Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles

The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. “Al-Hajjaj.” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude. “Episode 17” You’re dismissed. Al-Hajjaj disobeyed my orders. I didn’t want him to set up the catapults, I wanted him to reach out to Ibn Al-Zubair and give him the choice before doing something like this. Then write to him to abide by your orders. No ,there will be no retreat from what he did. Otherwise his soldiers and enemy will underestimate him.

My Lord, if he disobeyed you once, he would do it again. No, no, say no more. Don’t overestimate him and underestimate his Lord in one sentence. I disregard what he does and approve it as he’s inside the battlefield while we’re outside it. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf An army leader when sent to war is not judged by his deeds there. He’s only judged by the outcome. So, let’s wait and see what the outcome will be. What did you think of the catapults? I wish I could stay with them and never leave. What do you have for me? The man you sent to inquire after Sukaina bint Al-Hussein is back. Where is he? No, no. Don’t bring him. What did he tell you? She’s settled there and she’s fine. Did he see her or meet her? Sukaina only meets the elite in science and literature in her assembly, but he met her servant and inquired about her.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 17

That’s what I expected. I couldn’t stop thinking about this since that day. Why would Al-Hajjaj send someone to inquire after me? Perhaps he’s feeling guilty for killing Mus’ab, so he wanted to be make sure you were fine. Woe be to you, Ramlah! You think too highly of people. That man doesn’t have feelings or conscience. You say that while he’s besieging Makkah, where your brother and family are! There’s something behind that. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. What if the Umayyad army’s siege of Makkah went on for too long that people began to suffer? I don’t think it would be long. What’s your proof? I don’t have one, It’s just a hope. Makkah cannot handle a prolonged period of suffering. It won’t, if those who besiege have the fear of God in them. Look at these people. Have you ever seen them that scared before? Tell me, if the siege went on for long and that Umayyad leader left… He’s not an Umayyad! I know that, but he has forgotten that he’s from Ta’ef, from the tribe of Thaqif, a neighbor of Makkah, and he went out offering people to guarantee their safety if they would renounce their loyalty to the Emir of Believers, Ibn Al-Zubair, and pledge allegiance to the Umayyad Caliph. What should you do then? Are you really asking? I shall leave you now, for I don’t know where your fear will lead you and your clinging to this mortal life. We’re still at the beginning! I’m eager to go up that hill. I’d like to view Makkah from that location, from which I haven’t viewed it from before. ,If you went up there and liked the view of Makkah from there you’ll set up the catapults on the top to strike it from that very location. Listen, young man, you’re only one of my men, and a soldier in my army, so address to me as a soldier would address his Leader. If you think that being from Ta’ef or from Thaqif will make me overlook your mistake, then you are wrong. Go back to the camp and wait for me there. Go. You went out with the Leader, so why are you returning alone? Inform the Leader that I’m leaving him. Woe betide you! After he made you close to him. I didn’t like being close to him. Where are you going? There’s nothing in these lands today but too conflicting groups.

If I left one of them, I’d join the other. Every man in Makkah has sharpened his sword, straightened his spear and sharpened his arrows. Peace be upon the Emir of Believers and his company. Peace be upon you too. We have prepared ourselves and our weapons for the war. We ask you to let us go and fight God’s enemy and yours. God bless you. Yet I will not throw you into certain death. Why are we retired then? we’re not. As soon as the enemy attacks, we will take up arms. So, let’s be organized and not waste our strength in vain. Come, Ibn Safwan. Let’s check our preparations to defend the House of God Where is Duraid? He made me furious. Is that why you sent him back alone? Where is he? He was as furious as you are now, My Lord. Woe be to you! you compare the Leader’s anger to that of a soldier? I asked and you did not answer. – He has left us. – Where to? To our enemy? Go after him and find him. – You want to bring him back? – If you find him, kill him. – My Lord! – Quiet, Ibn Amr! He has defected and this is his punishment. Whoever defects from my order shall be killed, even if he’s from Thaqif. So that he will be an example for others. Come on. My Lord, – The man was killed. – Which man? – The one you sent your men after. – I forgot about him. Is killing a man such a news worthy event? Go. You can’t tell me each time a man is killed! this is war. Go on, I’m listening. Duraid… if this war should occur… Do you doubt that? Aren’t we already in it?

