Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles free

I advise the Supreme Council that the youth of Turkey should not be taken lightly. Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles So what they can do is making history. We write the history of this country, Muammer Hodja. I agree with Mr. Muller. Let’s not waste time with unnecessary complications. At the beginning of the millennium, how the sovereignty over the Anatolian lands would change hands was explained with a magnificent simulation. Millennium Challenge. As our brother Rasheed said.

Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles

The challenge of the millennium, with the name of the exercise held in Nevada, USA in 2002, asked the Anatolian lovers, “Will Turkey be invaded?” This is the plan they’ve been talking about for years. Turkey will definitely be condemned to the Sèvres plan. Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles As a matter of fact, an enormous military build-up was made to Alexandroupoli and the Greek Islands on this road.

How? So are we talking about an operation that will start from Greece? Yes. We are talking about the escalation of tension between Greece and Turkey and about warm contact. Check out the rabbit for this Turkey. In other words, while Turkey looks to the West, we will lay the foundations of the state to be established, for example, in Mesopotamia. So that’s the short-term goal.

But Turkey’s Syria operation, that is, this plan can ruin it. The real danger is the claw lock operation. If Turkey closes the lock from both sides where it claws, then the Northern corridor in the Middle East will become a dream. Ukraine to stop the Russians, Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles Taiwan to stop China is fine. But Greece is the heart of Western civilization. In other words, can it be sacrificed to stop the Turks in the Middle East?

Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles

Geography is destiny, RaÅŸit Bey. Look now. What if Kurds lived in Greek lands and Greeks lived in Mesopotamia? Both nations would experience the opposite fate. In other words, it is geography, not nations, that determines. Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles Dude, it’s not always like that. In other words, even if some moves have been made so that the Kurds will be the rulers of the region, in the end , Israel will be the sole ruler from the Nile to the Euphrates . Turkey bought S-400s from Russia.

Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles

Where he is kept is a mystery. Now Turkey and Russia are talking about the second step of this agreement. In the meantime, Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles despite all our efforts, the Yıldırım Air Defense System was established. And Turkey declared it to the world with a great show. The task entrusted to us is to ignite the Turkish-Greek war before that air defense system becomes active.

How will that turn into a spark? As you all know, our brother Halit managed to smuggle the Stinger missiles he captured into Turkey. After that, he successfully fulfilled such tasks in various parts of the world , Mr. at Muller. Sir, let me summarize briefly. will hit Greece. Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles Greece will also respond to Turkey. Both Turkey and Greece will have to enter into a hot conflict. NATO will step in.

Teskilat Episode 54 with Urdu Subtitles

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And the American bases in Greece will be on alert against Turkey. But this puts Turkey in trouble against the West. The only country is Turkey. The dollar is up, the Turkish lira is down. I don’t know where in the world you will have sweet dreams in whose bosom, Muammer Hodja. Is there anything you don’t know, Peyami? Wherever I am, he will always have an eye there.


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