Teskilat Episode 49 Urdu Subtitles free

Then, we’ll bury the hatchet and think of the future. – Teşkilat Episode 49 start with Zahra’s dream. What do you want then? – If I win this war, depose and take over his power, and make the Umayyad Caliph submit to my will, I will exempt the Hyatelah who are your subjects, from the tribute you pay to the Umayyad Caliph. This is a good proposition, but it’s not enough.

We’ll return what was pillaged from your land and let you go back to it. We don’t want anything more than that. But what if you lost the war? Teskilat Episode 49 Don’t be angry, Leader. Don’t be angry. Every war carries the possibilities of victory and defeat, and you’re a man of war. If this happened, although I don’t think it’s likely to happen,

Teskilat Episode 49 Urdu Subtitles

I would withdraw and take refuge in your land. You mean under my protection. I accept this and I pledge to it. How do these people find an opening to rebel against teskilat Episode 49 the State and the Caliph? I think, My Lord, that they emerge through a gap between you and them, created by the injustice and oppression practiced by your prefects against people.

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You look as mention the prefects in general, but you mean Al-Hajjaj in particular. So, what do you think about what you’ve heard? My Lord, I don’t underestimate Ibn Al-Ash’ath’s no matter how insignificant he seems. He’s now with men lurking to overthrow teskilat Episode 49 Al-Hajjaj, for they despise him due to his tyrannical and oppressive ways. He’s also responsible for killing many of their relatives. Jaraplay

You look as if you were partial to our enemy. God forbid, My Lord. I’m rather partial for sparing blood. Say. If the people of Iraq will be satisfied by deposing Al-Hajjaj, then, deposing Al-Hajjaj will be easier than fighting the people of Iraq. So, depose him to secure their obedience and spare their lives and your soldiers’ lives. Do you think so?

You look Excuse me, My Lord. Speak. I might agree with Omar about Al-Hajjaj, but this doesn’t concern Al-Hajjaj alone. It also undermines the power of the State and the Caliph. So much blood has been shed in fight.


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