! Please, Alparslan Episode 28 please don’t leave me! No, no! Please get him out of here. I beg you, get him out of there. He’ll be cold. Please don’t take him away from me, I beg you! Please! Help!

Let’s arrange the emergency immediately, remove the patient. Okay, I’ll bring a stretcher Doctor. Okay. “How much can a woman love a man? What would she do if she learnt that she was living a lie? How can a woman breathe… when she realizes that… that made her feel good and safe were all a lie? all of those moments that made her feel good and safe were all a lie?

Alparslan Episode 28

When she finds out that… the man she loves… is living with another woman. This is my story. Now I have to start over again.” “All alone.” This is the best day of my life. I want you to witness my day, this happy day. Because today, I am marrying the love of my life. Come on, let us walk around the place.

Doesn’t everything look amazing, huh? Don’t you think it’s wonderful, too? Don’t worry, I’ll show you around now. Ms. Lutfiye! Can you bring the napkins? -Yes, Ms. Elif. -Thank you. Guys, the candlestick here is missing, can we get it too? Yes, Ms. Elif. Look, Alparslan Episode 28 I want you to meet someone. She is the architect of the evening, Ms. Elif. Look, why don’t you say hi, Elif? There are 17 thousand people watching us. Hi. Elif promised me. She said this wedding will be wonderful and everything will be great. Right? Uh-huh, of course.

Everything will be perfect. Yes. But you should wear your gown now, cause the guests are about to arrive. Oh no! Girls, you gotta see my wedding gown. Let’s go now and wear my dress. What was that now? She has thousands of followers. And half of them are from rich families. So she is on live nonstop.

That’s her thing, you see? I see. What is it, are you running away from me? Like that’s possible. What did you do, Sude, did you make it? I talked to two organization companies. Hmm. But I don’t think they have the vision to beat the congress. If it happens like last time it would be a serious loss of prestige for us. I trust you, you can do it. Sude I’m late, I’ll go to a friend’s wedding. Wait, wait. There is one more thing. That operation manager, Hakan.

He again asked for a large amount of advance, but as you said, we refused. Well done. Hakan has a problem but he doesn’t say anything to us. Let me talk to him and understand his problem. Advance is the easy thing, we’ll take care of it. Bye now. Stop, someone might see us.

I don’t care, you love me, not her. It’s not going to change even if we get married. Yeah but, not here. Right here, right now. -What, did the manager say something? -I’ll tell you, just walk. -What’s going on? -Walk. Fulya, Fulya! The groom is cheating on the bride. Whoa, and on their wedding day.

Are you sure? Yes, unfortunately. I saw it with my own eyes, he was kissing a woman in a room. Then they closed the door. God damn him! Isn’t it men’s nation, everything can be expected of them. Never mind, let’s mind our own business. What do you mean? You heard me.

I don’t need to remind you… how hard we worked to get this organization, right? No Elif, Elif, calm down, just stop. Fulya, imagine if something like this happened to you. Would you want to marry a man like this? Of course not. But maybe the bride… knows what kind of a man he is. What if she doesn’t? Elif, you’ll think straight if you calm down, please just calm down. Fulya, are you aware of the situation? A young woman is about to build her life upon a lie.

What about our lives? What about our dream to… get in the society and get bigger jobs, huh? What about them? Fulya, Alparslan I… I chose this job because I could make their most special days… brighter. Because I believe in love. But there is no love here, there is a lie. So, I’m gonna tell the bride everything. Elif! Elif! Would you look at my gown? Isn’t it so beautiful, my dear Firuzan? She designed it speacially for me and she used French laces all over.

Oh, the invisible hero of the night has arrived. Dear Elif, would you like to give hints about the night to me and my followers? Is there any surprises you could give us? There are certainly big surprises here. I’m getting excited now. She says there are some big surprises for the night. I’m gonna be live all night but now I gotta get ready. So? I have to tell you something. Would you guys excuse us for a second? I don’t know how to say something like this but, uh. It’s not easy to say, so,

I’m gonna give it to you directly. The guy you’re about to marry is cheating on you. They look so chic for a funeral. What? I’m talking about the wedding, which you just turned into a funeral. You are exaggerating, Fulya. I have my conscience clean now. I had to tell her. Isn’t that the mother of the bride? It’s a pity she worked for nothing. She brought the dress she’s wearing from France. She’s been preparing for this night for a month.

