Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 19 in best Urdu Subtitles

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. “.” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude. “Episode 19” How did you find them? I found that they were satisfied with what I wouldn’t satisfy me. You’re giving them more than they can handle, My Lord.

and we’re not at war yet. Then prepare for it, for preparation is an act of war. It’s only a matter of days before we engage in it. So, you’re sure that the Caliph will grant your request? It’s not my request but his. Yes, I’m sure, and as soon as I get his permission, I shall proceed and achieve the goal. We shall meet soon, Makkah.

and nothing will keep me from that. Al-Hajjaj has stopped his attacks, so, what do you think? I think he’s preparing for something worse. How are the people doing? I can’t bear to see them suffering like that, and there’s no point in checking up on them anymore.

They’ve reached such a state of hunger and destitution that one cannot bear to witness. Our army leader has tightened the siege over Makkah, but Ibn Al-Zubair wouldn’t relent. He offered him our choices, but he declined. Is that how much Ibn Al-Zubair underestimates our ability to defeat him?

Listen, chamberlain, listen, let the leader Ibn Awf inform Al-Hajjaj to tighten the siege and do to whatever it takes to have Ibn Al-Zubair killed. Stop! My Lord, if you give him absolute control he might do something that would stain the Umayyad Caliphate’s name forever, for no blood must be spilled in Makkah.

Yes, no blood must be shed in Makkah. No blood should be shed in Makkah. Listen, chamberlain, Once Al-Hajjaj reaches Ibn Al-Zubair, let him offer him our choices once again before fighting him. I didn’t mean only Ibn Al-Zubair’s life, My Lord. Tell Al-Hajjaj to give people the Caliph’s pledge of safety.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 19

whoever comes out and surrenders will be spared. Otherwise, there will be no excuses. What’s the matter? Don’t you have anything to say? The order has already been sent to its executer. There’s no point in saying anything.

Would the Caliph excuse me? Listen, Waleed, I understand what you think of all this, but all well that ends well, and this will end well. I’m faithful to what I’ve been entrusted wit, so I won’t leave a gap for sedition to break through. My soul yearns to see them in this glorious position. What’s wrong, Ghazalah?

I wanted to see if your sword has any traces of blood from the people you raided. I’m in no mood to hear this.

Tell me, Shabeeb, have you achieved victory? How many a safe village have you terrified? How many lives have you taken? Has your news reached the Umayyad Caliph? And did he care about it, Shabeeb? Enough! you were right and I was wrong. I admit it, so leave me alone.

What happened after you realized your mistake? I had a dispute with them, so, they abandoned me. That’s how it is, Shabeeb. They will continue joining you and then abandoning you, until your intentions become clear and evident, then you’ll gather around you those who are worthy of fighting on your side.

We’ll talk about this later. As for the now, I feel a huge burden resting on my chest, and I don’t know when it would be taken off. What if I help you relieve it? I won’t fight henceforth, unless to face the Umayyads.

I will support you in this. I’ve warned you, Waleed I’ve warned you. Then I won’t attend the court so I won’t disturb you. I don’t hold my council to be opposed by my own son. Good advice is more important than blood ties. Don’t advise me! Why do I attend the court, then?

Irrelevant advice undermines determination. Waleed, I’m the one responsible here, so leave it to me. If I fail, I’ll be blamed for it, and if I succeed, you will all benefit from it. So ,leave it to me and attend my court. How could people in Makkah die like this? Every day I witness things that break my heart.

And what is coming might be even worse, I’m unable to walk among people anymore because of what I see. If this ordeal doesn’t end before more people die, we’ll go out with our swords to break this siege. I’ll be the first one to do that, and let me be the first to be killed.

Dying by the sword is more honorable than dying like this. We have been patient long enough. I want you to join me in the Pilgrimage this year. It’s still too early for Pilgrimage, why are you thinking about it now? I’ve never stopped thinking about it. But you haven’t performed it for years !

