Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles

The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. “Al-Hajjaj.” I am here amongst you again with a different face, and a different attitude. “Episode 12.” Khaled bin Abdullah won’t meet your demands. He is arrogant and doesn’t approve of your war against the Khawarij. By God, I won’t be satisfied with just this victory against them. I suggest you hold your horses for a while. And give Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a the chance Qatari to unite his scattered troops and attack us first? We will prepare for him as he prepares for us. Prepare? With who? Can’t you see the conditions of the soldiers who came with us from Basra to Ahvaz?

Fighting has exhausted them, and they miss their homes and families. Those who were left in Basra are not capable of fighting. There’s no use in mobilizing them. Abu Yazeed, I suggest we stay here in Ahvaz and bide our time, until the Caliph sends us back-up. When? He’s too busy with his campaign against Hijaz. I wish I had remained a prefect over Khorasan. Where are Al-Muhallab’s threats? We are prepared to fight him, but he backed off. I think he went to collect tributes from Ahvaz for his Lord. Who is his Lord? He was the prefect of Ibn Al-Zubair, and then he changed sides and pledged loyalty to Ibn Marwan. Both are our enemies. Al-Muhallab is more hostile towards us, – wherever his loyalties lay. – My Lord, I suggest we leave him be. We might have lost Ahvaz, but here we are in Karaman and Tabarstan, and both are completely under your control and they pledged allegiance to you. Ahvaz is not a big deal. Ahvaz is on the outskirts of Iraq, and it’s our gate to it. We did not lose Ahvaz only, but we will keep losing the lands of Islam, until we reinforce God’s laws in them again, and subjugate them to His rule, and reclaim them from the alleged Caliphs and usurpers.

What do you suggest then, My Lord? Abdul Malek and Al-Zubair will be busy fighting each other, until one of them eliminates the other. Only then, we will interfere and we will have our chance. – That’s a wise opinion, My Lord. – We should stay alert, and we should have our swords ready, until the time comes. Ta’ef, I wonder what I would find there. Muhammad! Muhammad bin Yusuf, come out. Duraid. What’s wrong with Thaqif people, closing their doors, as if you’re ignoring what’s going on. – And what is going on? – You really don’t know? I wouldn’t deny my knowledge of it, so what is it? What we had foreseen became a reality now. Woe betide you, Duraid, stop speaking in puzzles. – Won’t you elaborate? – To build up suspense. – Speak. -Al-Hajjaj, your brother. – What about him? – He’s approaching Ta’ef.

He came back. Where is he? Hold your horses! For he did not come back home to see his father, nor to embrace his brother. He came leading an army that starts at the tail of his horse, and that doesn’t have an end in sight. Emir of Believers! Emir of Believers! – What’s wrong, Sa’d? – The Umayyad army is approaching Ta’ef. Are you sure of that? I was told that some brigades of it headed toward Al-Madinah, but the army reached where I told you. – Who’s leading it? – We are not sure yet, but the one who brought me the news thinks it’s Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi. Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi! Go and call the people to meet me in the Sacred Mosque, go. What’s wrong with you? It seems that you didn’t sleep all night. I couldn’t sleep with what was going on. As soon as I left Kufa to forget what I witnessed there, and settle in Al-Madinah, it was invaded by the Umayyad army. No fighting took place, and no blood was spilled. But they are here, Ramlah. Al-Madinah will no longer be the same, after the Caliphate was taken away from your brother Abdullah. – He will reclaim it. – Do you think so? How naive you are, Ramlah! Only one brigade of the Umayyad army headed to Al-Madinah, led by a man who hates to kill, as far as I know. But the majority of the army headed to Makkah, led by Al-Hajjaj, who has a thirst for violence and bloodshed. Makkah won’t submit to that blood-thirsty man, while being defended by my brother Abdullah and his men. We hope so. Did you know anything about my brother Orwa and his sons? Suraih told me that Tareq bin Amr guaranteed their safety when traveling from Al-Madinah to Makkah,.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf They are getting ready to leave. That’s good. My brother Abdullah needs them close to him. I wish I were with them. People of Makkah. God Almighty has blessed you by making you worthy of protecting His Sacred Mosque, and preserving it, and defending it. As you heard, Abdul Malek bin Marwan sent his soldiers to you, with more evil in their hearts than there is on their spearheads, and on the blades of their swords. We are the men to fight them, My Lord. We are the men to fight them, My Lord. We are the men to fight them, My Lord. We are the men to fight them, My Lord. We are the men to fight them, My Lord. We are the men to fight them, My Lord. The pious have signs that distinguish them, and they know them themselves. Contentment with fate, gratitude for blessings, complying with the teachings of the Holy Quran, and enduring calamity. We shall endure with you. We shall endure with you. We shall endure with you. We shall endure with you. We shall endure with you. We shall endure with you. They came to crush the truth and replace it with falsehood. We are the men of truth. We are the men of truth. We are the men of truth. We are the men of truth. We are the men of truth. We are the men of truth. Ibn Al-Zubair, you have two traits that no one on earth can challenge you in. Worship and courage. By God, one breeds on the other. You are a man who has never sought worldly gains. But it’s life and its temptation that are putting us in this situation. The Emir of believers is as you said. But we are facing something carried out by more than one man. So, what do you suggest? We pledge allegiance to you, Ibn Al-Zubair. We pledge allegiance to you, Ibn Al-Zubair. We renew our pledge to you. We renew our pledge to you.

