Teskilat Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free

Get the engagement bundle. Teskilat Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free To the tailor? To the tailor. And from there, a ram. Who? – A ram. – A what? A ram, boy! A ram! What are we going to do with a ram? We’ll add it to the menemen. Feyyaz, do as I say. We’ll break the evil eye, son. We’ll send it to the in-laws. To their house? Son, why are you making me repeat everything today?

Teskilat Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free

No, I couldn’t imagine a ram walking around the house. Imagine. In the living room? Feyyaz! Okay, master. Wait. Take this. Dress the animal up nicely. But don’t ornament it too much. Mihran won’t hear about it. – Okay. – Let’s go. Good God. Welcome. Master, I’ll have toast with cheese, and a glass of ayran. No roasted beef in the ayran.

The menemen master is a bit cranky. Is her husband the owner? No, she owns the shop. Her husband passed away. So, he’d rather die than live with her. It’s better. Sure. Pull my arm. – Is she gone? – Who? Who’s gone, Altan? She’s gone. I mean, I would have gone. Really? That’s good. Does Alya know? Did you tell her? No. I didn’t call her. I forgot. How could I forget?

<i>Okay, brother, I’ll talk to you later.</i> What’s the inheritance? A palace? No, don’t exaggerate. It’s not that much. You just said a mansion? Okay, that’s what he said, butů Mom! I can’t feel my arms! Ato, help! Let me take it. Thank you. Mom, come here. – Did you hear anything from Mihran? – Yes. It’s a house. A house? What are you talking about?

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It’s huge, like a mansion! Stop it, Ato, don’t exaggerate! Where is it? Mihran will tell us in the evening. Thank God! Just before the engagement. Atakan, you know how rich the in-laws are. So, we did our best and bought them a ram. A ram? What ram? Your aunt said there was an evil eye, okay? Don’t say anything. Don’t let Mihran know. Mom don’t let anyone know!

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Not Alya, not Alya’s family. What ram? Teskilat Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free Those traditions are old, Mom! Why do you do things as you see fit? Why do you buy rams for other people? That other people isů ůMihran’s future wife, and our daughter-in-law. But of course, for you, all the girls are other people. What are you talking about?

See, Mihran is settling down. Sister Saliha keeps bragging about it. Look, that mansion or whatever, it’s theirs too. And I’m here with three children. God! Not again, Mom? At least don’t start today! Which day should I start, son? Which day is appropriate? Is it a lie? You’re always in debt. You never get out of trouble.

Teskilat Episode 65 Urdu Subtitles free

Mihran is the little boy of the house, but he’s already settling down. God help me. Look at me. Is there a problem? What problem? If you need to see a doctor or somethingů What doctor, Mom? Son, if there’s something wrong, you can tell me. What am I going to tell you Mom? What are you talking about? My God, what are you testing me with? Mom! Why are you doing this? Son, why don’t you have anyone in your life?

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