Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles

Who are you? Don’t you recognize me? Yes, but I want to make sure if you’re still as insolent as I remember you. I met you once before, this is the second time we meet, and I did not change in between. Where are you going? Didn’t you know that I was recruited by the Chief of Police? We work together now. I don’t know whether I should thank you for this, or if I should curse you for what you did to me. I don’t know what will happen in the future. Is that the Caliph? Yes, it is him, the Caliph and the Emir of Believers Abdullah bin Al-Zubair I can’t believe what I see! You mean his prolonged kneeling and prostration in prayer? And how pigeons are standing still on him. This is not strange. Wasn’t his father the apostle of God’s prophet, peace be upon him, and his mother was Asma, the daughter of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq? And he was the first child to be born in Islam for the immigrants. When he was born Muslims glorified God and were happy to have him, for the Jews used to tell the Muslims that they enchanted them so they couldn’t have any more children. so God retaliated their deception and Abdullah was born. He was named and blessed by the Prophet, peace be upon him. Then why did the Prophet, peace be upon him, tell him: “Woe unto you from people,” “and woe unto people from you”? There is a story behind that. One day when Abdullah was a child he went to the house of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and the Prophet was cupping, so when he finished, he gave the cupped blood to Abdullah, and said to him: “Abdullah, take this blood and pour it” “where no one can see you.” So, when he disappeared from the Prophet’s sight, he drank the blood and came back, so the Prophet asked him: “what have you done with the blood?” He said “I hid it in a place where no one could find it.” The Prophet said, “I am afraid you drank it!” Abdullah said: “yes.” The Prophet said; “why did you drink the blood?” He said: “I drank it to increase my knowledge and faith,” “and to have something from the Prophet’s body in my body.” “for my body is more worthy of it than earth.” Then, the Prophet said to him: “Be delighted, you will never be tortured in Hell.” “Woe unto you from people, and woe unto people from you.” When can I meet him then? This was my only purpose for leaving Syria. No, no, no, no! Don’t overestimate Abdullah bin Al-Zubair, for I know him better, he fasts and prays a lot. He’s not fit for power or politics, It’s his brother Mus’ab I’m concerned about. If I could kill him and disperse his supporters, and conquer Iraq, Then, I would have destroyed the corner stone of Ibn Al-Zubair’s State. Emir of Believers, you keep talking about Ibn Al-Zubair but you never mention the Khawarij, as if you’re ignoring their power and their danger. No, no, no. I’m not underestimating their power or the threat they pose, but we have many enemies, They will keep fighting against each other, until each party eliminates the other and saves me the effort. Thus, we will be left with the two sons of Al-Zubair, one in Iraq, and the other in Hijaz, and that is the evident threat. Stop, people! Stop! Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi was killed, and this is his head.

