Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 8 Free Read

Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles He entered Damascus, moaning like a long and wide hospital. The smell of medicine lingered in the streets like a wounded patient. These houses live in the memory of the martyrs, not the occupants. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 8 Free Read Without a roof, the black smoke of conquerors and poor cannot rise.

Accompanied by relatives and strangers, he set out on the remote plain in front of the Damascus Palace, where the remains of wounded Christians and prisoners were piled, their fates doomed and awaiting orders from the War Council. Near them were French pressure, Austrian catapults and German weapons.

Somehow he managed to find the yellow tent in the shade of a tree where Eleanor was grazing. He asked for a dowry for his knighthood. The purchase is Eleanor’s secret to physical contact and the secret of her first love. But nothing healed his wounds.

The bleakness and restlessness in his heart plunged him into the grief that erupted over caste defeat. But the entire universe is enriched by the heavenly passion of the Iron Man. And in this grand festival, people forget themselves like a broken toy and go to look for the stars. Mahta draws his bow on the bushes and puts his horse on the sun.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 8

Faith was hurt when the number of unfortunate people from the border cities of the Islamic Empire increased and the bloody mythology that followed. Then he draped a captive German horse in cotton robes, Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles the saffron robes of Roman monks, put an ebony cross around his neck, and set out for Shabak.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi History Episode 8

When he saw the sparkling water of the Subeda Canal, as wide as three spears irrigating the Shabak, the horses began to jump and bark, and the chain of white, brown and red buildings of the city could be seen, like an Egyptian carpet Hanging under a palm tree. He is comfortable with the water, but goes down to comfort the animals.

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On the banks of the canal, ten to fifteen Syrian Muslims in old yellow-striped robes are washing their hands and drinking water, leaving their headscarves behind. The horse snorted and stuck its mouth into the water, and from one side came the sound of weapons jumping and humming. A knight in armour (with a red eagle on his chest and a black cross on a heavy shield on his left shoulder) rides a spear-wielding horse and sings the hymn of Christ. Seeing this,

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Knight drew a cross on his chest. At this moment, people and horses appeared on the bank of the canal. The knight went out of his way, climbed the embankment of the canal, and threw his horse at the Muslims. They run like slaughtered sheep. Ten or twelve people with good hands and feet can’t even run away with their own lives. He came to them, killed four or six and wounded the rest.

Holy Father, these filthy Muslims sit on streams and feed your horses impure water. The Knights of Dawooda apologize to you for that. ”

He then made a cross on his chest and continued to read the Bible verse. He put the toothbrush in his mouth and stood in surprise. The wounded, the seriously wounded, and the dead appeared before his eyes.

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When he came to his senses, the night was getting dark, the wind was blowing, and the horse standing in front of him was chewing the iron in his mouth. He got up, patted her neck, and rode towards the brightly lit city. As he walked through the narrow dark rocky alleys of the town, he saw a flickering stream of light on the door of a home.

Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles

He stopped the horse and climbed the stairs. A man was washing a goat, sitting in the dim light like a pile of dust. The silent curtain rose. Looking at the wide-eyed monk, he began to draw a cross on his chest. He was satisfied and assured of the mercy of Christ.

“May the blessings of Christ be upon you…give me space tonight to straighten my back.””

“This… this will be the reason for our salvation, Father.

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But there was a hint of disgust in his voice and a hint of distress on his face. He was very surprised. Then he entered the house with her. There was a light burning in the hallway on the side of the courtyard. The shadow of a woman sat on the bed, covering the shadows of the two children. He sat on a throne on the other side of the corridor,

Salahuddin Ayubi Full History

with stones instead of feet, the throne was bent under the middle board. Then the earthquake shook the house. The only lamps entered his hall, Salahuddin Ayubi Full History including the wooden lampstand. The curtains of the hall were drawn and placed on the door of the hall. A mattress covered in palm bark was placed on the bed.

She washed her hands with warm water and added goat milk, fresh bread and dried dates to her food. Then his horse was tied to the harness inside, and the mat was placed on the door, and he lay down, wrapped in a blanket, all the while thinking about the fate of today’s victims, widows and orphans, when their bodies returned home What kind of curse will be placed on the children and their horses?

From another hall came the cry of a baby, and a young woman came and stood by his bed. Even in the dim light, there was pain in his eyes and depression on his face. He undid the hair from the long, thick black Kurta’s waist, took off the vinegar handkerchief, hung it on the nails, and grabbed the hem of the Kurta that made his knees glow.

“what are you doing?”

”why? He sat up nervously. Salahuddin Ayubi Full History

“I…I serve you. Her voice has dropped.


Lifting the veil, a half-man walked in, with a two- or three-year-old boy lying on his lap.

Barbarssa Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitles Makki TV History

“I swear this is the only daughter in my family…I sent her to serve the Holy Father. Don’t worry about this child, he will cry too. She has been crying since the day her father was killed for insulting her master. It’s still sleeping with me. You rest with Sakina, then go to bed… me, I’ll go find her.” Salahuddin Ayubi Full HistoryHe went out, carrying the crying child on his shoulders and shouting. The woman stared out of the curtain with black eyes, like a deer that had snatched a child. He sat quietly under the blanket for a long time. Sakina just stood there. Then he got up, took a cold shower, stood up and prayed.

He greeted her and saw her father standing beside Sakina, staring at her. He motioned for the two of them to leave. After lying down all night, he performed his morning prayers in the dark, and then ran out of the house where he had dined. As he sat on a teak chair in the gleaming slave pen of Shabak Salahuddin Ayubi Full History Church and asked the church priest for the priest’s home address, an armed rider dismounted at the door and asked him to accompany him.

The Christian agents of Shabak sat in chairs in the velvet green space of the grand brown stone palace. Behind her stood a group of heavily armed soldiers, while Sakina’s father knelt at her feet. Salahuddin Ayubi Full History Y. Shabak stood up, saluted, and handed him a chair.

Does the Holy Father know about this infidel? ”

“Yes, I left Damascus to look for him. I found my Muslim slave girl, daughter of the Syrian mujahideen, in hiding. When I didn’t see her at her house, I tried to pretend to be a Muslim by praying in a Muslim way , and proving she’s a Christian to track her down, but maybe I’m being misled.

He shook his head and turned to order the soldiers.

“Spit out his tongue for accusing the Holy Father of being a Muslim.”

The soldiers rushed at him, but he stepped in and pleaded with Valli.

“Since this man serves me and feeds me, Salahuddin Ayubi Full History forgive him for my sake.” And when he saw the words of the Holy Father, he opened his eyes, saw the cross on his chest, and ran away.

“We keep these dogs alive for the same service. Salahuddin Ayubi Full History They have a duty to serve us. Well, forgive me if you say that.”

It was in Shabak that he sold his horse, which was stained with the blood of many Muslims, caused the destruction of many families, and spent the winter in the fortifications of Shabak’s fortresses and outposts. (continued))


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