Let’s hope her heart can take it when she finds out that it’s cancelled. Welcome. Hi, bro. Hello, Mr. Fırat. Greetings, Ms. Sena. How is your mother, Ms. Ãœmran? She’s well, thank you, and you? Thanks, I am also well. Is your sister, Ms. Dila still abroad? Yes, her internship still continues in USA. Have fun. -Thanks a lot, see you. -Thanks. Can I have your attention, bro? Give this to the groom.

Tell him his friend Fırat Ayaz gave this to him, okay? Tell him I’m sorry I couldn’t stay, and take this. When do you think it’s gonna explode, huh? Who do you think is gonna announce the wedding is cancelled? I don’t know about that but… If the wedding had not been cancelled… the entrance music of the bride and groom would have started right now. What? How can she accept such thing? Does this girl have no respect for herself? Thank God. We escaped with no harm.

“Today I understand once again, I’m glad I married you, my love.” I was saying it wouldn’t end tonight but, well, it’s finally over. I still cannot believe it.

If something like that happened to me, let alone marrying… I wouldn’t want to see that man’s face once again. Alparslan Episode 28 Unfortunately, not everyone can find themselves a loving husband like yours. Elif, let’s sit here.

We’ll get Bosphorus air, please. Okay! Oh! I’m gonna ask you something. Are you ever jealous of Hakan? What do you mean? Hakan, you know he’s handsome and nice. Alparslan Episode 28 He goes out of town a lot. Don’t you ever think about it? It’s his job, he has to go. And Hakan is different. He wouldn’t want to live and let live something he can’t tell me.

What a love! Even when you say Hakan, the woman melts. See, speaking of shooters. I can’t even believe it. My love! Honey, I was in a meeting, I couldn’t pick up. What did you do, how’d the organisation go? It was a dirty night.

But I’ll tell you later, how is Bodrum? Bodrum is amazing, as always. You’re living the life! Is the weather nice? Yeah, so beautiful. My love, I missed you so much. Alparslan Episode 28 I missed you too. Look. We never had time for ourselves with… your orgizations and my vacations. What do you say, should I kidnap you to Sapanca when I return?

It would be so good Hakan, I need it so bad. Good then, I’ll make the reservations. We’ll talk when I come back. Okay, by the way I have a surprise for you too. Alparslan Episode 28 What is that surprise? A surprise. Just wonder a bit, you’ll find out when you come back. So, you’re telling me to be patient. All right, then. My Elif! I love you so much.

I love you too. How did you find me? You never called me for 6 years, Dila. How could you do that to us? And with that man! How could you not let us know? Answer me! There is no hole we haven’t looked. There is no place I haven’t look for you. Girl, what’s wrong with you?

Why are you doing this to us? You know what is wrong with me, brother. Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare tell me it’s because of her. Alparslan Episode 28 You can’t make our mother pay for your irresponsibility. You think she wasn’t sad, huh? We thought you were dead! Dila, we thought you were dead.

Mom? Let’s say you did this to me. To mom. What about dad? Dila, how could you do this to dad? What happened to dad? Dila! Come on, sweetheart. Hello, mom. Shame on you. Come, sweetheart, come. Mom! My DiloÅŸ! Welcome. My beautiful girl. Hello, MehveÅŸ. Thank God. This color looks great on you. Come on. Let’s go inside, huh?

Come, dear. Come, sweetie. Don’t go anymore, stay here, we’ll go to the office together from here. I would never be able to pull that far. Yeah. You know where the Alparslan Episode 28 pajamas are. Are you hungry, by the way? There is nothing here, you can– No, no, not hungry at all, I gained 2 kg anyway. What happened to dad?

He fell down the stairs after around 6 months later you left. The doctors said it was his blood pressure. So, he fell down the stairs because his blood pressure went low. They tried so hard to cure him but… this is the case. I would have came if I knew he was like that. I wouldn’t have left you all alone in this room. Please forgive me. Who was with him when he fell?

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He was with Ms. Ãœmran. We heard her cry for help. You did this too? God forbid, what are you saying? Mom, what are you doing? Look, if you keep behaving like this, Alparslan Episode 28 we cannot keep the girl in the house. Wouldn’t a person call their parents all these times? I can forgo calling but you could at least send word saying “I’m fine, don’t worry.”.

Mom! Look, you’re right, okay? But it’s done, we found her. For how many times? I’m taking the control now. I listened to your Alparslan Episode 28 father all these years. Look what she became. Come oo, mom! Where was she? Here, in Istanbul.

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