Teskilat Episode 80 Urdu Subtitles free Download

Who knows what our Teskilat Episode 80 Urdu Subtitles free Download idealistic girl would do if she knew she was sitting on missiles ? Don’t worry, Mira. He will never know this. We missed it. Uncle. In the opposite building.

Teskilat Episode 80 Urdu Subtitles free Download

Altai. Drop your weapon, Altai. You cannot attack a United Nations convoy. A diplomatic crisis ensues. Stop Altai. Altai. Altai [ __ ]. Drop your gun. He’s firing a warning shot. Emre does not obey. It will your order? The convoy is approaching. Give your opinion. There’s no time left. What is a move order?

What are we going to do, commander? Abraham received the order. What did he do? He held a knife to the throat of the prophet Ishmael, even if he was his son . Teskilat Episode 80 Urdu Subtitles free Download We have no other way. Hit it. Not understood. Repeat. You can’t stop it any other way. I command. Hit it. AybaÅŸ, AybaÅŸ with fire. Discard the net. Discard the net.

You’re never going to stop, are you? What’s going on? We have nothing. Let’s go, pack up. We are going. Everyone to the vehicles. Miss Mary. Miss Mary, let’s go. Gather. Why didn’t you leave me? Why? I was very close to him. Who is this young man? Let our brother Halit tell us this.

Teskilat Episode 80 Urdu Subtitles free Download

The incident took place 15 days ago in Azez. Stinger missiles being transported to Turkey. Those missiles are vital to the operation . Why am I not aware of this , Mr. Karacabey? The crisis there was resolved without a problem, Mr. Murler. Our brother Halit and my son Haruncan were also there. It was a non-urgent situation.

Now let our brother Halit continue. It seems that Altay is still after his uncle. You are lucky, Mr. Rashid. Not everyone has a loyal niece like Mira . He is only after me. Let’s say it’s a family dispute. I’m worried it will spread to our family too . Don’t worry, Muammer Hodja. He can’t do anything.

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He tried something like this one more time. In fact, there was DoÄŸan Sakınmaz, who was crossed out with the task given to me, but it did not happen. So he can’t do anything alone. But there must have been another development that We wonder about him, Mr. Karacabey. The latest information received is that Altay is no longer alone .

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