Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 15 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

Today is better than yesterday, Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 15 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download tomorrow maybe the sky will leak out of my little window, but still life will be spent searching for light, after all, there are greens as well as if the world is on my back, as if everyone is in front of me, I’m tired at this age.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 15 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

mother, talk to me, at least it’s a means for me to hold on in my dreams, but still life will be spent looking for light after all, there are greens too . Please leave it! Mom, don’t go, dad, please don’t go! Mom! Father! Let it happen! Mom! Father! Don’t take my mom, please, dad! Mom, don’t go, dad, please don’t go! Mom! Dad, please let go!

Please let go mommy! Mom, let it be! Please don’t let me take my mother! Father! Dad, don’t go! Don’t do it bro. – Please don’t go! Please let it go mom! Mom! Father! Don’t take it! Mom please don’t go! Mom! – Don’t, don’t… Mom! Mom! Father! Good morning Edip, good morning Edibe! Guys, look, now I ‘m going to get eggs, okay? Shh, don’t let my aunt hear.

Girl Emel! Did you steal my eggs again, look, look, come and look here without legs! Come! Sengul! You destroyed it again, you destroyed the place! What are you shouting in the morning? It enters the coop like a mouse and steals my eggs again. The girl is okay, let her do whatever she is doing, she is having fun!

Oh, don’t make your nephew say anything, I ‘m returning the house with the janitor’s salary, am I feeding those chickens for nothing here? Do you know how much an organic egg costs, maybe I will sell it! What if you love your god of nonsense talk! Come on in! Come on, pour me a cup of tea! I’m late for work, come on!

All right, I’ll pour your tea! Come on in! Let me see the nail here, let’s see who’s going in after that! Oh man, there is no comfort even in the garden! Oh God, but I know what I will do, so they shouldn’t call me Şengül! Don’t steal my son’s sausage! – Let the child eat. Dude, look, a girl comes and your mouth stinks, says hello Ömer’cim, you will be embarrassed!

Brother, what daughter? – Aren’t you there, darling? Power is enough, but my son, do not embarrass your brother. Wow, Hatice, okay, I won’t embarrass your baby. Here you go baby! Brother! – What is it, son, what is it, right? What are you guys doing? Good morning! – Good morning, baby. Good morning my beautiful girl, where have you been?

Dad, I went to get eggs from the henhouse. Aa, is your aunt angry? – Yes. Don’t take your aunt’s egg, girl, is there no egg at home? But I want to eat Edibe’s egg, mother. Don’t take it again girl okay? Come on, let’s sit down. So let’s get started, don’t let the tea get cold, Asiye! Come on, my daughter is on the table, she’s coughing like this. What happened? Did she get stuck in her throat? He’s coughing intermittently like this. Tell me, let’s take the child to a doctor.

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– His aunt will take you today, don’t worry. Well okay. Good morning! – Good morning. Come on, sit down, let’s get cold, let’s put a microphone in my mouth okay, no mom, I’m late, let me just throw a bite or two in my mouth. It wo n’t stop, just take it and you can have something to snack on during recess, my daughter, I have money.

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