I wouldn’t go to the Ka’ba while it was under Ibn Al-Zubair’s power. Only God has power over the Ka’ba. Pilgrimage is for God, Ibn Al-Zubair has nothing to do with it. Besides, he wouldn’t have prevented you from performing it. My mind would. Nothing has changed. This year isn’t different from the previous years. Besides, Ibn Al-Zubair is still in Makkah. He won’t be there by the Pilgrimage season. Therefore, I want you to be with me, along with Al-Waleed and Um Al-Banin. Are you going to Makkah to perform Pilgrimage or to celebrate your victory if you achieve it? I’ll achieve it, with God’s will. Would it be achieved without bloodshed? There’s no war without blood, Atika. Then how would you go to Makkah and perform the Pilgrimage rites – with blood on your hands? – What are you saying, Atika? What happened to you, My Lord? Enough, enough! I don’t want to hear any more of this, not out of fear of what I’m hearing, but rather what might come after it. How could the people of Makkah reach such a state? We only told you what we had heard. What’s your father, the Caliph, doing about this? What could he do? Why doesn’t he go to fight those who impose this siege on Makkah and its people? We were called for this, Grandmother. – Then, what are you doing here? – We’ve only come… You couldn’t have come for something more important or more urgent than that. Go to him. I wish to see the people of Makkah and every house in it in the best of conditions, more than I wish it for my own family.

Hunger is claiming the lives of the people in Makkah faster than the swords of their enemies can claim them. I wish I died before witnessing this. Tell the Leader I want to see him. I’m coming to you. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf I’ve never been so eager for something like I was eager for your return, Commander Awf. Peace be upon the Army Leader. Peace be upon you too. What have you come back with? The best news you could hope for, My Lord I’ll give you the details in your tent. I’ve never waited for something so impatiently as I have waited for this. Has the Caliph granted us his permission? He was actually very eager to granted, My Lord! Does he still insist on giving Ibn Al-Zubair the choice? Yes, My Lord! No problem. There’s something else, My Lord! What else do you have to say? I think that Al-Waleed Ibn Abdul Malek disapproves of this and opposes it. That doesn’t matter, for Caliph Abdul Malek is the one in charge of all this. So, discard any other opinion. I don’t want to hear it. Go out to your soldiers and prepare them, and send me Tareq Ibn Amr, go. Yes, My Lord. May God help us! Verily, we belong to God and to Him we shall return. May God curse you, Ibn Marwan, you and your Hajjaj. Since we settled near Makkah we’ve been only skirmishing. But from now on, things will be different. I used to hold a weapon in one hand while the other was empty, but today I hold a weapon in one hand, while in the other hand I hold the Caliph’s order, each of them sharper than the other, and tougher on the Caliph’s enemy and his supporters. So ,go to sleep, for you won’t sleep after that. Stay, Tareq. I won’t be able to sleep, thinking about what’s coming. I feel the same way. Bring the chessboard. Do you remember how you won the other night? That’s an insignificant matter which is soon forgotten.


No, nothing is so insignificant as to be forgotten, especially defeats and victories. Even if they take place on a chessboard. I’m an insistent and spiteful person who doesn’t forget anything.

So, prepare yourself tonight. I have lived all this years, gone through all these experiences, and seen a lot, but I’ve never seen people starving to death before now. I buried the man with my own hands as if I was burying a part of my soul. Then I came to you. What’s left of the lantern’s oil was distributed upon people.

It’s a very dark night. We don’t know what it hides behind this darkness. Could it be a warning? If I hadn’t defeated you twice for defeating me once, I would have sent you away to a place where I wouldn’t see you, for I can’t bear to see you after you’ve defeated me. Thank God who granted me this defeat which saved me. Yes, Ibn Amr. As of tomorrow, I want you to go to Abu Qubais mountain, where the catapults are. May I say something? Speak, although I don’t appreciate the interruption. Ever since I accompanied you on this war under your command, I’ve never neglected an order of yours and I’ve never asked for anything. I know what you’re going to say. So, if only you wouldn’t put me in charge of the catapults. Woe betide you! You are all afraid of that! My Lord, I’m an army commander and a cavalier who rushes into battle to face my opponent and we engage in fighting. As for the catapult, it throws rocks and balls of fire at random. We are the ones who direct them. Please relieve me of that and assign me to something else. If I hadn’t grown fond of you, I would have killed you for disobeying my orders. I’m not disobeying you, but rather asking for your permission. As you wish. Go and get prepared with the soldiers for tomorrow. I’m going to Abu Qubais mountain, to launch the first strike with my own hands, as for you, Tareq, don’t give orders for the attack until you receive my orders. I’ll pave the way for the soldiers on the ground, with this storm that will befall our enemy from the sky. My Lord, why don’t I join you? You’ll stay in Makkah among its people; you’ll be more useful here, Ibn Safwan. Are you sure you want to come, Chief of Thaqif?


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