Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles

Won’t you forgive me for this, Father? I wouldn’t forgive you. I can forget, and I did. That soldier was only carrying out your orders, so I’m not blaming him. As for your mistake, Kulaib, it can never be erased. I’m leaving now. Would you leave while you’re angry? Hajjaj Bin Yusuf I will remain angry until the day I die. If you left this place, where would you go? I will proceed to Makkah. I beg you not to do that, Father. I will retreat only if you do. I won’t obey you in this one. If I met you in Makkah, and we crossed swords, defending Ibn Al-Zubair, protecting him, and fighting with him against you, would you kill me then? Excuse me for not answering this question.

No, I need to hear the answer. Don’t you see that I led this army to topple Ibn Al-Zubair’s State? I know that. I’m seeking Ibn Al-Zubair’s head. That’s right. and you are standing between me and him. What if this was the case? I shall kill whoever stands between me and my end. I’m relieved to hear that, Kulaib.

Now, I know where to go. My Lord, I beg you. Forgive me for that mistake, for I didn’t recognize him. – Had I known… – Shut up. Shut up, and never say that again. If I issued an order and violated it my self I should deserve punishment. But when it comes to my father… Go away. Get away from here. Go! Send this letter to Hajjaj and bring me news on what’s happening there, go. Woe betide him! Why doesn’t he report anything to me? – My Lord… – I don’t want to hear anything about him from either of you, for I know how you feel about him. What is it? My Lord, Rauh bin Zinba’ asks for your permission to enter. Let him in. Peace be upon My Lord, the Emir of Believers. Peace be upon you too, Ibn Zinba’. It’s been a long time since we saw you. And, by God, I love to see you.

I wouldn’t come if you didn’t summon me, My Lord, knowing how busy you are. I am not the only one concerned, Ibn Zinba’. This concerns all of us. Yes, My Lord. But I didn’t find a place for myself in it, You have a full court here. And Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf is leading the army, and he is adequately qualified for that mission. Do I sense resentment in your words, Ibn Zinba’? No, My Lord. Al-Hajjaj might have been promoted to this rank, but neither he nor I would forget, and neither would you, that Al-Hajjaj was first trained for this by you. You were the first to introduce him to me, so I put him in that position. I take no credit for that, My Lord. It was due to the merits you saw in him, and which you rewarded generously. What did you come for then? I came to ask for your permission, My Lord.

– Permission for what? – My Lord, I’ve gotten old, and I’m no longer fit for counseling or fighting. And I don’t want to be a burden. So, with your permission, I’d like to leave to be with my family in my town, where I’d spend the rest of my days. By God, you are very dear to us, Juthami, and I hate to see you leave. But, if that’s what you want, then I won’t stop you. I won’t stop you from being with your family, especially that you’re feeling so homesick. God bless you. Doorman, summon the clerk in charge of payments. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf My Lord, it’s hard for me to leave you. By God, I am burdened with this departure. I beg you not to burden me any further with any payments. I didn’t come for that. – Peace be upon you, My Lord.

– Peace be upon you too. I wonder what this day looks like in Makkah and its plains. I don’t think it’s different from any other day. No, Ibn Amr, in my childhood, I used to go out to watch the sunrise over Makkah. I used to feel that another light rises from earth and meets the light descending from the sky, and then they would merge in the horizon. And this reminds me of that. What do you want? The brigade which will march to Arafa mountain is ready to set out. I’ve never thought I would be in this situation one day; to be enchanted by this sunrise, while sending an army to fight through it. – My Lord… – Don’t say anything. Order them to proceed. Give them two choices; either they win this time, or die.

Tell them that Al-Hajjaj has prepared his sword and sharpened it for those who come back defeated. Go. Don’t worry about this, My Lord. Brigades have been duly prepared, and they will defeat Al-Hajjaj’s soldiers time and again. So, send them. Would Hajjaj attack us again from the same position? Yes, he thinks that we don’t realize this. Khubaib, go. Who is that? He is Yusuf Al-Thaqafi, if I’m not mistaken. Al-Hajjaj’s father! Let me kill him, Father. Wait! Let’s see what he wants. Peace be upon Ibn Al-Zubair and his company.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 14

Peace be upon you too. Get off your horse. You are safe. So, Chief of Thaqif, you came to support us against your son, Al-Hajjaj? I rather came to support truth in the face of falsehood. You were at odds with us, and you hated us. What’s going on reunited us. I’m not supporting you as an individual or defending your Caliphate, but to defend the Sacred Mosque and the Ka’ba, against what threatens them. Do you think that your son would achieve this? Nothing can deter him from his getting what he wants. – And he wants me. – It’s what Ibn Marwan wants. As for Al-Hajjaj, what he wants is victory, even if he gains nothing from it. Don’t you think he’s got his eye on the throne? He rather has his eye on what’s beyond the throne, even if he haven’t reach it yet. Assuming power means to retire. Al-Hajjaj, as I knew him, is a man of action. And we are not satisfied with what he’s doing, nor is God Almighty pleased with it. Your presence here is enough, Chief of Thaqif. So, put your sword down, for you are not a man of war, but a man of peace. The truth needs strength. Wasn’t my son Al-Hajjaj a man of knowledge and learning? He had never held a sword. And look what he’s turned into! If he’s leading armies to fight for falsehood,, shouldn’t I hold the sword to defend the truth?

