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At the center of the thirteen wires, one realizes the loss of a companion. He tilted the horse, looked behind him, and saw that the queen was coming, but the track had gone bad, and so had the angle of the cub. In this dense forest of eagles, as the sun was getting dimmer, he stopped the queen beast,

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 1

which did not listen to the reins, and with his support, took it down, put the saddle on a rock, and let the queen sit Down. And go to tie the animals in person. He counted pearls on his trembling face.

“As you ordered, I’ll pick up the horse and find the rider.”

“No…we’re thirsty.”

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History In English Part 1

“I am familiar with the secrets of this forest. Not far from here is the spring called “Jam Behesht” by the Arabs. If you ride”

The queen looked back and saw the horses running to and fro. He rode the queen’s horse near the rock and offered support, which was accepted. The man on the horse put the collar around the horse’s neck, grabbed the reins of the queen’s horse, and walked slowly, the cool silver hunting sound flowing in the oval-shaped natural brown-red stone cliff pool.

Salahuddin Ayubi Full History

He carried the queen down from a high rock, tied up the horses, and began to think about how to fetch water. The queen went with him into the fountain, and he drank the water in both hands. The queen stared at him. He filled his hands with water for the third time. Her hands were pressed tightly to her chest, and the queen leaned over and pursed her lips.

Al Quds History Part 1 In English

The touch of the Queen’s lips made her blood flow with electricity. He kept filling up and drinking the queen, but his or her power silent lips were in his hands and Neram’s talking eyes were in his. For the first time, he had a wish in his heart that the queen should stand by this spring until the day of resurrection, until the day of resurrection, the queen should drink water in this way.

They would stand for centuries in such a way that horses would gallop and jump. The roar of deer and the chirping of birds echoed throughout the forest. The king of the jungle emerges from his harem, every terrorist trembling with the voice of his leadership. The irritable sun set on his chest. The queen’s own hair clings to her chin.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 1
Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 1

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History In English Part 1

Then he looked with searching eyes, and saw that the majestic walked a short distance, and the useless lion in front of him wanted to sink into the tall bushes in his left hand. Had there been other times, the beloved crown prince of Damascus would have seized the opportunity, but at that moment, Al Quds History Part 1 In English

he became younger and a man, in order to win the trust of the eldest lady. his chest. Possible conflict with the military. He ran away from the queen and killed the lion with such force that he jumped in drag at that moment. He took a spear and sank to his side, growling and climbing up to Silas. Although he holds a strange sword in his hand,

he has a sword. After a while, the lion decided. But just like that, the left sleeve of the robe was stained red with his blood. Like a hunted hunter, he used all his senses to wipe the bloody sword from the hair on the neck of the dead lion. Just then, he saw that the queen was covering her eyes with her hands, looking at him between her fingers. Then she almost ran over and saw his blood screaming and shaking on his right shoulder.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History In English Part 1 Now

He sat on the rock in front of him, the queen leaning against his helpless body. The queen’s horse ran away. He got a standing ovation and looked at the dead lion. And his front legs were soaked in sweat, and he was draped in a yellow silk saddle. He got up and walked slowly towards the horse. He patted her neck and kissed her face.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History In English Part 1 || Who Was Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi || Fatah Al Qudus Sultan Salahuddin History In TurkceUrdu

Seeing the queen standing beside her with a comb, he kissed her on the face and bent down to pick up the saddle. He took the flint from the iron pocket under the cloak and sat on the stone to burn the saddle.

History Of Sultan Mesud In English Pak Wap

Now she has fallen from the heights of the throne.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History In English Part 1

Take off your cloak by hand. He stabbed the sleeve of his underwear with blood from his arm. He wiped the wound with a saddle cloth.

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to be continued

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