Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free

-The speed of bullet is 400 between 950 m/s. Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free -So you wanna protect one that you love or you wanna shoot, -You have to be in front of muzzle. -Distances are important for us. -Being together is important due to this. -When bullet goes from muzzle, life is faster than you catch.

-Since you cant catch, angry which is getting big makes you sad. -Who are you? -I will kill you. -Hello Sami? -Im listening. -It is done, we shot the shop so many times. -We captured the man who is Yavuz’s friend. -The young one? -As you said. -Well done. -Yavuz… -We will see what you will do. -He is following us.

Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free

-Drive faster. -Turn right. -Get down. -Im sorry. -God damn… -Yes? -Yavuz, im Sami. -As i heard your friend is lost. -Bad news are learnt quickly. -Bad’neyvs are Learnt guickly. -If you hurt Kopuk, i will all of you, get me? Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free -Dont play with me. -Stop. -Even if his nose bleeds, i will kill you. -Dont be angry, i will care your friend. -He is my best friend. -Im telling for the lasUime, -If he gets wounded, i will kill each of you.

-Get me? -Ok, you are so angry, i will call you later. you do what i say, your friend will be ok. -What will we do? -Since the beginning, im free. -Who can forbid me? -What will we do? -We will go and take back our soldier. -Ok. -We cant learnt. -I called the intelligence, there was no explosion. -All are disconnected.

-We called but we couldnt reach. -Im sure they are in danger. -They may shut down willingly. -Then they would tell us. -You are right. -I will ask help from authority. -They may help us. -Ok, i will work on this. -If it necessary we may ask to intelligence again. -I hope they are ok. -I hope so. -Solicitor Derya Dumansiz.

Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free

-Yes? -Yavuz? Are you ok? -Im ok. -Everyone is ok? Is there a wounded? -No, we are ok. -They kidnapped Kopuk. -Who is Kopuk? -He is working with us. -He was my old soldier, he had no job so i offered him to work with us. -Can you come? -Who are they? -You said i have enemies. -They are so brave that they could do this.

-They are not normal people. -Tell me their names, i can find them. -Dont say it is my business. -I dont know Derya, if i knew, i would tell you. -Dont do this. -If you dont tell me, i cant help me. -Dont do anything. -Dont worry i will find him. -What can i do? -You are my only hope. -It is good to hear this.

-Dont worry and be calm. -I will talk to officers. -They effused the glass. -Wear warmy clothes, the voice inside of me says this winter will be so cold. -The voice in my inside says so many people will die. We will see. -Where am i? -Hello? -Where am i? -Where am i? -Hello? -I will ask you. -Where am i? -Dont be cool, talk in Turkish we know you know. -IT doesnt matter where you are.

Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free

What matters is your situation. -WE took you here so that you become ok. -Get well soon and we will work with you more. Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free -Sir. -What does he want? -Nothing. He only wanted to talk. -IF i were you i would use some other torturing techniques. -These guys are strong pysichally .

You cant make them talk like that. -You dont know what we can do to someone. -You are right but you are forgetting that he is in the intelligence. -IT doesnt matter if he is in intelligence or not. -A person who is in intelligence knows a lot of things Dragan. -This guy will tell us so many things about Turkish army. -We know what we are doing dont worry. -ok then i better go now. -Of course.

Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free

Alparslan Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles

-SEIo. IS the car ready? Yes. -By the way if you need a good bomber i can sell you Sero. -He is the best at his job. -Dragan. Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free We taught him everything in the first place. -Thats right. I am sorry. -What are you doing here? You are listening to us? -No sir. -I told you so many times not to get those guys inside of here.

-For cleaning sir. -I dont care about it. -Just take him away. -ITs getting so dirty always anyway. -You are behaving too well to them. Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free You dont need to be like that. -You are right Dragan. ITS all because we should be seen as good person on TV. -You know we have to be peaceful little cute people.

-You know i am not like that actually. I hate it. -Sir. -You got some guests. -Who? -We dont know. A team with uniforms and guns. -Stop. -Go no more further. -Who are you. -What do you want? -I am colonel Erdem KAcmaz. -I am working for the Turkish Army. -I want to talk with the-commander of this base.

-I want to talk with the commander of this base. -Wait. -A Turkish team wants to see the authority. -WE are waiting for your orders. Soz Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free -What do you want me to say sir? -Tell them to wait. -Yes sir. -How fast they learnt? -Who made them learn it. -IT doesnt matter now . ITS fine. -As soon as they dont have a proof they cant do anything. -Anyway. -You wait here in case. -Dont go anywhere.


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