Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 25


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 25

The yellow round court was then assigned on the same battlefield. On the carpeted floor and on the wooden throne lay the hide of an African lion, who sat on a red cloth with his blood on his back, with palm bark as his pillow. One hundred and seventy-five knights, three hundred Tabkah al-Dawiyah, al-Bitar, and riders of the Knights Hospitaller and the Knights Templar were presented to Humphrey of Tabnin, Regina Lid of Kirk, and Yaldon, king of Jerusalem. He made the king sit on his throne, and when he saw that he was thirsty, he gave him a bowl of cold water from Mount Harding. Satisfied, he took another bowl and handed it to his brother-in-law, Regina Reed.

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The king of Palestine gave you water. ”

The king bowed his head.

Regina Rudd! We swore to kill you twice. Once you slaughtered innocent pilgrims in peacetime, another time you conspired to attack the holy city of our prophet. Thank God we were able to fulfill our vows. “

He unsheathed a red sword and went straight to the attic. Baldwin’s face turned pale.

“We are soldiers and know how to deal with kings. Before the king of Palestine, our famous general Taki Arddin also gave his life before today. Your salvation is for all the Muslims imprisoned by the Palestinian government. This is the knight And the blood of innocent Muslims on the heads of the cavalry. So they will be crucified in the streets of Damascus…Monks and nobles will be treated well.

He spent the night in the echoes of victory slogans, and in the morning ordered a hundred cavalry of the country to conquer each fort, and a hundred of them, seeing the form of a knight, would scatter dust like sheep and themselves. Five thousand cavalry, he flew the flag over the cities and fortresses along the way.

Just then, the embassy arrived and summoned him to the court. The bishop and Barea, along with the merchants, nobles, nobles, knights and priests of the Holy City, begged.

We came to Jerusalem with peaceful terms. ”

“The victor heard somewhere the terms of the conqueror.”

Barryan stared at the bishop in horror.

“Listen…Jerusalem is as holy to us as you are. We can take revenge if you will, the day this chosen city was occupied by your evil, and in its streets you poured from the mines of our children and women We also have the power to tear your church to shreds before our eyes. Then dig and level the ground and cook for your slaves with the wood of your holy cross. But we won’t do that. Because our religion teaches us to Respect the holy places of other religions, we cherish this teaching, and you have a coercive status in our eyes, and those of us who have destroyed great empires consider it a disgrace to bring the sword to the oppressed. The gates of Jerusalem are ordered. Open. Let the entire Christian population accept our enslavement, or pay the ransom to evacuate the city in forty days, or a sword. Behind is a sword that leads to victory and death.”

The bishop handed the keys of the city into the hands of the crown prince, and ordered the commander to declare that the cry of a sheep and the leaves of every tree in Jerusalem were to be handed over to Guman, and that the punishment for disobedience was death. Yes. Then he waved the flag at the city gate, said thanksgiving prayers, and came to the gate of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. I looked up and saw the knowledge of Muhammad waving instead of the banner of Afranjis. The icy carved figure in the inner hall stood up and cried. Big thanksgiving. There were tears all over the floor. When his heart stopped, he prayed softly.

“Lord, in gratitude for this victory, the mouth of your servant is full of strength, but there is no breadth in the words. Lord of the world, you have won great victories in his weak hands, and they may lie humbly before you , pray that the flags waving in your home will continue to be waved until Easter Day.

Amen, Amen, Amen. “

This sacred slogan rang out on the walls of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. He turned around and saw the maharaja, generals, brothers, nephews and sons bowing down behind him.

After praying at the Omar mosque, I looked up to see Malik Adil standing. There is a finger-width diamond on the white turban. The chair peeking out from the robe shone with an emerald light. Diamonds shine on the sword. They greeted each other and sat down.

“I’m here to ask Sudan for something.”

“We give without hearing.”

“Among the Christians who live in this holy city, eat holy food and drink water of choice, there are also poor people who cannot be freed by paying the so-called ransom. I hope that by paying the ransom, a thousand such Christians will be freed , and share their joy with them.”

We rejoice at your generosity, and order us to release ten thousand such Christians also by payment of ransom, and allow any of our lords and brothers, nephews and sons to take part in the work, and if money is lacking, a loan should be taken from the treasury given. ”

He rode a horse, dressed in a white cotton robe, white cotton trousers, yellow leather socks, a tabush sash, an elaborate bracelet, a gold hinged sword, and a saddle that was Made with white kakim and pakura. Atlas, their saddles are made of silver. Started sighing in God’s name the soldiers wanted to make way for the horses, but they stopped. He was standing in front of the door. The circle narrowed, the soldiers retreated, and the officer, following the magazine’s orders, aimed the bow at the bow.

“Who are you and what do you want?”

“We are your unfortunate subjects. You paid our ransom and set us free. We went to Tripoli to pray for your imperial rule. We came here to beg and we thank you for your generosity.”

“Stay in the Royal Guest House and wait for the economy to recover.”

Thousands of voices, crying and praying to the “Knight of the Knights”, move here and there. (to be continued)

Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . click here to read episode 26


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