Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download Review:

Takefur Seferia attacks Hatun in the jungle and stabs him in the stomach. When Takefur attacks alperslan bay targeting it. Alperslan Bay begins a fight to save his wife and his mother. Alperslan Bay first cuts off Gregor’s hand and then kills him. Seljan Seferia tries to help Hatun. Seeing the troops of Alperslan Bay Suleiman Bay coming, Seljan asked Hatun to immediately take Ceferia Hatun to the hospital.

Suleiman Bey warns Kutalamis Bay for the last time and asks him to leave the palace. Kutalamis Bay thinks Suleiman Bey is lying and asks his troops to check the barrels. Alperslan Bey killed Suleiman Bay’s soldiers in a short time and went to see his wife. Seljan Hatun says that the wound of Ceferia Hatun is too much and so they have to go to the palace.

Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

Batur Bey Seljan objects to Hatun’s words and says that it is dangerous to go to the palace. Seljan Hatun says that the doctors at the palace are very good and convince Batur Bey to go to the palace. Suleiman Bay says he will destroy the palace. Kutalmis Bay sees barrels filled with naphtha and stops the attack. Suleiman Then returns to the Bay Palace and says that he has to find a way to stop Alperslan Bay.

Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

Vizier Seferia does not want to let Hatu enter the palace, but Suleiman Bay stops him. Doctors at the Suleiman Bay Palace allowed ceferia to heal the hammer. Leo says they can use The Ceferia Hatun against Alperslan Bay. Kutalamis Bay returned to Gardkuh with his troops and killed the treacherous soldiers there. Suleiman Bey begins to talk to his mother and apologizes to her for what happened in Vaspurakan.

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The palace doctors said Sepheria Hatun would recover soon, Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download but they could not save the child. Alperslan Bey realizes that something is wrong. Batur Bey tells Alperslan Bey that Seferykh Hatun has gone to the palace. Seferia Hatun wakes up moments later to find that her baby is dead. Kutalmis Bey says he will bring all his troops to Gardkuhe and occupy the palace after the preparations are complete. Leo realizes that Sulaiman Bey is powerless and says he wants to make a peace treaty.

The vizier immediately objected to Leon and said that the state was not afraid to attack the Byzantines. Leo begs Suleiman Bey to keep the peace. Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download Suleiman Bey says it is too risky to openly hand over Gens to Byzantium. Leo begins to explain his plan and persuades Suleiman Bey. As Alperslan Bey heads to the palace with his troops, Seljan Hatun arrives and stops her son. Seljan Hatun tells Sepheriya Hatun is fine, but the child is dead.

Flora Hatun learns that her father is dead and leaves very. Sulaiman Bey became angry with the vizier for disobeying his orders. The Wazir secretly spoke to Seljan Hatun and informed him of Sulaiman Bey’s plans. Seljan Hatun then told Alperslan Bey that Sulaiman Bey would hand over Gens to Leo. Leo returns to Annie and tells Erbaskan to capture Alp Genza. Erbaskan Alp agrees to first capture Genza and then give it to Leo.

Alperslan Bey immediately went to Gardkuh and started talking to Kutalmis Bey. While Kutalmis Bey tries to understand what is going on, Alperslan Bey begins to tell the secret plan to Suleiman Bey. Sulaiman Bey is impressed by what the vizier says and says that Seferiya will stay in the Hatun palace. Kutalmis Bey agrees to help Alperslan Bey not to lose Genza. Alperslan began planning an attack on Bay and began preparing for a major attack on Kutalamis Bay.

Erbaskan Alp went to Genza alone and took control of the city, Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download showing orders to Suleiman Bey. After what Erbaskan Alp says the city’s troops will begin preparing to attack the infidels. Leo left with a small army to conquer Genza. Seljan Hatun tries to leave the palace with Seferia Hatun, but the guards stop them. Wazir Seljan asks Hatun to return immediately. Sulayman Bey could not bear it any longer and allowed Seferiya Hatun to leave the palace.

Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

Erbaskan goes into the forest with the soldiers of Alp City. Leo sees the city’s soldiers leave and launches an attack. Alperslan emerges from the bay city and attacks Leo. First Kutalamis Bay, then Erbaskan Alp joined the attack. Leo realizes that Erbaskan Alp has betrayed him and attacks him. Leo realizes that the Turks are outnumbered and returns to Annie to save his life. When Sulaiman Bey thinks that Alperslan Bey will attack soon, the Wazir arrives.

The Wazir says that the people working in the palace are talking about the Sultan. Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download After Alperslan Bey conquers Genja, he talks to Kutalamis Bey and says that he will fight him in three days. Suleiman Bey lost himself and attacked the palace staff. The Wazir tries to stop the Sultan but fails. Sulaiman Bey punishes many innocent people. The vizier says that Alperslan Bey saved Genja along with Kutalmis Bey. Sulaiman Bey thinks his secret plan will be exposed and starts to panic.

Kutalmis Bey looks at the stars and thinks it’s not a good time to fight Alperslan Bey. After speaking with Seferia Hatun, Alperslan Bey read the message sent by his brother Kavurd Bey. When Alperslan Bey began to talk about how to attack Kutalmis Bey. Flora Hatun leaves the palace and walks into the palace. Flora Hatun again warns Sulaiman Bey and asks him to give everything.

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Alperslan Bey left the next day with his troops. Ata Bey realizes that Alperslan Bey is worried. Alperslan Bey says he doesn’t want to attack other Turks. Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download Kutalamis Bay makes some preparations to defend Gardkuh and says that they should wait for a more opportune time to attack. Kutamis Bay then went to a place near the city and began to wait for Alperslan Bay. A soldier approaches Vaspurakan and says that Tulpar Bey will betray Alperslan Bey.

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Suleiman Bey was very happy that Alperslan Bey would attack Kutalmis Bey. The Wazir says that this will weaken the Sultan’s enemies. To stop Kutalmis Bey and Kavurd Bey, Sulaiman Bey ordered their sons secretly imprisoned. Alparslan Episode 50 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download The vizier says that he doesn’t like this plan, but he will still do his duty. Alperslan Bey and his army were trapped in a sandbar near Gardkuh. Leo moves to attack Alperslan but finds that they are out of hiding. Alperslan Bey then went to the battlefield with his army and waited for Kutalmis Bey.

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