Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 8 in Urdu Subtitles

Um Abdullah. I didn’t realize you were here. What brings you out? I felt as if the walls were closing in on me. I thought you were sleeping. Could you sleep? As far as I am concerned, I feel as if this wide, open space is closing in on me. If this is the case for us here, then how would it be for your brother, Mus’ab? – Mother… – Stop. – You kept me in the dark. – I was worried about you. About what? I’ve all but lost my sight, and my body is worn out, and I am far advanced in years. But this fire is still burning inside me, and keeping things from me won’t put it out. It would rather inflame it even more. I heard news from here and there, I believed some and didn’t believe others. No, what you heard was true. Then how could you leave him without help or support? It’s the far distance. The Umayyad was faster to block all the roads. And because of my fear for Makkah and the Sacred Mosque, and Hijaz as a whole. Doesn’t losing Iraq mean losing Hijaz? You are exaggerating, Mother. The conflict between Mus’ab and Abdul Malek hasn’t been settled yet. But… Are you still here? – How could I leave you? – Then, why are silent? unless there’s something you’re afraid to say. – That’s right. – You are gripped by fear, so much that it has silenced you. It is not my fear for Mus’ab. No woman has ever given birth to a man like Mus’ab, and there has never been any man as courageous as him in battle. You are afraid of those around him and those with him. Yes, I am afraid that they would let him down and abandon him. Stop. – Did the battle start? – We haven’t heard anything yet. I used to rush the news. But now, I wish it would slow down. This space suffocates me even more than my depression. It’s making me even more worried. Take me inside. Come on, fight them. Kill them all. Go to him, Hajjaj, and tell him that I, the Emir of Believers, shall guarantee his safety provided he stops the battle and pledges loyalty to me. It will take us only one round of fighting to defeat them, my Lord. No, no, I will not proceed with fighting before I talk to him and make him that offer, Hajjaj. My Lord, what we expected and feared happened. – What’s that? – A group of soldiers and commanders stayed behind to join the enemy. I was not aware of people’s intentions, as they turned out to be fearful and lost. Who are they? Damn them! Those who were contacted and tempted by your enemy. May God compensate me for their treason with strength, endurance and support from Him. Excuse me, Emir of Believers. Hasn’t the war ended yet? No. It’s been raging on for too long and there’s no end in sight. But Mus’ab’s men, who let him down and turned against him, may tip the battle in favor of… Stop, don’t finish that sentence. What a man Mus’ab bin Al-Zubair is! He is reminiscent of Al-Hussein in the battle of Karbala’. Don’t say it, Ibn Safwan, even if you know it. Don’t say it. Listen, Mus’ab, we are cousins. So, please accept the safety pledge by the Emir of Believers. The Emir of Believers is in Makkah, and there is no other Emir of Believers. But your men let you down and left you alone. I won’t let my brother, nor myself, nor the Muslims down. The only way for me to overcome this calamity, is to walk through the flames. Pull out your sword, Ibn Marwan. No, no, I won’t pull it out for you. You led this army and you’re withholding your sword! I hate to see you get killed, Mus’ab. So, accept my safety pledge, and you shall have money and power. Either you pull out your sword or let me fight others. Listen to me, Ibn Al-Zubair. I’m answering a much more noble call. What a unique kind of men are the sons of Al-Awwam! It’s as if Antara Al-Absy was describing Mus’ab when he said, A heavily armed man who worriers fear to fight He never escapes, nor surrenders Was I mistaken? Was I mistaken in this? No, I wasn’t. Mus’ab has a war to fight against Abdul Malek, And Al-Muhallab Ibn Abi Sufra has a war to fight against the Kharijites. I couldn’t mix between them. This won’t change anything, it’s all in vain. We heard that the balance of power has been tipped greatly in favor of the Umayyad Caliph. Are you calling him “the Caliph” now? It doesn’t matter what I call him now, for he would prevail. And I’m not sure if he killed Mus’ab The Lion. I don’t think Abdul Malek would do that. You think too highly of Ibn Marwan. He might spare him because of their blood ties, and to obtain his loyalty. You think he would do that? Abdul Malek is handling things with such wisdom and cunning, that Mus’ab Ibn Al-Zubair lacks. His only friends are his sword, determination and strength. Tell me, Abu Bahr, what do people think about them? The times are changing, and life is unpredictable. – Is this Mus’ab’s home? – And it is empty, my Lord. It was rather occupied by people better than him. And this is his court. And this is his head. Why was his head cut off? Al-Hajjaj ordered me to cut his head off and to bring it to my Lord the Emir of Believers. I suggest, my Lord, that you send Mus’ab’s head to his brother Abdullah in Makkah, so he would cry over him until his head rolls down next to his brother’s, in due time. Oh, God! How angry and agitated he was in the battle field! And how calm and serene he looks after his death! That’s because he was facing you then, but now he is standing before God. Stop it! Put down your sword, Ibn Yusuf. – Who are you? – Sa’eed Ibn Jubair. All of us will stand before God when our time comes. Let him go. No blood shall be spilled after the fighting is over. What were you saying, Ibn Yusuf? I heard you say that fighting is over, and Basra is calling you after Kufa, to achieve another victory.

