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What do gentlemen want? Soz Episode 60 Give us the girl. We a?e not looking for problems. What happens if I don’t do it? It will be a problem. – Stay behind. Do not be afraid. – Mugahit. This is not good. Mugahit! Be careful, Megabit.!

Do not! Do not touch it! Do not! Let it go Let it go! Balm! Balm! Mijgahit! Let me go! Melisa! Let go! Balm! Soz Episode 60 Let me go, Mugahit! Let go! Mugah it! Do not touch it! Mugahit! Balm. you tell Yavuz. I will kill them both. If I die, your brother will die too.

it’s your choice. your choice. If you try to kill Yavuz .. Your brother will die. I will be watching you, prosecutor. Finally. Because you do not answer? Soz Episode 60 You made me wait a lot. Because you do not answer? was busy with something up. So what’s up? You’re good?

I’m fine. I’m fine. Yavuz, I need to tell you something. I hear you. Is it about the disease? Do not. It is something different. soz Episode 60 It’s about the heart. In Myself? In me, really. Especially when I see you. What are you talking about? I think I fell in love with you.

Soz Episode 60

What are you doing, Derya? I’m sorry. Only happened. I’m sorry. It’s okay. I should go now. I’m sorry. Good job, prosecutor. Good play. Come on. If you’re going to kill me, kill me now. Don’t try to be a hero. It’s time to go. Move on. Let’s go for your car. Balm.

Mugahit! Do not touch it! Balm. Melisa Let go! Let me go, animals! Let me go! -Just come with us, Miss Melisa. Soz Episode 60 Damn them, animals! Let me go. escaping. Catch her! Daughter. What? Are you waiting for me at the door? Help! Help! Help! Help me! -Help!

– What’s going on? She escaped from her house, Mr. Samet. We caught her in the forest. – There was a man with her. – She escaped? What were you doing? Daughte I didn’t tell you not to see that soldier again … … or I’ll ruin them both. Dad, please.

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They left Mugahit almost dead. He is alone in the forest. We need to help you. I beg you. Please. Dad, please. I beg you. Do not worry. He is a strong soldier. But if you keep doing stupid things like this … … I can’t promise that he will still be alive. He is going to die! He is going to die there! What a vile man you are! Lock her up in the mountain cabin.

She needs a lesson. Let’s see if he can find you there. Screw you! I hate you! I hate you! Let me go! Put it in the car. Did you bring your phone? – I always do it. – Who? – Yavuz – Don’t answer. may be at the door. We just saw each other. He may suspect.

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Do not say anything bad. Or I blow your head. – Alo. Derya, where are you? At home, why? am a little confused. – I want to talk. Soz – I’m really sorry, Yavuz^ was very confused … I mean … I’m sorry. I was stupid. I have to leave now. Can we talk later?

Okay, bye. will not kiss you, do not worry. I won’t kiss you either, don’t worry. Maybe they threaten me. I think I fell in love with you. Soz Episode 60 Not now! We are going to.. …to have a baby? I just want to shout that I will be a father! can not help it.

Eylem We’re going to have a baby. Fethi, please calm down. Let’s sit here. Well OK. I understand you. It was so sudden. I don’t expect screams of joy from you, but … You are not happy? Good.. I would be very happy in different conditions. I love you very much. Well, Eylem. We can change the conditions then.

We even leave the issue of marriage. How can we have a baby? You have left the subject of marriage, not me. I’m still waiting. soz Do not deprive me of happiness. Not today, at least. What should I do? Hug you saying, are we going to have a sweet baby? Do you think, he won’t grow u Look at our life We risk our lives every day, I don’t know if we will do it the next day. As will be? Let me tell you how it will be. I will leave work.

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