Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 28


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 28

Christian flags fly from the towers of the walls of Acre ahead, and the cries of unfortunate Muslims are buried under beatings and repeated slogans. In front of the army, their emir and Salar stood back and forth in their respective ranks. He rode his horse and greeted her warmly and politely. and resolve.

The bravery of the Arabs…the bravery of the Ajams…

The Afranjis spread the news of the death of the sick Salahuddin among the besieged Aqa army and accepted the terms agreed upon by the foolish emir. Indeed, before your eyes, the flag of the United Army of Christendom flutters on the walls of Acre. It is true that your ears are listening to the cry of the unfortunate Muslims, and you cannot get their help, but at the same time, it is a fact that the great war we face is already on the map. A city, a battle, a front, the commander knows that the fate of the big battle is written in the blood of the small front. Acre is a front that has been handed over to the enemy, and by donating 20,000 of these troops, we have demoralized the largest Western military in known history. Akka was not the one who opened the gates of Jerusalem. Acre’s defeat brought Jerusalem closer to us and farther from the enemy.

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We knew we would have to conquer Jerusalem twice. One was a battle against the Christian Empire in the East, and the other was a war with the Five Kings of the West. One war has been fought, the other is left at the gates of Jerusalem, not in Acre. The battle will take place in the streets of Jerusalem.

The battle will take place inside the arches of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. By God Almighty, this war will continue until Salahuddin, one of his sons, one nephew, one brother and one rider is martyred.

After sending the army back to their respective positions, he would take his bodyguards around the distant mountains to assess the strength of the enemy. It is said that the number of the enemy exceeds half a million.

“Riding can cause fatigue, which can lead to increased disease severity.”

“The disease… As he mounted his arms for the jihad, the disease fell from his shoulders and he held the stirrups.

The Sudanese rotunda, pitched on the flat ground on the southern top of the highest hill overlooking Alsuf, shuddered amid the biggest incursion in Syria’s worst snow season. It has been raining heavily for three days, and it has snowed since the morning. There is a tent, a tree, a white lint. Sitting in Eleanor’s chair, wearing a samarcandi warrior robe, he was shaking hands with the blazing fire in the tray. Outside, the wind was blowing and thousands of riders were deceived by the horrific sound. There are torches and Turkmen at the four gates of the courthouse. Inside, the lantern goes out and lights up.

Kaffa, the ruler of Nur-Din, sat in another chair and proposed:

Does Sultan Azam insist on overturning Ashkelon’s decision? ”

“Ah, Nooruddin…what did you mention?” We shudder when we think of Ashkelon’s destruction, but for the Christian army, the city was so white in war that we couldn’t watch until it is alive. All their navies, which are much stronger than ours, will take the city and will start attacking Jerusalem. That is, our ascent will turn into resistance, otherwise Ashkelon… To protect every brick of Ashkelon we can give to our beloved son’s head. But in order to protect Jerusalem, Ashkelon will have to dismantle it himself. What is Ashkelon? To protect Jerusalem, Damascus and Cairo can be uprooted and thrown away. “

“Have you considered Richard’s new treaty?””

“Absolutely not, not at all, not at all.”

“Richard wanted to do with his sister’s two white arms what he could not do with the sword of four million Christians in armor. His sister’s marriage to Malik Adil meant that the state of Jerusalem would be governed by his Wives, not Adil, rule. There will be an Afranjis government and then the country will spread and devour Egypt. The most murderous part of this plan is that an unparalleled general like Malik Adil would sacrifice his Christian wife , take up the sword against us, Egypt will push Syria into the hell of civil war, the way.”

A Turkmen chief came in and asked.

“Commander-in-Chief Malik Adil wants Bariaby.”

Norudin saw his head move and walked off the pitch.

Malik al-Adel was allowed to sit down, took off his leather cap, and placed it on a tripod that shimmered with soft bands of ice. Then he put his hand on the chain gold hat on his head, and they all agreed.

“When are you going to talk to Richard?””

“Saturday is set, today is Wednesday.”

” manage? ”

“Richard has established his barracks a stone’s throw from his army. He resides in it with his service, and will meet me there. According to the conditions, his court will have a thousand men Armed riders. My detachment of a thousand men will be stationed around it as they please, and the rest of the army will be a stone’s throw to the east.”

The rulers of Mardin, Kiffa and Mosul will accompany their special pamphlets. ”

“Adil, when Richard wanted to talk to us, we didn’t take him because he’s not a king like us. Yeah, Al that sounds rubbish to me, and it doesn’t look like BT is for me. That’s why we didn’t rescue Richard’s ambassador, and we didn’t send our ambassador to find Richard. You’re already out of this position. It’s also an honor for Richard to speak with Governor and Commander-in-Chief Malik Adel… But we want to meet Richard… we want to meet him… we want to talk to him.”

Sultan Azam:

Unlike Salahuddin. In the name of Malik Al-Adil…but with Tamil in it. Nobody in Richard’s Nadeem knows the nominal difference between our voices and yours. ”

“There may be King Baldwin in Walian Malik during the official meeting, but I’m not afraid he will recognize your voice. This will be done in private as Richard has arranged for the night and there is no one but the speaker at this time Can be reached, but I have an excuse.”


“Richard may be honest and sincere, but he is a Christian, and Christians can do anything for Jerusalem. If betrayed, every footstool of the Sultan can fill Adil’s place, but the great Sultan’s Locations will be vacant for centuries throughout the Islamic world, except for Jerusalem, Cairo and Damascus and Baghdad will be a wave of Afrangisian knowledge. ”

From your vision and love, the same answer is expected. But we have decided. Our decision will not change. To arrange our secret departure. ”

On the appointed day, four hours after the Syrian winter sun rose, Malik Adil arrived and was stunned. (to be continued)

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