Basra will come to me, not for war, but to pledge allegiance. Would Al-Muhallab bin Abi Sufra be among them? Are you always so blinded by your anger and hatred? Al-Muhallab is not a coward, and he is to be accounted for. But as far as I know, he will take the side of the winner, to support him in his war against the Kharijites. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Go the Emir of Believers and tell him that we came to pledge allegiance and loyalty to him. Okay, wait here. My Lord, a group of men from Kufa are asking for permission to pledge allegiance and loyalty to you. – Will you let them in? – No. I’ll go out to see them. As you wish, my Lord. Those, Mus’ab, are the men who used to come to you for something different than what they’re coming for now, and at the same house. Those were the people you relied on, but they let you down. You were honest with them and they lied to you. You didn’t know how to rule them. So, you fought on their behalf until you got killed. – My Lord, we are afraid… – Stop. Stop. No woman from Quraish has ever given birth to a man like you and no one will ever do. We were relatives, an old kinship. But power cannot be shared, it doesn’t acknowledge relatives. You won’t be the first, nor will you be the last. The only way to stay in power is to spill blood. and the only way to preserve a palace is to adorn its walls with paintings of smashed throats, and to light its hallways with chandelier weaved out of eyeballs. which were gouged out with merciless daggers. Umayyad, take off the moldy yellowish dress, and cover your body with dresses knitted by the silver of the Tigris and the Euphrates. Rage, banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates, rage, and carry to the valleys of the Barada River the news of the Umayyad victory. And you, moons of Iraq, gather and revolve.

حجاج بن یوسف قسط نمبر 8

And launch into Makkah’s night the shooting stars of the Umayyad victory. Perhaps they would draw the horrifying picture of Mus’ab’s death for that alleged Caliph to see, so he might get his bearings back and forget about the illusion of taking away the sacred right of the Umayyad to power. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Why did the men become indolent and lazy? It’s not that, my Lord. They are just frustrated by the news they hear. Let them do what they were recruited for, for that is better and everlasting in the eyes of God. Nothing on this earth can ever stop us from restoring the Ka’ba. Yes, my Lord. Come on, get up. Send her in. Do I have to ask permission to enter my husband’s court? We are guests here, but just for a while. A guest doesn’t enter a house by killing its people. Are these soldiers here to help me stand if I collapsed before you? Move away from her. – Why did you summon me? – To tell you that I didn’t want Mus’ab to be killed. So, it was the wish of that who is superior to you and stronger than you. Yes, superior and stronger. That’s not why you summoned me. You wanted to see me crying, regretful and broken, Ibn Marwan. Address my Lord by his title. Would the Caliph hate to be called by his father’s name? Continue, bint Al-Hussein. Yes, let each one of us be called by his father’s name, so as to know each other’s status. You killed my father and I cried for him until I ran out of tears, save for a few. Yes, Ibn Marwan. If my crying for my husband pleases you, then I will, but in private, for Mus’ab is now standing before God, and I cry for him when I am alone, standing before God, so we can connect. I will never shed tears in front of someone who’s not worthy of seeing them.

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Will you stay in Kufa? – Ibn Marwan, you have taken over Iraq, after the death of my husband, Mus’ab, and the betrayal of his men. So, do you think I would stay in it? Where would you go then? – Why do you ask? – So I could help you to get to wherever you like. The road I’ll take is not under your jurisdiction. What a woman! Emir of Believers, I swear that you have only two choices with such a woman, either you kill her or marry her. But in between, she will leave a fire raging in the your soul. God damn you, Ibn Yusuf! I’ve never heard something better or worse than what you’ve just said. Bint Al-Hussein wil..


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