We pledge allegiance to you, Ibn Al-Zubair. We pledge allegiance to you, Ibn Al-Zubair. We renew our pledge to you. We renew our pledge to you. I’m not asking you to pledge allegiance to me in this matter, but it should rather be accompanied with loyalty and faithfulness to the Ka’ba. We shall protect it and defend it with our lives. We shall protect it and defend it with our lives. We shall protect it and defend it with our lives. We shall protect the Ka’ba and defend it with our lives. We shall protect the Ka’ba and defend it with our lives. We shall protect the Ka’ba and defend it with our lives. Here I come back to Ta’ef. Would people here remember the child of a difficult birth? Or would they remember the lowly children’s teacher? Or would they not recognize in my new attire? Kulaib! What brings you back after all this time? I only left to come back, Father. Won’t you call me Al-Hajjaj? I would rather use the name you’re known by in Ta’ef, What became of you while you’re away from here is none of our concern. Here I am amongst you again, with a different face, and a different attitude. I left this place as a lowly, inferior man, and came back a powerful, glorious man. Why are you denouncing what I came back with? You came back with evil and calamity. That’s how you see it, but I see it as a blessing. What blessing is there in fighting Muslims and accomplishing the avidities of the Umayyads? You’re being too harsh on him, father. If you won’t treat him as a son or a brothers, then at least treat him as a guest for the few days he’ll spend with us. Those will be such black days. I don’t know what they might hold for us. Why did you choose to camp with your men near Ta’ef? You have Makkah ahead of you, why don’t you invade it and spare us the complicity in your sinful act? Ta’ef is my hometown and where my heart is. Don’t try to fool me. I know you better than I know anyone, Kulaib. As you said, no one knows me better… than you do. We used to turn a deaf ear to your news. And we tried so hard to forget you and not to mention you. But you are now here among us, so I will reveal to you what you hide inside. There’s nothing I want more than that, Father. You’ve become a salve for Abdul Malek bin Marwan. The son of Yusuf Al-Thaqafi can never be anyone’s slave. But Ibn Marwan, the Caliph and the Emir of Believers, has given me a mission, so I must be loyal and obedient. I asked you why you chose this place. – And I have answered. – No, you beat around the bush. I will reveal to you what’s on your mind, for it incites you to do evil. What would stop you from being like Abdul Malek bin Marwan and make Ta’ef the Capital of your Kingdom, and the main city in the Thaqafi state, like Damascus is for the Umayyads, and Al-Madinah for the Rashidis, and Makkah for the Zubairis? Would you object to that if it happened? You have traces from the pre-Islamic era of ignorance in you, which forced you to stay in Ta’ef for a while before invading Makkah. Do you still think that Makkah prevented the prophet’s enlightenment from reaching Ta’ef? And that Quraish kept the Prophet away from Thaqif? Have you forgotten what the Quraishis did to you? That man, under whom and for whom you fight. that Umayyad, isn’t he from Quraish? Listen Kulaib, you are a very ambitious man, and you would do anything to realize your ambitions, and you would use any means possible to accomplish your end. You must realize that every man has a size, and every event has its proportion. By God, I am as you said. I never let go of my goal until I achieve it. nor do I back out of anything I’ve set my mind to. Every man has a size, and I know my size. And every event has a proportion, and I know how to handle them to achieve my goal. If this home, the dearest place on earth to my heart, does not welcome me, then all of Ta’ef is now under my control. And so will be Makkah, Al-Madinah and the entire Hijaz. But don’t let me leave with a pain in my heart that I cannot bear, Father.

