Soz Episode 83 2nd Last 1st Part Urdu Subtitles free

Ma’am, are you okay? Soz Episode 83 2nd Last 1st Part Urdu Subtitles free Older sister! Older sister! Sister, what’s going on? Look at me! Take those coins! Go give to whom it will be given! Sister please forgive me! Watch out okay! How did he find out that I was going to Tuğçe, you bastard! Oh mother! You said it didn’t you? Hold the head of that street, come on! What happened? Brother, there is no one here. OK come on! What happened? Did you find the girl? Now he has entered this street.

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If it was, we would see it, wouldn’t we, officer? The house is empty. my god! Thanks for making me smile for the first time! It did n’t take two seconds either! If you hit me on the head with that hand, you’re a murderer! How! How did you see you have eyes on your back? Hello! Well… …I know it looks very strange. But I swear I’m not a thief! I swear! Approach! If you don’t come close, I’ll shoot! I said I’ll shoot, don’t come close! Light. Sevda, me. Iron! Iron. Here you go! Your shoes!

Soz Episode 83 2nd Last 1st Part Urdu Subtitles free

I don’t understand! I say your shoes are still on your feet. You can take it out at the entrance, there are slippers there too. Oh, well… …when you say that for a moment. Sorry, I’m changing it now. Are you running from the guys outside? No! So yes! Look, I know I broke into your house like this. But I am not guilty. I’ll be out soon anyway. To where? Do I have to ask you when I’m going somewhere in my own house? No! I did not mean that! I mean … …you do something wrong or something… I’ll get water. Do you want?

No, I don’t want to. Thanks. What a strange man! If anyone has seen or heard, let me know! Hiding the criminal is aiding and abetting, which is a crime. Soz Episode 83 2nd Last 1st Part Urdu Subtitles free Have you looked at this house? No. It’s the teacher’s house. Your teacher? Look at the chance! How fast did I escape to the imam’s house? My teacher! Hungry police! My teacher! My teacher! Sir, I beg you, please don’t betray me! I beg! Sir, look! I’ve never been on good terms with God. If you don’t betray me tonight… …I pray. You too will fall in love. Say what? Sir, I beg you, do not betray me!

If you love your God and your Prophet, I beg you! My teacher! My teacher! Good evening! There was a case of theft. We think he hid in one of the houses in this area. Soz Episode 83 2nd Last 1st Part Urdu Subtitles free A girl. He was a bit of a hard worker, sir. That’s way. Is it on the way? Come on bro! Oh really! mind your business! He battered a businessman and stole their money. Did you see? Ah! I ran away! To where? I have a job interview. What is it doing? I told my mother. Where is Sinan? In the room. How many times will I say it?

In this house, we will sit at this table together. Okay, I’ll call right away. Sit down mom! I call Sinan. Sinan! I thought a lot, I can’t do it, I gave up. I said I can’t do it! Okay, I’ll bring you the full relic. Do not worry! See you later! What’s up? What relic is this? It’s okay, sister. Tell me why did you give up? I gave up, sister! Isn’t that what matters? Oh well okay! I already have a job.

Soz Episode 83 2nd Last 1st Part Urdu Subtitles free

Let’s have breakfast! I will not eat! You tell my father dear! The gentleman has finally arrived. Sit down! No, father, I will not eat. I have an urgent job. Everyone has a job, but no one brings money to this house! Sit down, eat your food, don’t get nervous! Dad, I’m not hungry! I will not eat! What are you hiding? No, dad, I’m not hiding anything! Let me see!

Soz Episode 83 2nd Last 1st Part Urdu Subtitles free

Come! Come! Come! Interest! Koksal! Koksal! Father give them to me! Dad please give! What is this ? What is this ? What are you doing, Dad? Don’t get involved girl! Koksal, what are you doing? You hit the child without understanding and listening! Without understanding what, Hayriye? Drugs are drugs! Sinan! Sinan! Father give them to me! Stop, you just stop! Let go of your hands!

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They’re safe! Dad, they’re not mine! Mom, say something! Father! Father! Ok mom! Ok! Calm down! What will I do now? What am I going to do? Do you know what you will do? You will be a man! You will be the man! Father! Stand up! Soz Episode 83 2nd Last 1st Part Urdu Subtitles free Stand up! Stand up! stand up! Get up! Get up! Tell me man! Who gave them to you? Tell me, who gave it to you? Who gave it? Who gave? All because of you Hayriye! All because of you! These kids have become this way because of you! Dad stop! Dad stop! He’s already said it. How do you know?

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