Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 38


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 38

Eleanor stood in front of them, the white armor had arrived, and she stood barefoot beside the horse, glove in hand, and waving a scepter. Hussain and Martin talked in their eyes, in the silent eyes, the plan to conquer the empire and the family was floating, and the power of the comfortable and solemn queen shone.

The Queen wept when news reached Europe that Richard the Lion fell ill and Arampana appointed a Royal Physician to treat him. For hours, she kept referring to her bravery and generosity. I have personally visited you and asked for help.

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News of the conquest of Jerusalem shook Europe. I saw with my own eyes the whole of England weeping.very satisfied

When Marham Khosrawana’s rich woman’s caravan arrived in the UK, the Queen made it special to make it someone special. Recite for weeks and months on end. In this way, every time the eyes become full, the voice becomes full, sleep becomes restless, life becomes restless. becomes difficult.

Princess Jane’s proposal to the governor of the mainland was also proposed and persuaded by the queen, but nature does not approve of Nirvana, the two masters of the world, who are each other’s maids and divide the world…”

“We would pray and please nature if there was no interference with the sanctity of Jerusalem.”

“England has benefited greatly from this relationship. Is there any chance the Assyrians have a chance against the king?”

“We sought your opinion on this particular issue. Is there any other way to free Richard?”

“It may be so, but the slaves will ask the Empire not to accept it.” The queen fears that the king will be captured, but she does not know that she will be freed anyway. Protests in the UK under the auspices of Austria and Eastern Europe. The Queen’s Holy Name has been implicated in the myth of impurity by the French. Now they hope that the sword they give them will be a rain of failure, that the language of Europe will be saturated with failure and rendered speechless. “

“You are sure that the whole of Europe will not unite and stand before us to stop our troops.”

The great sultans of Europe united and sent the largest possible army to retake Jerusalem. A storm in the name of jihad was pushed under the walls of Jerusalem and drowned in the Mediterranean with the sword that made it possible. He exists behind the converted world and its shadow is felt throughout the West… The power of this sword cannot be measured by sitting in Damascus… Europe is mired in civil war. Can’t compete. “


“World Sanctuary”

“We’ve been drawing swords for religion, raising horses, and we’ve never given such an honor to a teenager.”

The language of Qahtan’s divorce is hollow, and the sultans have returned to the ideological foundations of Eleanor’s rule.

In the evening, as soon as the horses set foot on the field in front of Qasr Shahi, Sultan Azam concluded that the entire field was full of dusty riders, and the right side of the gate was a yellow and then gold sign with a lion roaring announcing the Governor Malik Adel had already marched with his servants.

Once out of the gate, he followed Malik Adil, a tall and strong man, and gave him the headband for kissing the stirrups, for which Nanami chose pearls as the headband.

The Sultan dismounted from his horse, without touching the large hand of the rider, and placed Malik Ur Adil’s bowed head on his chest.

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