Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6 Free Read

Now he pulled out the sword, the voice sounded, he knelt down like a knight, kissed the sword fruit in the middle, put it on the palm of his hand, and sat down. The queen continued to look at his face, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6 and two tears began to tremble on his cheeks.

The Muslim queen lives and dies in honor of her sword after her religious beliefs. ”

The queen picked up the sword in his hand, nodded, and turned to leave. He got up and grabbed her arm, only to see the most beautiful girl in the sky, wearing a long yellow velvet dress, just sticking to his chest.

He just stood there. Many moments have passed, many centuries have passed, and all his tears have been shed. They all laughed when their eyes became dry and the queen looked up at him. How expensive are innocent children’s selfless, pure smiles. Others are sometimes lucky.

Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6
Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6

Syria was closing in when a French-flagged army was raised, and they were far from Damascus. The commander saluted the queen with a tense tone.

Our army lifted the siege and retreated to Homs. Follow our guidance. ”

The queen lowered her eyes when she saw the knight John riding a galloping horse in his right hand, dressed in armor in the sun. When he reached the camp below Homs, it was known that the dead had come out of the grave. In the dark tent, the soldiers sank like sacks of grain. In the dim light of the fire…

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6 Free Read

The terrifying twinkling eyes were peeping into each other’s hearts, asking for bread and swords one by one, roasting the meat of a dead horse. Arrows are drawn from naked bodies like thorns from slain fish.

A man is unwrapping a wounded man and begging for a sip of water through Christ. The riders who followed him turned a deaf ear to the cries of those crushed to death by the horses. Conrad and Louis VII lived in the fortress of Homs.Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6

The exterior is occupied by Nared, and Louis VII participated in the interior. The third floor is guarded by an eighty-one tower. News that the new Muslim army will strike at night is hot. Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6 That’s why a hundred thousand troops, defeated, hungry, thirsty and wounded, were ordered to stay. He swallowed a piece of dried meat and a biscuit as hard as wood, drank water, and leaned against the wall, half-lying, trying to dispel the fear that was swirling in his mind.

Al Quds History Part 6 In English

And that night, as he circled all the towers on the third floor, sitting in the tent under the young evening moonlight, the shadow of the woman who guarded the semi-lit corridor through the empty courtyard had become a pillar of men. At the same time, he saw the shadow of a man walking calmly towards his tower,

resting the hem of his robe on the ground. As soon as they arrived, he drew the curtains on all the doors that could be seen elsewhere in the building. Only one layer, in front of the wide chakli ditch below, remains bare. The moonlight-thin bed lay on the tower by his road, and he piled up the silk on his chest with gloved hands. Then, with his voice, the entire tower began to rumble.

“Who you are…where are you from…what are you…it is told to us by your God.”

“Our name is Joseph.” Al Quds History Part 6 In English

”and? ”

“We are the crown prince of Damascus.”

”and? ” Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6 Free Read

”and? …and the insignificance of a great European queen…”

The Queen’s hands do not allow her lips to complete the sentence.

“Which royal family do you belong to in the East?”

“The mother of the Eastern Royal Family is the sword on our backs, and our rights are reserved on it.”

“No, are you Arab or Seljut…Abbasi or Fatimi?” Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6 Free Read

Al Quds History Part 6 In English

“We are Kurds who raise their horses over Arabs and flags over non-Arabs.”

“Do you know who we are?””

“What we give you is your great honor…”

He was stopped by a slender hand from the famous Damascus rose. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6 Free Read

“Our personal country, Antiques, is larger, more fertile, and more populous than the French Empire.” Antiques are needed for the French throne. The throne of “antique” is independent of France. We’re going to… no pillar watching us in this darkness? ”

He separated the queen from his chest. He drew his sword, and returned from all directions satisfied.

“We just want you.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an “antique” crown on your head and an “antique” throne at your feet? ”

“But Queen Alam.” Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 6 Free Read

“Religion is your personal thing, and you can limit the loneliness of your caste.”

“how can that be?”

The outward observance of certain religious ceremonies, like other ugly appendages of the kingdom, is tolerable.

“Louis?…Louis can be replaced like an old crown.”

“But you were silent.

“Why are not you talking?”

Salahuddin Ayubi Full History

“Say… your terrible silence melted our bones.”

“You’re silent…Love is an inarticulate word, but it’s hard to stand firm even for a great king.”

“Youssef…If you can build an empire in the East and promise us personal religious freedom, then we can take off the glorious crown of the West and accept the cotton turban of the little prince of Asia.””

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“Hello quiet…Louis thinks we’re second to none when it comes to judging men…but in the end, like so many of his words, it’s unacceptable.” When we saw you, we felt like we were revealing in Asia stuff is available. The idea is further enhanced when you adorn the gorgeous outfit of our private reporter, but inspired by deceit and proud of his gaze, but…

“But then it was revealed that we had tried to have a coincidence with Chandni. We ordered dances from serious statues. We dreamed of bringing Asian mythology to life.”

“Queen of the World”.

“The virgin of our country, the crown prince of the Governor of the East, drank the blood of a treacherous lover, but you.”

Queen of the world… The crown is taken for the king. There’s nothing wrong with the crown if a stupid soldier wears it on his head. A sword hangs from the soldier’s neck. ”

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“Just like your face, your tongue has magic. I hope…”

Before he finished speaking, the fragrance on the tower was emptied, and he realized his poverty for the first time. Poverty that cannot be satisfied in less than a kingdom. For the first time he felt a dagger floating in his chest, and he came out of the tower, bubbling with pain. (continued)


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