Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 23


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 23

On the frontier of Hejaz, the Egyptian emir Lulu had the honor of attending and declared the defeat of Regina Lud and captured the captives of his unholy army, including the great knight prince and priest. He took their stirrups and went to clean up Karak’s story. The tents were erected beside the tents under the city shelter, and Reginald’s captured army was hoisted before countless eyes peering through the walls. Known for its fortifications, Kirk rises like a mountain to the west of the city, which itself is under the protection of a mighty city of refuge. Ordered to stone the big Kiara Manjniks in a corner of the city. News came in the afternoon that Fasier greeted the priest and gave way. He captured the city on the way, but the enemy fled, breaking the bridge of forty deep ravines, the only way to the fortress.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 22

Weapons seized throughout the city. The whole town was dressed in banana robes, drunk, and in the joy of Georgina Reed’s wedding, tumbled to the ground, under that majestic tower on the triangular ramparts that spanned the moat. The frosted glass of the Gothic windows was shattered by arrows and stones. The ruler who had done much in this battle, Kvan Nur-Din, came on horseback and ordered his magazine, with the help of the captives, to demolish the city’s houses and fill the ditches. Then the stone house began to collapse like a house, and the fort was attacked. The Manjniks on the tower began to throw stones like masters, and their corners, arches and edges began to crack and collapse. The city trembled with the cries of the great army, Regina Luther’s wife and brother of the king of Jerusalem, wearing red leather socks and a red silk cloak, waving a white flag, slowly pushing a horse, bare brain. And stand on the opposite side of the ditch. With permission, he came down from the ditch and kissed the stirrup.

In the name of my sister’s holiness and Islamic generosity, I ask the King of Kings, brother of the King of Jerusalem, to pardon Regina Lud and protect this majestic Burj Burj Stone from stone erosion. He stood as politely as a slave to the West.

“We have sworn that we will kill Regina Ludd with our swords, but her death will be delayed for a few days in order to beg in the name of Islam.”

Pleasant work left, and the chiefs surrounded him.

“As soon as we arrived, we turned the city upside down. The enemy was at a loss. Intoxicated by Lashkar-e-Fatah, the trenches of thieves had been subdued, and the walls could not stop our invasion. It is unconstitutional to lift the blockade under these circumstances. “

“Yes, but the constitution is in line with a generous and courageous constitution. We want to build trust in our country, which has been distrusted by a century of Afrangi scandals. We want to convince him that his victory was based on force, Not a coincidence. No matter how much the enemy is prepared, when we rise, we will destroy it. This fortress is the cunning prey of our hunting ground, alive with cunning and will not tolerate it for long.”

In June 1189, the Christians broke the truce for the fifth time, destroying the pilgrims’ caravans. He listened to the news calmly. Look east. From Africa to Armenia, from Yemen to Egypt, everyone does not have a thief’s dagger stabbing his neck in his sleeve. Bedouin riders on Arabian horses gave orders to Aleppo, Mosul, Norway, Kefa, Egypt and Yemen to bring in riders chosen as the proud of Arab tribes and non-Arab families, and the four I planted Thousands of riders. The flag that will be flown in Al-Shatra, Jerusalem. (to be continued)

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