You did not allow me to kiss your hand when I arrived, so please let me do that before I leave. Hajjaj! You’re the first one to call me by that name. What do you want? I implore you to come back again. It is only a cloud of anger that would clear out. It has cleared out and revealed what was behind it. Either you come back with me or I’ll go with you. Neither this nor that. My road is very rugged and I wouldn’t want you to go through it. Your father is an old man and he needs you to take care of him. so, look after him. I wanted to bid you farewell, for your status should be acknowledged. Despite being your enemies, Commander? Yes, we are enemies until this ordeal passes. Things may clear up afterwards. Maybe. You could have killed us. I never pull out my sword except in war, and I did not face any situation in Al-Madinah that warranted fighting. You will stay in Al-Madinah, then. No, I am a fighting commander. I’ll join the army in Makkah. We will meet with our swords in Makkah. Yes. And I’ll have you know, son of Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubair, that I’m heading there with my sword against my will. – What compels you to do that? – I am a soldier, and I have to be loyal and obedient. Even if your loyalty lay with falsehood? Truth and falsehood are often mixed-up In times of war. The warrior never knows on which side he is, and the only thing he can do is fight. Proceed to what’s waiting for you, with God’s blessing. Why did he go to Ta’ef? What’s so funny? By God, if you weren’t my brother, I would deal with you differently. – Pardon me. – I will when I know why you laughed. My Lord, you asked us not to report the news of Al-Hajjaj’s campaign, and when we did, you asked us about him and his mission. Yes, there’s something mysterious about that man. When he’s present, you feel repelled by him and wish he’d disappear forever. And when he’s absent, you wish he would come back. So, why would he camp in Ta’ef? It’s where he was born and raised, and his family is there. – That’s what concerns me. – Why would it concern you? I’m worried that when he’s among his people in Thaqif, they would dissuade him from what I sent him for.

My Lord, if you put Al-Hajjaj before a deeply-rooted mountain, he would shake it away from its place. That’s right. Although I don’t like him, there’s something I can’t deny: his partiality for the Caliph. I know that. But I wanted to hear it from you. It seems that God answered my prayers. Why did they come from Al-Madinah where they were safe? Let’s go. Take me to him, Muhammad. You were repelled by seeing him, – so why do you want to see him now? – I might dissuade him. You know he never quits or backs out from something. Except this, I can’t stand hearing about it. I will do my best to dissuade him from doing it. I wish he had stayed in Ta’ef teaching Quran to children. He was rewarded by God for doing that. But what he intends to do now is a grave sin. – Take me to him. – Father, Al-Hajjaj… Don’t call him by that name in front of me. Father, he is tempted by superiority, and he’s seeking it. Do you think that dividing Muslims would make him superior? He doesn’t think so, he rather wants to reunite them. Under the rule of the Umayyads. Weren’t you partial to the Umayyads, and you sought Marwan bin Al-Hakam? Yes, but that didn’t involve bloodshed. But now that the earth is drenched with blood, I won’t have my own son add to that bloodshed. Take me to him. If it is longing that brought you, then quench it, and then go back to Al-Madinah and stay there until I summon you. What’s wrong? Are you hiding something from me? The Umayyad army entered Al-Madinah, so we left it. What did you say? No, don’t say that again. I can’t bear to hear it twice. – Haven’t you fought? – There wasn’t much fighting. So you left to save yourselves. No, Tareq bin Amr let us leave when he recognized us, and he guaranteed our safety. Tareq bin Amr! He was leading the Umayyad army. Then, Al-Madinah is under the Umayyad control now. Ibn Amr spared people’s lives by giving the pledge of safety. The city of the Rashidis, is now being sabotaged by the Umayyad army. Go home, leave me alone. We only came to be with you. No, you didn’t come, you were expelled. Now go. Leave me alone until I summon you. Go. Emir of Believers. By God, I haven’t heard such distressing news since the fall of Iraq and Mus’ab’s death. Leave me alone. My Lord, Yusuf Al-Thaqafi asks for permission to enter. Damn you! How could you let my father wait for permission to see me? Let him in. Ibn Safwan. I hope you’ve regained your peace of mind. No, by God, my mind has been very disturbed. I was shocked for what my brother and his sons did. How could they leave just like that? Abandoning the city of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Peace be upon him, Without so much as a scar! What if they were not forced to fight? Do you think, Ibn Safwan that such people would fight on my side to defend Makkah and the Sacred Mosque?

