Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 21


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 21

The dark jungle was burned to ashes in the desolate hands of Sheikh Al-Jabal. Destroy settlements that serve as arsenals and supply rooms for martyrs. The skyscrapers that the eagles would get tired of when they arrived, and the towers that Sheikh Al-Jabal used to give orders to kings from Egypt to Khwarizm, from Africa to Yemen, were reduced to zero. He was moving towards the Musayaf fortress whose name was Ashiana Eagle and whose name was Bamsmi. From the surface of the earth, it looks like a star in the sky. We will meet you on the bridge of the “Musayaf” court. The fort was besieged, and the arrogant king’s army of 100,000 was crushed. Ten thousand mules rode on the mat, under pressure, climbed straight up, and scattered around the city wall like locusts. That night, five sodbabas and two manjniks started raining stones. Sheikh Al-Jabal emerged from his cave like a rat, unconditionally requesting his presence. Unable to cope with the trembling tongues of the superstitious nobles, he was honored with success.

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Midnight is here, midnight is there. He put the skin of the lion on the plank, leaned against the bark of the palm tree, and sat down by the candlelight of the watermelon and the man in armor, with Dia and the naked sword on his back.

He wore a loose atlaslin robe over his heavy body. White, tapered whiskers extend to the navel. He has curly hair on his shoulders, washed with milk. Even in his old age, there was blood on his face. He wears a white Isfahani turban on his head and a shamra below his waist. He wears a large round sapphire ring on the middle finger of his right hand, a velvet patch on his foot, and blood gleams in his eyes.

So you are Sheikh Al-Jabal…he spreads a web of cowardly bloodshed throughout the Islamic world. ”

“Sultan of Sudan! One of my requests.”

Shaykh al-Jabal is the prostration mark on your forehead and the blood on your feet. Seeing you, I am convinced that the end is near. You come from a tribe with the Quran on its chest and its tongue addicted to filth. The Christian army appears before your closed eyes. They tied their horses in the mosque and sounded the Koran. Men are killed, women are driven away, you are entertained by old women sitting in Shaddad heaven, and your face glows. “

“Sultan Azam.”

You are allies of Regina Luther in Kirk, Raymond in Tripoli and Baldwin in Jerusalem. The name of the first soldier to die in front of your army was supposed to be “Salahuddin”, but you did one thing, when a sword flashed in the hands of the Islamic State, you cut it with your secret dagger. You are the hidden dagger in the hands of the crusaders for fear of the Muslim crown princes who are afraid to walk out of their fortresses and take the army to Afrangi Mecca. ”

“Sultan Azam is my supporter.”

Do you know what your heaven means to us? Our slaves live in unique buildings in Qasr al-Kabeer. We have distributed among our armies the treasures that Karen and Pharaoh once bought. In our eyes, the sun and the moon are no more important than a scrawny woman. In a change of arms, we overthrew a great empire of three hundred years. Under our armor is the shroud we wore on the day we received the Prime Minister, which will be lowered on the day Mohammed’s flag is flown in Jerusalem. As for the issue of the Fatimid and Abbasid dynasty, the Fatimid dynasty was wiped out because they blocked the way of Jerusalem like a mountain, if the Abbasid dynasty dared to do so, then in the name of God, Baghdad The streets will be full of our troops. Our horses will land in the court of Khilafah and Amir al-mu’minin will be buried near Nabiz. Sheikh Al-Jabal: We don’t want to waste time and energy on Muslims. We won’t even turn to your land. Not because we are afraid of you, but because we are lions on the plain. Driving a rat out of a burrow was considered an insult to courage. We want to be martyrs while waging a holy war, but if we are destined to be the target of the cowardly martyr’s thief’s dagger, then this kind of death is acceptable to us. But remember, after Salahuddin, soldier after soldier will become Salahuddin, the land will become narrow for you, and even your donkeys and horses will be slaughtered. ”

A moment of silence. Sheikh Al-Jabal stepped forward and kissed the foot of the throne.

“With Hussein’s blood, I attributed the movement of Sultan Azam’s heroic army to the zeal of the world and stood in the game. But you lifted the veil. I promise my dagger will take Sultan Azam The protection and his decrees are regarded as faith.

“No, congratulations on the blessing of Mussaf, the sword of Avrangis is enough for us.”

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“Ali Jia.”

“Order commanders to lift the siege and release Sheikh Abdul-Jabbar safely.”

From Musaev to Aleppo, all the rude and arrogant fortresses and cities were pricked with a hairy needle, and he entered the greenery of the Janan valley, from which the green gardens of the Aleppo Gardens can be seen And the hood of the fort’s white dome is visible. Gumshtagin’s messenger walked by his side, kissed Tuglar’s stirrup and offered peace terms. Tuglar contemptuously laid the pact on the ground and trampled the horse’s hoof. The messenger heard.

“We will set up a court in the King’s Tower in Aleppo and wear khalats of the victorious emir to hear the losers.”

Just as the army was descending, the news came.

“The gates of Aleppo are popular.”

After resting for a while, he took the Mamluk village in front of him and climbed to the fort. The yellow flag was waved at the entrance, and in the inner sanctuary of the steel gate, the young son of his late master, Sultan Nur-Ud-Din Mahmood Zanji, stood alone–As soon as Akazade looked up, Get down on horseback. He kissed the hem of his robe, walked with his stirrups, and landed in the magnificent palace of Sultan Nur-Din Mahmood Zanj. (continued)

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