Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free

He just said it in his room. Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free Sinan! Sinan stop! Sinan! Sinan! Sinan! I said Sinan! Son, are you an idiot? Are you aware of what you’re doing? Sister enough! If you’re going to shoot, shoot and end this query now! Do n’t talk nonsense! Who forced you to do this? Of course, our sister debts forced us! Our debts! Were you going to save us from our debts by poisoning people? Is this the solution you found? I gave up on him too, sister!

But if only my father had listened to me once! I said safe, I said I’ll give it back. He didn’t listen. So what are we going to do now? I’ll handle it, don’t worry! Who are they Sinan? Sister, what will you do, who they are? Look at me, tell the truth! My dad caught it and threw it in the toilet! Call me if they don’t understand, okay? Did I say ok? OK, sister! I’m a month late! Here you go ma’am! To where? Hello! I came for the brand face audition. In this costume?

Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free

You’re saving because of it though! What’s up with me! Idiot! Hello! Hello! Miss Nese! Now it ‘s your turn! Sir, good friday! Have a good Friday! May Allah accept it! Hilmi brother, how are you? Thank you Sir Ali! Thank you. God bless you! Uncle Hasan, what are you doing? If it weren’t for you, may Allah be pleased with you from that swamp, Ali! God bless you! Uncle Hasan from our sentence! From our sentence! Have a good Friday! Ali! Let’s talk about it a little?

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There’s nothing to talk! Is n’t that much seclusion enough, Ali! When will you be back? Never! Love Doesn’t Bend! Mine! Here you go! Are you kidding me? Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free You can go like this! No! Will you take a look at this? Just look! How are we going to do this? None have happened. Take these out of my sight! Ok we found it! This is the face we’re looking for! This! This! What’s your name? Love! Love Doesn’t Bend!

Can you turn? Come a week later, let’s make your contract! Let’s start the work! So how am I selected now? Yes! Really? Yes! Thank you! Pardon! Pardon! Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free I couldn’t believe it. I was really excited! Friends, the auditions are complete. We thank you! Have a nice day! There is a definite torpedo! Congratulations you were right! Thank you, thank you very much! Have a nice day! Hello Tugce! Sir my cousin? I’ve been chosen! Yes! My dreams have come true! Look, I told you! I told you they would discover you one day! I can’t explain how happy I am!

I am incredibly happy! Thank you very much, Mr. Uygar! What would we do without you? Thank you very much! May God not leave you in trouble, Mr. Uygar! You’re welcome, you’re welcome! There’s no need for them! What can I do for love? Is it okay my dear! What else would you do? You saved our house from foreclosure! You paid all my debts! If I work all my life; I cannot pay you. Mr. Koksal! You are the father of the girl I love! If we marry Sevda… …you will be my father too.

That ‘s why there’s no need for money between us! We will live like kings. Also… …if Sevda says yes as soon as possible. Sure. He will say. So… …he knows what you’ve done for us. Isn’t it Hayriye? Ofcourse. Certainly. What is this doing here again? We never got to sit at the wedding table. I say we set that date now. So you decide, we will warn, Mr. Uygar. Love! I guess he didn’t hear. Sure honey! Maybe he didn’t see you. Alright. Then let me. Estagfurullah.

Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free

I’ll pass you. We are waiting for you again, Mr. Uygar! This job has taken too long, Köksal! Not to me… …talk to your daughter! Tell him what sacrifices I made for him! Do you want to drive me crazy Sevda? We owe him tons of money! Now you don’t bother to say hello to him, do you? I know the intention of that man, father! What is his intention? she loves you! Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free He wants to marry you! I promised him too! Promise? What word, father? What are you promising on my behalf?

Love! Girl, haven’t we talked about this many times? I said I’d die every time, so I wouldn’t marry that man, Dad! You will marry! I will not marry! I kill you! Koksal, please calm down! I’ll talk. Please don’t do anything bad to the girl now! Please! Why should I do anything? Oh she’s my daughter! Don’t join us! Love! My beautiful girl! What if I went bankrupt… …even your brother turned his back on me. But that man came and paid our debts. If it wasn’t for Mr.

Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free

Uygar, we would be on the street now. You don’t know these things, girl you! Marrying that man is worse than death for me, Dad! Why don’t you understand? What if we have both… …and debt? We work, we pay! I’m bankrupt girl! I bankrupted! I’m done! I’m out of the market now! Do you understand? Ok! Ok I work! Do you hear what he says? Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles freeWhat about my daughter, this is not something to be paid for working like that? What work will you do? You know how I told you I was going to a job interview! It was work! I’ve been chosen as the brand face!

Shooting starts next week! Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free We will make a contract too! What does that say? What brand? What contract? I wouldn’t make my daughter do a dishonest job! It’s dishonest to be the face of a brand… …is it honorable to marry your daughter to a man she doesn’t want for money, dad? Love! Your tongue is too long Sevda! Köksal be calm! Shut up! Someone’s name will be **** soon! Your son is up to his neck in drugs! Because of you! What I did? God take my life! Shut up! Then you would have taken care of those kids too! Is this my fault now? Was it mine? God damn you Hayriye!

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God damn it… Enough! Just don’t touch my mother! One moment! Did you father us for a moment? Take a moment! A moment! Instead of being your daughter… Soz Episode 83 2nd Last Part 2 Urdu Subtitles free …I wish I hadn’t been born! I wish I had died! You are ungrateful! You are ungrateful! I’ll wick this from your nose! Walk! Walk! Let the boy go! Walk! Come here! Walk! He’ll be locked up here until he comes to his senses, okay? There is no food! We will decide on the wedding day with Mr. Uygar!

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