I just don’t want you to cross swords with him. Then God’s will shall prevail. You’re still upset, My Lord. I never thought I’d go through such an ordeal. In Thaqif, you were unbiased between the Umayyads and the Zubairis. That’s right. Now, one house in Thaqif is divided between the two; – a father and his son. – Tell me something, My Lord. Don’t talk to me about that. It’s something personal and I don’t want there to be much talk about it. Have you started setting up the catapults? With the equipment available for us. Proceed with that. Tareq. When you were in Al-Madinah, did you hear anything about Sukaina? Her news is not a secret, for she is not anonymous. I heard that after Mus’ab was killed she came to Kufa to settle in Al-Madinah. Why do you care about her? Forget that I asked you about this. Whenever I think of Abdullah bin Al-Zubair, I imagine the death of Mus’ab Ibn Al-Zubair. Tell me something, Ibn Amr, – if I sought her out… – Who? Sukaina bint Al-Hussein, if I sought her out while I killed her husband, Mus’ab, would she meet me? It was war, either you kill or be killed. What do you want from her? Take me to where catapults are being built. Let me see what you have built and what it’s capable of. Go! I want it to reach from Ibn Kubais mountain to the heart of Makkah with the rocks and fire balls it launches. Is that why you came for, Abu Bahr? while being the scholar and cleric of Basra? I’m not coming to you in that capacity, but as a citizen of Basra. I can only see you in that capacity, despite being the chief of the city. Say, Abu Bahr, why don’t you forget about people’s affairs and dedicate yourself to your knowledge?

Do you consider knowledge a barrier to block people and their affairs out? I didn’t mean that, Abu Bahr. I just wanted to say that what we are involved in with Al-Muhallab bin Abi Sufra is a political matter. which concerns only those involved in politics. Wasn’t my advice taken in political matters? Wasn’t it my advice that brought Al-Muhallab from Khorasan to Iraq to defend Basra against the Khawarij? That was in the past. Iraq and Basra were under the Zubairis’ control. – Things have changed now. – But Iraq haven’t, and the Khawarij continue to threaten it. Listen carefully, Ahnaf. How dare you address me like that? Listen carefully, esteemed Sheikh. The Umayyads don’t think that religious clerics should interfere in political and worldly affairs. I know that. The Emir of Believers Abdul Malek had closed the Holy Quran and put it away when he became the Caliph, and said: “Now we shall part ways.” Wasn’t he knowledgeable about religion before that, and dedicated to the study of the Holy Quran? He was, but he parted with it.

I didn’t come for this. I sense traces of loyalty to the Zubairis in you, Abu Bahr. I wouldn’t support a Muslim group against the other, My Lord. I’m only standing before you now to settle the differences between you and Al-Muhallab, to join your efforts for the good of these lands. Abu Bahr, I am the ruler of Basra, and I am responsible for its affairs. Al-Muhallab is nothing but an army commander in Ahvaz to deter the Khawarij. I don’t think the disagreement you revealed would affect any of us, in his place or position. – No, it would. – How? My Lord, if Caliph Abdul Malek bin Marwan is mobilizing armies and sending them and waging all these wars on the pretext of reuniting the State, then wouldn’t it be better if two of his rulers were united, instead of being in disagreement and disunity? You’re not too far from Al-Muhallab. You considered me equal to Al-Muhallab, Abu Bahr. I won’t have that, even from you. I’m restraining my anger, so tell me how he is better than me. My Lord, Al-Muhallab left Khorasan where he enjoyed a comfortable, luxurious life. He left it in a hurry and came to us to protect Basra and defend it against the Khawarij. And he did.

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As for you, My Lord, you were only interested in collecting tributes, and you took no notice of people’s needs, nor did you restore what the Khawarij damaged during their attacks. Woe betide you, Ahnaf! By God, had you been someone else, and I heard this, I would have sent your head out through one door and your body through another.

Get out. I will leave, and I will dedicate myself for knowledge, as you instructed me. But first, I want you to read this. This is the first catapult, and I want another one. Isn’t one enough? Didn’t you say that it was only to instill fear in the enemy? Didn’t Uqba have one catapult only? What did he do with it? Didn’t he retreat and leave it behind? I need them to hurry in building the other catapult. What is this, Abu Bahr? As you can see, My Lord.

