Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 37


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 37

The Sultan asked, “The reason for coming.”

“Governor’s Order”

Then the sultan stood up with a smile and walked towards the door of the inner palace. Seeing them at night, he began to dream. It feels like we’re “running out of oil” emotionally. In response, he touched his sister’s head. We had a few formal conversations before walking to the bathroom. Sex slaves start running. Yemeni curtains hang on halbi glass in Arabic windows. As soon as the perfume fell, he stood in front of him hesitantly. The slave returned cold water instead of hot water. The body trembled, exhausted from the exertion of this time. He lowered his anger and said in a low voice.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . click here to read episode 36

“If you’re going to kill someone, tell me.”

They dressed in haste and came out in their samurai. In the halls gleaming with marble arches and gold-carved octagonal columns, the pink sun rests on its bright gold. In the middle, the rest of the moon came and sat on the sofa. Prince Zafar greeted the robe with a small half-strap tied to a silver belt. Talk to her with a smile. Grabbing a handful of almond syrup for breakfast, he took his fingers and walked slowly to Diwan-e-Aam.

On the ceiling is a painting of dissolved jewels. The walls are decorated with gilded bricks, a small ebony throne rests on the floor of the yellow carpet, and a sail curtain hangs over the door. He turned his back on the yellow card and minister Abu Bakr filed a petition. A slave represents an ivory pen. Read on for the petition. A man growled. He was lying on the carpet with his feet standing at the feet of Abaya Sultani. A slave came out from the back row with a silver rod and stabbed him in the neck.The Sultan stopped writing, looked at the slave with angry eyes, and said

“To be purposeful is to be blind.”

At noon, when each question had been answered and saw Catan, he stood up. He took it with him and gave the order.

“Prepare the horses.”

The eunuch who chose Kasa on Dastar Khan said something sarcastic.

“I’m fine today, my tongue is bad from dieting. I want to eat rice and milk.”

Dastar Khan was given rice bowls that smelled like saffron and thick bowls of milk, and Qahtan and Nadeem sat down with him.

After noon they emerged from the royal silence, dozens of horses in beads and gold standing under the black solemn platform of the court, he began to move his hands, the seams of his hands hanging down to the bottom of his neck, he Standing like a painting in gold, rows of Mamluk princes lined up, away from the inhabitants of Damascus, saluting the guards at the west gate of the city, and then marching out of the city. Take it and head towards the forest. The Sultan gestured to Catan with his gesture.

“Our state didn’t recover yesterday. You don’t even know you. Your hair is whiter than ours.”

“Get fat and really become a priest.”

A roar of laughter dispelled fears of the Sultani ruling Qahtan. He persuaded himself to speak.

“Your choice of this dangerous embassy means Eleanor has full confidence in you.”

Sultan Azam! Back then he used to read the embassy in the history books. The eyes of the royal family command the prophet in the woman’s heart.

Alam Panah! If I were a writer, if I were a missionary, I would tell you the story of those glorious silent eyes that I heard in my heart. If I were an artist, I would draw what my eyes see.

emperor! That piece of paper that has spent countless nights in front of me is full of fatal awakenings. My luggage is ready. A gray mist hung over the floor. The chandelier in the bedroom is on, and the bed is definitely a sign. wake. She is sitting on her palm.

How did their relationship with the king of France sour to the point of divorce?

The slaves were surprised that the sultan asked the question.


The queen could not forget the few days she spent near the emperor on the east bank of the Zalf Mountains, and the next day he dreamed of the third crusade, his quest for an explanation turned Louis’ doubts into belief and the relationship ended. .

“In the third crusade, they could have gone east.”

Irshad Ali is right…this is the second part of his plan. But leaving Prince June alone is considered unconstitutional. It was their presence that saved the throne from June’s footsteps. “

Lush green hills and green valleys, fragrant bushes, babbling springs, bubbling curls, dancing canals, rows of giant trees standing silently salute, drunkards are shepherds, scarecrows of chakras, birds fly The thrills of the…every scene comes up, and after his presence, Sultan Azam boarded it in order to accept it. Its pace has left its mark on the entire half-century of history, from Asia to Europe. (continue)

Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . click here to read episode 38


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