Father! If you called me, I would come to you. Why take the trouble of coming to me? Come in, Father, come in. I want you to back out of this mission. Return Abdul Malek’s army to him, and stay here in Ta’ef like you used to be. Either I remain as I was, or go back to how I used to be after everything I accomplished? That would be my death. and if I stopped the army from invading Makkah and Ibn Al-Zubair, the wouldn’t obey me for that’s what they marched for. I wouldn’t be dissuaded from something that has been already decided. – I want your good. – This is beyond what you want and what I want. what I intend to do is what’s good for me, and for you, and for Arabs and Muslims. What’s good about fighting and spilling blood? That’s the only way to settle things, Father. Do you know how many States and Caliphates there are? And how many men in the lands of Islam claim to be Caliphs? By God, I seek to reunite them in one state, under one Caliph. Who shall be Abdul Malek bin Marwan He’s the one most worthy of it. Worthiness isn’t measured by strength, but rather the other way around. Do you think Ibn Al-Zubair is worthy of it? He is one of the best remaining rulers. I’ve never seen a man like him. He relies on prayer, fasting and worship, whereas Abdul Malek relies on soldiers and money. Father, Ibn Al-Zubair prays and fasts a lot, but he’s not fit to be a ruler. And is Ibn Marwan fit for it? Kulaib, you used to teach the Quran. I remember that. Before becoming a Caliph, Abdul Malek bin Marwan was an abstemious, pure, pious man, who reads the Quran all the time. But after he became Caliph, he abandoned the Quran, and said “Here we part ways”.

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Is this what power does to a believer? The governance has its burdens, Father. To abandon God’s Laws and the teachings of the Prophet? Did you abandon the teaching of Quran and its interpretation, in the same manner your Lord abandoned it? Father, by God, I love you, and I appreciate everything you did for me. But forgive me for not granting your request, for it is futile, as I won’t be dissuaded. What if I proceeded with it and you found me supporting Ibn Al-Zubair, and we met in battle, would you kill me? Spare me that plight, Father. Don’t test me. By God, you don’t love me nor do you love anyone. The only thing you love is power and influence. Come on, Muhammad, we won’t stay where he is. Go with him, Muhammad, go. What can I say? He was clearly angry at us, even if he tried to hide it. He wouldn’t have heard about losing Al-Madinah – without getting angry. – He was angry at us, for leaving it safely. – That would upset him too. – Would he be happy if we were killed like our uncle Mus’ab was?

