Teskilat Episode 79 Final Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Today will describe about the final episode of Teskilat Episode 79 Final Urdu Subtitles Free Download. So will continue with it’s trailers. Gorjan telling about attack This attack serves a much larger puposde than it seems. Ozai saidit seems Francis is not dead. In the next scene Zahra told The man flew through the air before our eyes. Umar told, I pulled the trugger myself. Chief Khalid order the team members, Let all the elements on the field take their place. Gorjan perform Security gard role. So every one was on their places. kurkot also involed in this mission.

Teskilat Episode 79 Final Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Umar beating all the gundas and says, I will teach you all one by one, you think you have escaped but the Orginization will find you. and Umar finish all gundas. Korkus ask from Zahra where is Omar. Zahra replied Can we communicate with Omar, Why hasn’s he come yet. this is not normal. Next scene, Yellow heair call to zahra he arrest Omar and hold pistol on his head, and said I had to kill a little venus. Zahra replled to him, If you dare face me, Where are you. and trailer finish with its dialogue.

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