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf No, I mean the big battle. – Go ahead. – Why don’t we hurry up and get it over with, as we have all the elements of victory. Did you have doubts about victory too? No, I just wonder why we’re taking things slowly. In order to spare a lot of lives. Ibn Al-Zubair will not surrender. I know that, he will not surrender, but those with him will. This way, we will corner them. You will offer them safety, then? When the time comes. Abu Qubais mountain! Yes, at the top of it. I’m short sighted, I can’t see it clearly. Do you know something? They say… that the first mountain ever to appear on earth was Abu Qubais mountain. Yes. And that the Ka’ba was the first place of worship to be set up for people when God Almighty led them to worshiping Him, – as the One and Only God. – And that’s the truth. How could catapults be set up on the first mountain on earth to strike the Ka’ba! The first house to worship God Almighty on earth! I don’t suppose he will strike Makkah, Sheikh, but… You’re underestimating the gravity of the situation! I hope that God will take my soul before this happens. Your soldiers killed him, My Lord.

I’m not addressing you as my brother. Why? He came to join you! He has defected. So you kill him! Perhaps Ibn Al-Zubair’s men knew that he was from Thaqif so they killed him. Ibn Al-Zubair’s men don’t stab in the back. No, Ibn Amr! I don’t lie and I won’t have lies told in my presence. My soldiers followed him and killed him. He shouldn’t have come to support me and then defect. He wasn’t heading to your enemy, My Lord he was heading to Ta’ef and I found him on the way there. I did not punish him for where he was heading, but rather for defecting from my order. Nobody has ever done that to me and stayed alive. Why don’t you kill me then? You did not pledge loyalty to me and then defected. This is all to no avail. I’ll go bury the man. Hold on! Let’s forget about this. It’s war, Muhammad, and it is bound to divide the people. My Lord, we’re at war. No, Ibn Safwan, I shall permit no weapon to enter the Sacred Mosque. Even in pre-Islamic times, no weapon came near the Ka’ba. For defending it, yes, but not to defend ourselves. Why did you refrain from saying this at the court and you want to tell me about it now? I wanted to keep it between me and you. As your father, not the Caliph? – Yes, if you will. – Go ahead. I’m still against this campaign on Makkah. And you have no say in it. No. Would you want Ibn Al-Zubair’s reign to stay? his reign is only restricted to Makkah and some of its surrounding areas. So leave it to him and let the troops extend the conquests to reach all corners of the world. Isn’t Makkah worth that world you’re describing, Waleed? Listen, I won’t leave the Islamic lands until they are united in one strong State with Makkah as its crowning jewel. How could Makkah be excluded from that State? If the state expands through conquests, then it won’t harm if Makkah… I can’t believe you’re saying this. How could you ignore the influence of Makkah and its people on the whole world? Don’t pilgrims come to it from every place in the world? If one of our enemies remained there, how would that be like, Waleed? I don’t know, I don’t know whether your resentment is fueled by our campaign to Makkah in itself, or the man who leads the campaign. I don’t know. You shall be buried in this house. You shall be buried in this house. You shall be buried in this house. So that Al-Hajjaj will see you if he comes here one day and he will remember what he did to you. You shall be buried in this house. You shall be buried in this house. So that Al-Hajjaj will see you if he comes here one day and he will remember what he did to you. What’s wrong, Ramlah? Why are you crying? You tell me! You’ve witnessed the killing of my brother Mus’ab. Why are you talking about this? I keep imagining the killing of my brother Abdullah. Would I witness it? Or would I hear of his death while I’m far away? Let go of these thoughts! It’s as if you’re rushing something to happen which is only in God’s hands. How would you know that your brother, the Emir of Believers, would be killed, whether you were near him or far away from him? Don’t you hear what people are saying about what’s happening in Makkah?

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Yes, I do. So, why are you confused, as if you’re losing trust and hope in the Emir of Believers and his men to fend off that enemy? Listen, Ramlah, I witnessed the killing of your brother Mus’ab, I witnessed the killing of my husband and my beloved. How do you see me now? You’re a strong woman, Sukaina. No, you don’t know what’s in my heart. I just exercise patience for what I witnessed. So, how could you not be patient for what haven’t happened yet? What you’re doing is a bad omen. We are believers. come on, Ramlah Come. This is the gown of my father Al-Hussein. It’s stained with his blood that was spilled in Karbala. And this is the cloak of my husband Mus’ab, stained with his blood that was spilled in Kufa.


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