Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 34


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 34

The chief went downstairs, draped in sackcloth, and found his hands in the agarwood fire burning on a walnut tripod near the river wall, twirling his beard and growling.

“Bring the nargyli to the Turkmen chiefs, offering imitation boats and grape cups, which are decorations for the bride at night.” And Aal-e-Tughlab…ride your blond horse, our thrones are flowing. .. free the girls of steel from the shackles of the rules and let them walk before us on the side of these lovers of the brave, we are the winners of the world.

The Turkmen sheikh bids us goodbye, and Bakht Fateh stands with a saddle. History of Al-Tughlab: We want to observe hospitality, but a Mehtab is waiting for our orders, and his arrest will give us a place in the eyes of Caiaphas and Mardin King Ghazi Sultan Azam what you will envy for a long time time? “

“Can we be fortunate enough to be Sheikh’s companions?”

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“No sir… this constitution is against trusteeship.”

The chief and his companions left the tent, Tuglar whispering in his ear.

“Sheikh is running a big campaign, why not follow him.”


In the blink of an eye, horses appeared, and they were known for their power in Arabia. In the pink moonlight, the Sheikh’s horse looked speckled. On the flat path southwest of Alsoff, his hooves came close. Then the sword began to pierce, and the rags began to ring. Tuglar ignored the etiquette of the sultan and burned the chief’s companion to death with the whip. He saw a large number of Christians in iron armor flying around the horse of a young Christian chief who was standing still, overwhelming the few fellow chiefs. Tuglar yelled.

”Unfortunate Christian! Surrender to the King of Kings and stand before you. “

The sound seemed to take the Christian’s arms and set fire to the chief’s companions, who all dropped their weapons one by one. Companions of the chief began to tie him up with ropes, and the young Christian chief sat on his horse and stared at him, his personality dressed in royal attire even though he was wearing the garb of a common man. He handed the prisoner to Tuglar, then picked up the gag and walked towards the dormitory. (continue)

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