Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 30


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 30

It has wheels, but is covered with iron sheets for fire protection. This “pressure” is also slightly shorter in length than Richard’s catapult, but much more bulky. Armed men and servants in the square of the knights and in front of their tents, on which the stamp of their master fluttered. They are grinding armored steel mirrors. They fencing with swords. The spears were shining, and the horses were tying broken chains of steel hooves. The Knights Templar and the Hospital are now the residences of nobles belonging to Richard. Wool curtains were tied with cords to their doorways, and woolen curtains wrapped horses to snuggle. Sometimes the princes gave cheap displays of the power and glory of Christian armies, who, like thieves, reveled in showing their weapons and opening their chests. Richard then showed him his cheetah, eagle, squirrel and dog. Explain their lineage and deeds. Even in the evening. Like Zuhr and Asr, in Richard’s special tent, Minister Abu Bakr led the call to prayer, and he himself led the prayer.

His own knowledge flew over Richard’s special tent, with a red-topped lion on the formation, a sword in one hand and a roar standing on the other hind leg. Surrounded by armed cavalry in front of the canal, cedar and oak mattresses burning in front of the city gate, in the light and heat, many special servants, groups of people, wearing socks of one color, scarves, and tall Nanda eagle feathered hat standing in the crowd. Inside is a thin carpet with a dull color and a dull impression. In the middle, a tall silver ugly chair was lying around Bayi Munir. They burn the embers in round bronze vessels on shiny wooden boards. Beneath the fleece wall to the east are thick curtains of mascara. At the head of the bed was a bronze cabinet with a silver censer burning on it. There is a wide chakra door on the north wall with a layer of fine yarn. In all four corners, flaming ebony and fragrant candles hung from plates that rested on the naked and infamous silver lady’s head. Also, a circle of candlesticks stands around the chair. His hair was shaking despite the heavy curtains. Naked swords, triangular shields, and spears hung from the bare beams of the tent. He was shocked and disgusted. An unusually large yellow dog came out from under the canopy, stood on his legs, and hugged Richard. He begged her to sit down, teased her like a bad boy, and slapped her in the face lovingly all the time. As he sat down, Earl Luster came in and knelt beside Richard’s chair. Richard handed him the ear. Then the count got up and went out. Richard looked down for a moment, then spoke.

“Our dear friend will rest in our special tent, but Takiuddin, a well-known Islamic general in the security forces, refused to go to the guest house. He said he would rest with his decorated horse without opening his back. Was this decision made at the request of our dear friend?”

Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 29

“No…that would be the Sultan’s order.” “

Great Sultan, King of Kings. Why don’t you trust another king’s opinion? “

“Because kings wield swords in your army, their service and glory. He broke his covenant with Sultan Azam.”

“E.g? “

“The King of Jerusalem…and Hale of Tyre.”

“We noticed it at the time. Warriors in the West wouldn’t set a precedent like that.”

“The great Western Nawabs and Knights were saved by our Emperor at the recommendation of their wives and sisters, who joined the King’s army and strengthened Christianity.”

“This claim may be true, but it is also possible that Sultan Azam will be more cautious after Akka was defeated.”

“Our dear friend Nadeem and the ambassadors who hyped the conquest of Aqa glorified them, but the royal language of our hosts doesn’t look good.”


“Our host king conquered Acre with the help of 500,000 soldiers from five nations and navies from all over Europe. The acres that our 20,000 besieged armies were fighting were conquered, so much so that thousands of People lost their lives, so did the great Nawabs, knights and emirs. Although none of our dhikbals got lost. Not only that, when the fake news of the death of our Sultan Azam spreads in the besieged Yen, you get Aqa, he gave up his courage. Dear King! Acre is the front you take. The real battle has not yet begun.

“Should we, dear friend, wield our damned swords?” Reach out to each other a hand of friendship and find an offer that will bring lasting peace to our great religion and empire. Tear down the wall between us, put out centuries of raging fire, save the blood of future generations. “

However, to find out, they are sitting in the tent of the King of England. “

On the silk curtain on the north wall, a feminine shadow appeared on Richard’s back and in front of him, and the spokesperson didn’t even dare to see it with his eyes. Richard looked away from the swinging chandelier in the center of the yard, resting his blue eyes on his lap.

“We don’t know what our dear friend’s glorious brother will say or think after hearing about our situation. We don’t even know how the millions of swords standing under our flag will anger him, but we still Our hearts are expressed in the presence of our friends, our brothers. Only in this way can the true foundations of the lasting friendship between East and West be established and the river of blood dry up.”

“We are a family.”

“You know the late King of Sicily.”

“Yes, they are our allies.”

“His widow is our sister.”

“We want you to be close to her in this relationship. Be our dear.”

“I…I mean Malik Adil or…”

“Yes, you… Saif al-Din Malik Adel, the governor of the kingdom.”

“We will give Tyre and Akko to our sister Jane’s dowry. Ask Sultan Azam about Jerusalem and its environs. In this way you will rule the kingdom that is about to be formed. Jerusalem will be occupied by both religions. Under the rule, their places will be sacred, in the practice of Christianity they will have places of worship, and Palestine will be the meeting point of East and West. Behind you, Sicily will be the government of your son, and his sword will protect you . In the East you will have a great brother. No force in the world can look up to you.”

Richard’s face turned red. drooping eyes. The two were silent for a long time.

“If you personally like it, let’s officially start this conversation. If you please the Sudan, we will make Europe smooth.”

It took a while for him to reply.

“A conclusive answer cannot be given without consulting Sultan Azam.”

“We have known each other for a few hours, but we seem to have known each other for a long time. Thinking about it for a long time. Your character is so gentle, kind, and sincere that we tirelessly say what the kings of Europe would not even hear if they hear it with their own ears. Words spoken. We want to shed light on this issue from another angle. We know that all the conquests of Sultan Azam are covered by you, with only your sword. However, you are only a viceroy. No matter how big the empire may be a viceroy, but It’s… the viceroy. No matter how small the king is, he is the king. We believe that after your sultan Azam dies, one of his sons will take the throne. In the cycle of eastern court intrigue, you may drop this Glorious status. That’s why the vision calls for you to be crowned Palestine and take over the reins of government in the face of this great European army. We dare not even say that if Sultan Azam doesn’t agree with that, leave him alone , use the power of your special forces. Take our word, take the word of the true king, Ibn Badshah, and sign a beautiful peace treaty.

My friends and my brothers should remember that Malik-ul-Adil was one of the hundred servants of Sultan Azam. All the glory of Malik-ul-Adil needs the mercy of Sultan Azam. When Sultan-e-Azam looks away, Malik-ul-Adil will be directed the entire time. And it’s questionable whether this Western army can recover a cow for Malik Adil. Our sultan is a sun whose light coats the particles of many moons and stars. If this sun kept its light enveloped, then all the moon and stars would have no light. However, I am confident that the Sudan will consider this proposal sympathetically and wish to accept this condition. “

Then he applauded, and the unarmed servant came and stood up. He obeyed the order again and settled down at the entrance of the north wall of the Chaotang. (continued)

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