– Don’t mention that. – I will mention it to ask you, if my father was surrounded by an enemy, and had to choose between death and his enemy’s pledge of safety, wouldn’t he choose his safety over death? I will join Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf, and I will leave you here. You are now responsible for Al-Madinah and you’ll be held accountable for it. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 12 Provide its people with peace and security, unless those who take part in seditions, or breach their loyalty to the Caliph, Abdul Malek bin Marwan, or those who try to take advantage of the situation. Those who you need shall stay in Al-Madinah. Take a brigade to the mountain at dawn, and clash with Ibn Al-Zubair’s soldiers. Why not attack Makkah with the entire army at once? We must exhaust Ibn Al-Zubair first and scatter his forces, before we invade Makkah. Go and get ready for dawn. Yes, My Lord. Dismount. Don’t be afraid. I only need a sip of water. Thank God. Where do you come from? That’s none of your concern, for both of us are strangers who came to drink from this water. This road is taken between Makkah and Al-Madinah. Yet, you ask. You are coming from Makkah, then. No, from a neighboring area, from Ta’ef. Ta’ef! What about it? And why did you leave it? I see that you drank your fill of water, but your curiosity is unquenchable, so you ask a lot of questions. It’s just a small talk between two strangers to ease the burden of traveling. I’m on my way to Ta’ef, so I want to know what’s happening before reaching it. Why are you going there? Its people are leaving it, and you, a stranger, are heading to it. Leaving it? Why? Al-Hajjaj camped there and settled there like a plague, to turn it from a peaceful city into one battered with war and fear. I could no longer stay there. What is so funny about what I said? It’s not what you said, it’s the fact that you don’t know who you’re talking to. – Who are you? – Tareq bin Amr, A commander in Al-Hajjaj’s army, the one you described as a plague. Don’t! You said you only came to drink. You can leave if you want, and if you want to talk to me, then this is a safe place. No fighting took place here since the Battle of Badr. Come and talk to me. Tell me about Ibn Al-Zubair. Are you heading to fight someone you don’t know? I know a few things, but what I know doesn’t encourage me to fight him. Then you want a pretext to fight him. You won’t find that in him. What about being stingy and not spending his money on people? We didn’t need it, so we didn’t test his generosity with his money. My Lord Abdul Malek spend a lot of money on his men. he spoiled you by that. You won’t tempt me with that. Al-I won’t fight with Hajjaj, even if he gave me all the money in the world. I only left Ta’ef to avoid fighting, even if I died away from the battle field. – That’s up to you – Tell me something, do you really think that the Umayyad Abdul Malek is better than the Emir of Believers Ibn Al-Zubair? No. Then why do you fight with him? I fight with him to reunite Muslims in one state and under one Caliph. Even if it means getting rid of the best men in the nation? The best men in the nation sought to divide it. We’re really stuck between a rock and hard place here, as we have to choose between a good man who divides people, and a man not as good as him who reunites the people. Go and deter them. Go with God’s blessing. Why don’t I go with them? No, Ibn Safwan, I need you here with me. There’s another battle awaiting us. These are mere skirmishes that prepare for what’s to come. Let’s see how this day would end. Come on, you stay here. Muhammad. You didn’t expect to see me again in this place, did you? No, I did. But my father’s anger kept you away from me. That was the same reason that brought me to you now. – Then you are angry. – Everyone in Ta’ef is angry. What are they angry about? They saw some of your soldiers heading for battle. Sit down. Did they think that I led this army and camped in Ta’ef only to quit my mission? You tell me. I’ll tell you something different from what everyone says, and different from what you think. I am eager to hear it, speak up. I think you won’t be able to defeat Ibn Al-Zubair by sending him these brigades and squadrons to him, as he is fighting on his land and among people who are loyal to him. – Am I not among my people? – Not in this one. You are rather a stranger ever since you left them, and you became more estranged by what you intend to do. I might have left them but I haven’t turned against them. But forget about that now and tell me what you wanted to say about my war against Ibn Al-Zubair. – Only if you seek victory. – Woe betide you! Victory is all I seek, and I won’t go back before achieving it. Then don’t fight him with these brigades and squadrons, but with the entire army in one battle in which swords are never sheathed, until the dust settles. What’s so funny? Do you find my suggestion stupid? No, it’s not that. I know you are a peaceful person who hates war, but here you are, revealing a knowledge in war affairs. Didn’t you hate it when you taught Quran here? That was in the past. Ta’ef reminds you of it, and it’s shocked by what you changed into. Never mind, one day Ta’ef would thank me. The entire Hijaz would thank me indeed. As for the attack by the entire army, I have already thought of it, and it will happen in due time. But never inflict harm on the Sacred Mosque nor its neighbors. You know something, Muhammad? These were the Caliph’s instructions to me, and here you say it again. what makes me laugh is that my brother here in his home in Ta’ef shares the same opinion with the Emir of Believers in his capital city.


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