Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 32


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 32

With what flawless loyalty and selfless love did Malik al-Adil bring him down from his horse, and how long did he pray for thanksgiving?

Then the flyer came along.

The Christian army is about to hit the road, but it cannot stand our constant attack. Supplies are running out, soldiers are living on dead horses. Although the pirates were safe on the smooth road from Akka to here, they could not go faster than two or three miles a day. On his right are shore supplies, overshadowed by his navy. It was reported today that Richard would launch a sudden and violent attack on the Islamic army, causing constant damage as he walked along the hill to the left of his army. The number of warriors in his army was a hundred thousand, and they all wore armor. For other purposes, 50,000 infantrymen were armed with small arms and bows, a considerable number of them armored. The army is divided into five regiments. Each regiment has brave and experienced fighters. These are princes not found in the whole of Christendom. The first regiment consisted of cavalry and was led by King Guy. The third was the French army led by Salaranjo and the Duke of Burgundy. The 4th regiment consisted of Norman, Austrian and English princes and Nawabs, knights and nobles. Royal lore is going on with them. Finally, the driver of the Al-Bitar class, Count Henry of Campany, is protecting his knowledge. There are ten thousand archers around him, archers. ”

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He points to God.

He ordered the ruler to prepare with the army.

The weapon itself begins to decorate. Blowing his beloved, he rode on Abraq and climbed to the center of the waiting army.

The sun has risen and the cold wind is blowing. The hem of their robes and hats fluttered like flags. Horses are enduring. In the semicircle Malik Adel, Taki Din Malik Aziz, Malik Afzal, Malik Zahir, Taj Muluk, Tuglar, Kiffa, Among the rulers of Mardin and Aleppo and Mosul, the famous chiefs and riders of Africa, Egypt, Yemen and Damascus stood as if they were about to be ordered to start grazing.


“Where are you?”

From east to west, all eyes are on your sword, the protector of Jerusalem, the protector of the temple, the protector of the glory of Islam. It is true that our decisive battle will be fought under the walls of Jerusalem, but it is also true that Islam will be threatened if this army of trophies arrives there safely and the 300,000 Crusaders stationed in Acre come to aid the world. The war map will change. The enemies of your religion are powerful. His long arms and long legs are covered with iron, his horses are covered with iron, but the prayers of the conqueror lying on the ground and the martyr sitting in the sky are with you. Your guards are stronger than your enemies. Fight and fight as your companions fight in Badr, your ancestors fight in Yarmouk, and you fight in Hardin. Today’s battles are not about forts and cities, but about motives and plans. Give your life to take away his courage and plans from the enemy. “

The mountains of Lebanon tremble with repeated affirmations.

“Malik Adil!”

“Religious Sanctuary!”

“Break the back of Afrangi’s army with 20,000 troops of cavalry.”


“Good place!

“Come back with 10,000 cavalry and hit the enemy’s head.”

“Ten thousand special police officers came to our side, and the rest of the army was divided into Dalian Kefamar al-Din, Aleppo and Mosul, waiting for the next order.”

He turned his horse’s head and stood under the canopy of the special guards behind him, and the generals began to divide their troops.

Then he saw Malik Adil and his riders enter the hillside and get ahead of the enemy on the way to Jerusalem. Now he and his special brother came to Malik Adil’s right hand side, and Taki-ud-din was walking on his left.

The Christian army was clearly visible in the oak woods, and now, instead of crawling, the viceroys circled left and right, their riders already forming iron walls and setting their horses covered in iron feathers alight. Malik al-Adil’s army gripped Kharzar with lightning and swords. On the shoulders of the long gown, the flowers of the circular shield shone. Then the slogan was repeated. Taqi-ud-Din fell on the enemy. Now, Malik-ul-Adil slaps his rider on the enemy. The Mamluks were waiting for orders to take care of those who came out of their laps. Now he has turned his back on Abraq and marches toward the enemy’s ranks like the cycle of the sky. As soon as he left, the war began to fail. A violent thunderbolt of the Muslims struck the French armored body. Their swords fell on heavy gold, struck iron with sparks, and left as many riders as possible to walk or inflict minor trauma in order to become knowledgeable on the second strike. However, the spears rammed and scattered in the ranks of the booty. (to be continued)

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