Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles free

I wished to become either one and live just in the sea. have never seen the sea. Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles What? How could that be? Sea is the most beautiful thing on earth. Sea is the most You lose yourself in that vast blue as you gaze at it. Did you really never see it? I did now. your eyes. How strange… Look at the destiny. When we first met I was wearing Turkmen clothes.

And now you’re in this state. You need to hide. Quick. Welcome Tekfur. Did you find Suleyman? Not yet sir. But the searh- Because you tried to take over that damned base without me knowing… … you have a hand ih this rout we are in don’t you forget that. Now… … go and show me the real Alexander. Whichever hole he hide in… … go and find Suleyma% immediately. Vaspuragan Base Is that so… Is that so… Before they get rid of us… … we need to get rid of them Burkay. … we need to get rid of t-lfiem Burkay.

Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles

How will that be my bey Whern we’re cornered like this what will we d®? When we’re cornered like this what will we do? Don’t you see the state they are in? Alparslan Bey is sick. Suleyman Bey is held captive. Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles Yinal… …is held by that heathen. Erbaskan… … is a useless king that is after Alparslan. If we don’t act now… we never can. You.. … go to Bukhara as soon as possible. Go and tell the commanders what happened. They should be on alert. Go on. Calm down, please. Hear me out first.

Come here, Flora! I will tell them if you don’t leave now! No! He can’t leave it’s too dangerous! Please, he has to hide here. We’ve checked this floor twice, sir. He didn’t just vaporize, did he, soldier? Suleyman is still in the castle! Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles There must be a spot that you’ve missed. We only haven’t checked the yo(ur chamber, and those of Tekfur and Flora. Flora… She hasn’t been around since yesterday.

Have you seen her? Damn it! Go check my father’s chamber. The rest of you, come with me! Let’s go! This isn’t a game, Flora. Do you know what will happen if they find out about this? They won’t. He has to stay here until things get better. Don’t you get it? Suleyman did nothing wrong! You’re wasting your breath. I can’t hide here. The Hatun’s right… I can’t put you in harm’s way.

Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles

But they’re looking for you everywhere… Where will you go? You’re obviously not as bad as they say you are. If you care about her, you need to leave immediately. Suleyman… …good luck. Soldier! Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles Thankfully, Suleyman wasn’t here, Captain. Yes, sir, he’s not here. How dare you try to search my chamber? We wanted to see if Suleyman- And you thought that he could enter my room, huh Alexander?

Suleyman be as brave as people say then! I will check the rooms in the other hallways, sir. Soldiers! Come with me! You too! As you command, sir. Come on, we need to hurry. Wait here my Bey. Do as I say Flora! You will not get out of your room until that bastard is found! I found an empty rdjarn, my Bey.

Come on. Gome on. Do as I say Flora! Come on! You! You traitor! What do the doctors say, Akinay Hatun? Why couldn’t they find what the poison is yet? They will find it. InshAllah. If Seferiye Hatun… Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles …had not found the letter he left while… …we were looking for him in the castle… …we wouldn’t have known… ..where he would be. Alparslan Brother! Son! Thank Allah! My Bey! Alparslan Bey!

You opened your eyes, finally. Thank Allah. Suleyman… Is there any word of Suleyman? Is everyone alive!? How did we get out of that situation? My Bey, calm down first. There is no word of Suleyman Bey yet. And there is nothing to worry about the other matter. Catch your breath first. For everyone to be okay… ….first you need to be okay. What’s the poison in my blood? Did they find it? It’s a strong poison. But don’t worry, the doctors… How did it mix in my blood, Mother Akinay? Do they know that?

They know now. It was Seferiye Hatun that realized it. My Bey, the book that infidel Grigor gifted. The ink was poisonous. That damn demon! Why did you worry about me… …and come after me, Seferiye Hatun? If I was dead… …you’d finally be free, as you wanted. I don’t want you to die to be free. I’ll be free when you’re alive, Alparslan Bey. You and I have different issues. We won’t let infidels have a Turk Bey.

Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles

But my brother SUleyman… …is their captive. ‘■ xfi’i T t No matter the cost.. …we must do something. Don’t get up. Not now. Finally. It’s sad that you thought you could escape. You will lose Tekfur. I will win, Melik SUuleyman. Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles But Alparslan’s not doing so well. But even still.. …I hope he lives long enough to see what I’ll take from Seljuks. Calm down. God damn you! He was in the storehouse. He was hiding like a scared rat. V I f Yinal Bey. You seem shocked.

I’m surprised… …our soldier found him. That’s right Tekfur. He was gone a long time. You thought he managed to escape? Alpagut. I once thought he was not a good soldier. I’m actually embarrassed. I only did my duty sir. Where’s Alexander? He went to look around the villages.. …to see if Suleyman ran away. We can’t lose time Tekfur. To take back Vaspurakan without war.. …our only chance… …is Melik Suleyman. It’s a mistake to put him in the dungeons.

Don’t fear Alparslan He’s in a bad sta’te now., Tekfu He’s in a bad state now, Tekfur. You’re right. But.. …we can’t leave this to chance. Seljuk came to save his Alps at the Rimbus square. They will do much more for Melik Suleyman. As long as he’s here.. …Ani is in danger Tekfur. You might be right:. Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles Forgive me sir, but… …thinking is losing time. We must get him out of Ani and take him somewhere else. They will never save you. But… … maybe king Sulayman… … could do something to save himself Tekfur … could do something to save himself Tekfur. And you… … became willing guest of Tekfur… … and save yourself nephew. Traitor.

The black sheep of the Seljuks. Give him his sword. Give it to him. Do it. Yinal Bey. Yjnal Bey. I understand your anger but we need him alive. ■If we want to take Vaspurakan h’ejs the last card we have. If that’s so …we need t©-take precautions right awayTekfu They can attack any moment. When they come… Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles … let’s build a wall of flesh in front of them. How many man do you have to spare Tekfur? 13 <1 • If I die… … I would have any doubts about you no more. I understood it today. One who shields herself for her husband… … can do everything for her nation.

I know now… … I have a queen with me. Don’t say things like that Alparslan Bey. You’re in no state to leave me behind. Death… … doesn’t strike… who runs to it like you. The poison is in my veins… … I can feel it. It takes my breath. You will be okay Alparslan Bey. And.. … you don’t have the right to do injustice act to me. Injustice? Yes. I left my land… … and came to the Seljuk Empire who I saw as enemy for years to become the queen. It’s not like I will pay for this myself alone. I hope you realize the responsibility you’re taking Alpagut. Don’t worry sir. Alpagut… King Suleyman… … don’t feel down.

I don’t think you’ll stay at Sevaste for too long. Because as far as I understand Alparslan’s health is not good. Yilan Bey is not there anyway. Erbaskan on the other hand… …can’t fill.Alparslan’s shoes. That leaves us with you. That makes you much more valuable.. …for Seljuks, compared to yesterday. See? We both are really lucky. You will never win against the Seljuk. Shut it down. k f a Isn’t Alexander back yet? Unfortunately, sir.

I can’t believe you’re still looking for Suleyman in the woods, Alexander. Did you even understand me, Seferiye? You saved Alparslan from death! What else should I have done? Should I have watched… …as Alparslan Bey and his Alps die and let the heathens be happy? This isn’t Karahanlis against Seljuks, father. Aren’t we of the same roots? Isn’t this the Tore of the Turk? Anyway… …Alparslan might be alive… ..however, I talked to the healers.

Alparslan Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles

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Alparslan Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles

What did they say? They said that they don’t have the cure… …for Alparslan’s disease. Now… …be smart, Seferiye. While he’s fighting for his life… …you will rule Vaspurakan as his Hatun. We will takeover… …before Alparslan gets back on his feet. Let’s see if you’re comfortable there, you filthy Turk! They might find Alexander, my Bey. We need to hurry up! Keep your eyes on me.

Bring the horses immediately! I am going to kill Alpagut with my own hands! I shouldn’t have trusted that damn Turk! I should have cut off his head together with the ones survived the Vaspurakan siege! He could trick anyone after coping up with all that torture, father. Don’t blame yourself. Are we going to compliment the success of oru enemies? Where are the horses!? Help him, oh God. Flora, what are you doing!?


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