The people of Basra were collecting names and then send them to Abdul Malek bin Marwan in Damascus. So, when it reached me, I kept it to show it to you. They want the Caliph to remove me from power and assign Al-Muhallab instead to be the ruler of Basra. You saw that by yourself. So, reconsider your position, My Lord. Don’t you think that their judgment is better than yours and mine? – So, reform yourself, My Lord. – Don’t leave before I give you permission. You threatened to send my body out through one door and my head through another. This can only happen if God wills it, human beings are just His tools. And I am content with whatever God Almighty wills. Why didn’t you bring Sa’eed Ibn Jubair to me? My Lord, he doesn’t leave the mosque where he teaches. Summon him, and if he hesitates, bring him to me in shackles.

Go! My Lord. Aren’t you one of the soldiers who went to fight? That’s right, I was sent to bring you the good news. What good news? We defeated Ibn Al-Zubair’s men. Do you think that such a minor skirmish is worthy of being as a victory? Did you go for defeat but was surprised by victory so you came with the good news? Victory is inevitable. Otherwise, I would have beheaded you all. Woe betide you! You didn’t fear the sword of the enemy, but you fear the look of your leader? God bless you and the others. Al-Hajjaj will only lead you to victory. The commander of our squadron asks you if we should stay on the mountain we seized, or should we come back here? I have no interest in that location. I only meant it as a message to Ibn Al-Zubair to ponder on. Now go back to your commander with this, go. My Lord, we’re equal now. So, don’t be sad. This is not how the wind blows, Ibn Safwan. Victory paves the way for other victories, and defeat paves the way for other defeats. Our history proves what I said, Although it somehow supports what you said, My Lord. Didn’t Muslims win in Badr and got defeated in Uhod, then victories followed that?

Those days are gone and will never be repeated. I brought you bad luck. Why are you saying that, Chief of Thaqif? You won before I arrived, but you were defeated after I joined you. Chief of Thaqif, you are above this kind of reasoning. If things were like you said, Ibn Safwan, then let’s prepare for what is next. I think this man sent to us by Ibn Marwan won’t let us catch our breaths between the attacks. We summoned you during day, but you came at night, Ibn Jubair. I couldn’t interrupt a session for seekers of knowledge and Hadith. Fine. This is the nature of the Followers like you. We were told that you never left the mosque where you hold your seminars. I have left it. So, why did you summon me? I asked you to stay in my court as my personal scribe, and to allocate a salary for you that would suffice you and enable you to live luxuriously, but you declined the offer. God Almighty has chosen for me and I’m content with His choice, and I praise Him for it. I shall accept this from you. I was told that in your sessions and sermons, you never say good things about the Emir of Believers.

Nor do I mention bad things about him. Of course you don’t. For if you or anybody else did that, we would kill you before you could beg for forgiveness. I used to live in Kufa, under Mus’ab’s rule, and it was then under the Caliphate of Abdullah bin Al-Zubair, yet I never mentioned anything good or bad about him. Ibn Al-Zubair is nothing like Ibn Marwan, the Emir of Believers. That’s between you, people of politics. But in my sessions and sermons, I only mention those who are better than both of them, and what would benefit people in their life and mediate for them on the Day of Judgment. Don’t you think that Caliph Abdul Malek deserves a good thing to be said about him? What’s wrong with you? Won’t you answer? I think you answered. listen, Ibn Jubair. This is the second time you displease me. I don’t want you to stay, so as not to do it a third time, as I don’t know what I would do then. So, leave Kufa and never show up here again. I will, My Lord. I will. I have no place of preference in the lands of Islam. I will. But tell me something, My Lord,

If this is a punishment, then what’s he crime? I won’t leave anybody in Kufa who doesn’t declare his loyalty to the Emir of Believers, after all people have pledged allegiance to him. My Lord, fear and seeking worldly gains have their impact on the soul, or on the man who doesn’t fear God. I shall advise you before leaving, that if people declared something out loud, then don’t urge them to reveal what’s in their hearts. Otherwise, you would be shocked by what you’d find. Woe betide you, where will you go? Ibn Amr. Didn’t you tell me that another catapult was ready? Yes, I did – I want to see it. – At night? Would the one who asked for it sleep? – My Lord. – Who’s this? We found him walking around the camp, – so we got suspicious. – I didn’t mean any harm. Who are you and why did you approach the soldiers? Don’t you recognize me? Who are you? You will only recognize me as one of the boys to whom you used to teach the Quran in Ta’ef. – Why did you come here? – No reason. It’s just that I heard you came back, so I wanted to see you. and see what’s become of you.


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