حجاج بن یوسف قسط نمبر 3

Stop! You, Commander Rauh wants to see you. Move! – Did you summon me? – Won’t you greet me first? – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Yes, I summoned you. Listen, Hajjaj, Or would you rather I called you Kulaib? Call me by whichever name you find easier to pronounce, and I’ll respond. Did you choose that name for yourself out of yearning for the Pre-Islamic period of ignorance? Can this be said to a man who teaches the Holy Quran and its interpretations? – Why then? – Is that why you sent for me? No. I was just wondering why you chose the name of Kulaib Ibn Wa’el, The chief of the Rabi’a Tribe in the Pre-Islamic period. Is it because he was a ruler, a protector and an oppressor during his life? Or is it because a lot of blood was spilled after he died? He was a king among Arabs, while I am a just an officer in your troops. Is this why you summoned me? The Emir of Believers sent the soldiers’ payments, and we used to distribute them haphazardly. But I understand you’re a literate man and that you have some knowledge of bookkeeping and arithmetic, so I wanted to assign this to you. You chose the right man. Won’t you quit boasting and bragging about yourself? It’s rather living up to the task. If It’s bragging, then it’s out of pride of the job you gave me, Commander. I may brag before you, but to them I only show strictness. – Don’t do that. – I will. Strictness breeds strength, while leniency breeds sluggishness and kills determination. Commander, I noticed that your soldiers were very indolent, and so as not to ignore their ability to… Enough! I don’t know what you’re implying. Assign me the job of organizing them and putting them in order. – You lack the necessary expertise. – But I have determination, and expertise is gained. Do what I ordered you now, and I will decide based on your performance. This is the money, and this is the sheet to keep the names and the shares. His determination, which I lack, directed him. Otherwise, I would have gone with him. Where would his determination lead him? Wouldn’t he be better off staying in Ta’ef to teach Quran and earn his livelihood? What would he gain in the Capital of the Umayyads other than being an unknown, lost stranger? What did he gain here? And what would any of us gain here? Woe be to you, Muhammad! Are you ungrateful for what we have in our land? Father, the land is for those who rule it, not for those who are satisfied with the basic requirements of life. Do you think your brother, Kulaib, may become a ruler someday where he went and left his land? Yes, If he achieved his purpose. And what is that? He was only good for teaching children, and I don’t think that Syria has a shortage of people like him. Father, do you think this is what Al-Hajjaj is after? What else is he capable of? Never let your love for him make you overestimate him. I think your brother will come home someday disappointed and regretful. He would rather die than come back. Father… You shouldn’t have said that, even if you were sure of it. You shouldn’t have said that to a father. By God, I miss him despite everything he did. And I hope… I hope to see him someday coming back home. Line up and stand upright, I have the payments of the Emir of Believers and those who committed any wrongdoings shall not be paid. And those who did anything that warrants punishment shall have be punished. And those who have shown diligence and good work, shall be paid. How dare you address us like that while being a stranger? No one is a stranger in the service of the Emir of Believers. I have suffered a lot, left my home, and went through so much trouble to serve him.

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This leads to that, so, never underestimate me in order not to suffer what you can’t imagine. Why did you leave Syria while you are one of its native people? What Abdul Malek bin Marwan did to its people. He committed a lot of transgressions for too long. Why did you endure that for so long? And why did you finally leave? I left because he killed Amro bin Sa’eed bin Al-As, after guaranteeing his safety. If he would do that to his close relatives, then what would he do to us? Doesn’t he give you of his money? Yes, but he oppresses us with his power too. That’s what occupiers do, and that’s who the Umayyads are. What did you want by coming here? To live near the Ka’ba, taking haven in the Sacred Mosque. Perhaps God will reward me for that. God doesn’t reward slackers, nor does the Caliph. Then give me a job, My Lord, and you’ll find me qualified enough, with God’s will. I intend to rebuild the Ka’ba. I also want to integrate stone into it, and to fix the cracks caused by the catapult shells which Muslim bin Oqba bombarded it with during Yazeed’s days, as well as its burned roof. Once that is done, I will cover it with silk brocade and you, the people of Syria, are good at all this, so let your reward from God and from me be for this work. I’m grateful for your generosity, My Lord. Excuse me, it’s my private time. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Come in, Syrian, you are welcome. You were too tough on them, Hajjaj. No, they have been slacking, and they won’t obey you unless they got some tough treatment. I was tough with them as to make things easier for you. This book has the names, ranks and payments. Well done. I will show it to the Emir of Believers, and I’ll commend your good work. Why don’t you introduce me to him so that he sees me in person? Are you aspiring to meet the Emir of Believers now? My grandfather was close to Mu’awiya bin Abi Sufian. My father too was close to his father Marwan bin Al-Hakam. You’re such a big liar, Hajjaj! You could you be sure whether I’m lying or telling the truth by putting me to the test. If the Emir of Believers grants me what I’m hoping for, I will be a great asset for you, After all, I’m one of your soldiers. Then, get ready for that, as it’s the Caliph who must put you to the test. Let’s go. Who did this work? A man I recruited in our police force. He came from Ta’ef in Hijaz and he’s from the Thaqif tribe. – Where is he? – Awaiting permission to enter. Let him in. But, My Lord, he’s very conceited and he brags a lot. What does he brag about? That his grandfather was close to Mu’awiya, and that his father was close to your father. Mu’awiya and those close to him are long gone, and so are my father and those who were with him. Now it’s all about me and those around me. But, My Lord, he also brags about … I couldn’t care less about any of that. you talked a lot about him, Ibn Zinba’. Won’t you give me a chance to see him and make my own judgments? Yes, My Lord. Let the man standing outside in.


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