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Every time we meet, we get into trouble. Soz Episode 61 Do you have I’m a prosecutor, you know that. -Mine is certified. -I hope What do you meam? Keep driving They are heading towards you. Second vehicle, block your way. Third vehicle, get ready. We’re almost there, commander. I’ve missed tasting the dust. I like this. -Look at what he misses. -I miss him, man. That is my nature.

I think that is not exactly what you miss, Ke§anl I understand what you mean. – He said it clearly. – You too, Qaylak? That happens when you don’t tell us about your love life. Soz There is no love life. If there were, I would tell you … out and ask for support. -Yavuz! – Get out, you’re going to get killed! Second car, block your way. Yavuz! -Let’s go! Let’s go! -Come Come on! Come on!

Did you hear it -The car looks like a sinister. -They let the bullets fly. They are dead? It’s okay? Call the ambulance. Its alive. Its alive. Call the ambulance immediately. Soz Episode 61Yavuz Can you hear me? I’m here. -Called? -Is on the way. Well well. You’ll be fine. All right. – Tell me, Derya? -Colonel Erdem. Yayuz is not well. -What happened? -Not well… …Nothing good. They followed us first. Then they set a trap.

Soz Episode 61

Okay Derya, calm down. Tell me what exactly happened. How is Yavuz? I’m waiting for the ambulance. very bad. We was shot several times. It is lying in blood. Very bad. What happens? He says they shot Yavuz. His condition is critical. What? Where? How? Where are you, Derya? Waiting for the ambulance. -I’m going to call when I get to the hospital. -Okay, I’m coming. -I’m going too. -Stay here.

Stay in touch with time. Anything can arise. -Keep me informed. -It’s okay. Which is the news? Is dead? Are you sure? It’s okay. Stay low for a while now. Don’t show up until I call you. What happens? He was riddled with holes. -He is dead? seems. Very good. I’m going to ask you something. Does this car run on a diesel engine No, gasoline can not believe it. Gasoline is too expensive.

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Use diese I don’t like cars with diesel engines. They make too much noise, like a tractor. Gasoline costs too much. Very expensive. There are some alive. Go and kill them all. -ASik. -Help. -Help me, commander. -A§ik. Help me. I’m stuck. Guys, let’s help him! Mr! -At three. -Ke§anh! Boys! -Wait. -Caylak? -The car is stuck. -Caylak? Do not move. Qaylak! -In three! -Come on! One two Three!

Qaylak! Qaylak! Qaylak. -Qaylak -Commander. You’re good? -You are injured? -I’m fine, sir. -Get up, Qaylak. Brother Mansu -The car is stuck. -This is not working. All together! Again! At three! Three! Watch out! Watch out! -Do not worry about my! Kill them! Soz Episode 61 -I’m here! Be careful! Avgi we need reinforcements! Avqi we need reinforcements! I’m on it! Colonel Erdem had to leave, Avgi.

Erdem had to leave, Avgi. I’m in charge. What is the situation? -We are attacking, commander -Where? We fell into a trap near the base. We are under fire. -One of us is injured, I need reinforcements. -It’s okay. -I will contact the base. -It is understood. IT’s Fethi, can I talk to him? What is the situation, Fethi? We fell into a trap along the way. -A§ik is stuck in the car. -©ammit. I have to hang up.

I don’t know how long we san resist. We need support urgently. Okay do not worry. We’re on that. Be careful. Do not worry. losing a lot of blood. Wait. How is it going? Say something please You need a hospital or we will Ipse it. Yavuz, resist. I need you. You will overcome this. Resist Resist, please resist. Tell the hospital to prepare the operating room. Inform them of the blood group. He will need bleed.

Soz Player 1

Soz Player 2

I couldn’t find the bullet exit hole. The bullet is still inside. There are exit holes in some parts of your body. Are you a relative? A friend. -AI6.-Where are you Derya? -Aid.-Where are you Derya? Soz Episode 61 -I’m going to the state hospital. -In agreement. Ho.w is Yavuz? -I do not know. I am in the ambulaniee. s very bad. I don’t know if he will succeed. Yavuz will not give up. He is a strong man. Turkce Urdu Historical Series With Urdu Subtitles

He will get over it. God willing. Brother Have there been any incidents? -Armed assault. -Really? -Some low? – A man is seriously injured. What the hell? That is Commander Yavuz’s car. Soz Brother Do you know where the owner of this car is? -Do you know him? -He’s my brother! please tell me! They say he is dead. But I don’t know who it is. He was taken to hospital. -To which? – To the state hospital.

Hello Usta. We are done. -What happened? -My commander The commander is injured. What do you say? -Injured? -They shot him. Is very bad. They say he is dead. Where are you? Soz episode 61 I’m going to the hospital. Don’t do anything until I arrive. Do not do anything. Do you hear me? Wait for me. See you at the hospital. What is the hospjtal? The state hospital. Come quiekky, see you there. Goodbye.

Boys! This is getting hot! Go away or kill them! A§ik, give me ammunitipn. Dammit! Avgi, the car has a gas leak! resist! I’ll hold on, but it’s too hot. Avqi, this is not working! We need reinforcements! We need air support! Air support! They have been attacked. I’ll put you next to Fethi ‘at a conference call. FethTi, ®’oTo’nel Erdem is on the line. Fethi What is the situation? We need air support, commander.

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