Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 15


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 15

It was Sunday morning and he was walking on the grass in front of the church. Mei Shiliu was looking at the flowers, a man walked to the door, looked around the street, took out a few pieces of paper from the cloth bag hanging on his shoulders, and threw them on the ground. There was a voice behind him, and he flew away and walked towards Ake.

“Breakfast is here.”

Church servants stand on the breakfast boat. He went to his room for breakfast. He was still in the room when a loud noise started coming from the door of the church, and by the time he came out, a small group of people had gathered. The servants of the church came out, leaving the decoration unfinished. A young monk is shouting.

“A Muslim ripped up our Bible and put it in his shoe.

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The holy religion was desecrated in front of the church. ”

second tone

“There is an organized Muslim conspiracy throughout the city.”

Someone gave a piece.

“Then why don’t you cut off their hands and feet and throw them away?””

The crowd then turned into a gathering, and the gathering took the form of a procession that entered a section of the city where 20,000 Muslims lived the lives of animals and waved flags with slogans like lashkars. They sacrificed their lives like scapegoats in a broken house, praying to protect their nameless honor. Then the armored riders strapped torches to their spears and began to throw houses, flies flew out of the hives, and old, young, children and women began to come out. His hands were empty and his legs were shackled in fear. Then the thirsty swords of brave knights and so-called country knights began to fall on them, and on the tail of Jam-e-Asqalan, they all began to bathe in this blood, which was cheaper than water. Their goats, sheep, donkeys, palm-leaf crates, wooden boxes large and small, stinking beds, jungles, quadrupeds, simple wooden bowls and pottery kept burning, and the mosque was surrounded. The riders pushed their horses into the mosque, and 120,000 innocent people who were oppressed cried out to their Gods – the Prophet, Ali, the Caliph of Baghdad and Emir Muminin of Cairo, weeping like sheep in a hive . The swords and spears of warriors and heroes continued to burn and die. Hundreds of beautiful young girls and healthy and cheerful boys were rescued and driven away, and given blood-stained swords and spears for their great service and unparalleled bravery. People abandoned this sacred duty and went into the synagogue to congratulate each other. The high priest of the church lights candles on golden candlesticks in the image of the Virgin Mary.

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“We do not like bloodshed, are true servants of Christianity, believe in peace and reconciliation, but we must remember that half the population of the Christian kingdom of Jerusalem is still Muslim, and the ancestors of these Muslims came here to rule for centuries, Their governments still exist, from India to Africa, from Yemen to Samarkand. If their glorious past is not forgotten in their minds, and they have a chance to stand with the sword, then remember that in neighboring countries With the help of a Muslim government, they will submerge you in the Mediterranean. That is why we are instructed that this Christian kingdom in Asia should wipe out its Muslim population. Should be expelled from the empire. Their self-confidence by accepting the meager services of the remnant population Should be shattered to such an extent that they become ashamed, helpless and ready to convert to Islam. Congratulations on what happened today, albeit bad in principle. Much better in terms of its far-reaching results. Not only should this Repeated within the Christian Empire, and should be repeated among the border populations of Muslim governments. These are the services provided by Raymond of Tripoli and Reginald of Kirk, who, not only in our eyes, but also in European eyes, make They take pride and excellence.”

In the evening, a caravan of thousands, mostly elderly and middle-aged women, left their victims, leaving their families weeping hot and hungry.

(to be continued)


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