Soz Last Episode 84 2nd Part Urdu Subtitles free

No, Hulya, he’s just a friend. Soz Last Episode 84 2nd Part Urdu Subtitles free A friend. Do you know of Rodin’s statue, ‘The Thinker’? His toenails are very short. On purpose. I studied sculpture in college, I remember from there. I wish I could remember everything as clearly. Because the things you see every day… …you understand that after a while, you forget what they look like. Think about it. When you leave the house every day… …what color are the ?owers you pass by?

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How many shades of blue are there in the sky? You don’t know. In fact, you look, but you don’t see. If I could bring back time, I would just look at everything for hours. Because not, I can only see what my memory allows me to. So? You’re in the garage at night, what about during the day? I deliver later. That’s why you are so strong. Why didn’t you study? Did you not have the time? Or perhaps, you didn’t want to. Wait, let me guess. I think you were a very naughty boy. You may have even done some bad things.

Soz Last Episode 84 2nd Part Urdu Subtitles free

Do you have to ask so many questions about people? Why are you angry not? I’m just trying to learn something about you. I can see what you ate today, without asking. Right. I can’t hide some things. Thank you for bringing me home. I’m 30 years old. I’m a former boxer. You are right, I did very bad things in the past. My anger was not because of your questions. I just don’t have a proper answer to give you. I’m sorry. Come with me. I didn’t call you here to forgive you… Soz Last Episode 84 2nd Part Urdu Subtitles free …because what you have done is unforgiveable.

Let’s say you just lent along with that jerk, Koray, and left. But how many years has it been? What kind of person never even calls? Doesn’t apologize? – You are right, coach. – Why? Why? – I was in prison for four years. – What? You were in prison? After leaving boxing… Soz Last Episode 84 2nd Part Urdu Subtitles free …I did some other things with Koray’s acquaintances. I was collecting money for loan sharks. My job was to beat people up. One night, I was going after another person in debt. I was just going to scare him. I lost everything. I lost my house, my job, my children. – I never had any family, you know? – Do you want to kill me? Give me that.

Soz Last Episode 84 2nd Part Urdu Subtitles free

Police! Open the door! Slop! I’m sorry, coach. Ali? No one like you ever got in the ring after you left. You were like a hurricane. Come back. Let’s start where we left off, huh? For me, that book is closed. Miss Hazal? Could you come to my office please? Sure, Mr. Kenan. I’m coming right away. Hazal, welcome. Let’s have a seat. Be careful, there is a coffee table. Please sit down. I got a present for you. A present? I was going to give it to you last leek… …if we could have gotten together for dinner. I want to give it to you now. Why did you bother? I… Please, I insist. Please accept it, would you?

Thank you. What are you doing tonight? Are you free? I have plans for this evening. I had made them much earlier. – Oh? – I can’t cancel now. Soz Last Episode 84 2nd Part Urdu Subtitles free I should go and get back to work, Mr. Kenan. Thank you. Who’s there? So, this is where you live. Mr. Kenan? I see your plans were cancelled. Well, not you can make me a cup of coffee. Hot beverages are not easy for me to prepare, so, I don’t have any coffee. I’m sorry, I forgot. You had an accident in college, didn’t you? Something happened to your eyes.

Hazal… You are so beautiful. Soz Last Episode 84 2nd Part Urdu Subtitles free You are drunk, Mr. Kenan. You better leave. Your life, your children will lorry about you. You didn’t even open it. If you showed even a little interest in me… …you would know I divorced my life. If you allow me, can I put the necklace on you? I knew it would look great on you. You are so beautiful. – Don’t you dare touch me. Don’t! – Okay, okay. Hazal??????, I’m sorry. Hazal?, I’m sorry. I said I was sorry! Look at me, listen to me! Look at me! I’ve had enough! Enough!

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Do you think you will find someone better than me? If I go out, I can sleep with fifty women. I could be with women many times better looking than you. Who the hell do you think you are? What are you? Look at me! Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes! If I ever see you near Hazal? again… Soz Last Episode 84 2nd Part Urdu Subtitles free …I’ll kill you! Enough! Enough, stop! Please stop! Hazal? Are you okay? Why did you do such a thing? What if he fires me? You don’t have to work at the same company with that guy. I do, to make a living, to stand on my own feet. I’ll take care of you. 

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