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The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 20.” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude. “Episode 20” You gave them the choice, My Lord, and they chose. And now only a few of them remained.

Yes, they wanted this world for me and for themselves, and I don’t blame them, for this world is subject to change. They wanted me to follow Al-Hassan bin Ali’s example in pledging allegiance to the Umayyads. People think you followed Al-Hussein bin Ali’s example, leading them to your doom and theirs.

By God, I’m not trying to save my life, and I would sacrifice it for the sake of God and the cause I’m defending. As for them, they can seek safety and humiliation with Ibn Marwan.

I wanted them to have the best in this life and in the Hereafter, but they exchanged the latter for the former. You’re right, My Lord. You’re right. Here come your sons Khubaib, Hamza and Al-Zubair. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. How were the people when you left?

The majority left and only a few of them remained. They’ve chosen to safety pledge. What’s the matter, Khubaib? Speak. Do we have the choice like them? Father, we ask you about Al-Hajjaj’s pledge of safety for us.

Even your sons, My Lord. Ibn Safwan. Yes, you have the choice. You’re exempt of your pledge of allegiance to me. So go ahead and save your lives. You too, Son, go and ask for safety with your brothers, for I want you to survive. God forbid, I would never abandon you, for I wouldn’t put my life before yours.

The Sacred Mosque is the only safe place left in Makkah. Let all people stay in the Sacred Mosque and near the Ka’ba. I will endure this with you, until God settles this. As for you, Chief of Thaqif, I don’t know what to say. My sons abandoned me and sought safety with your son Al-Hajjaj.

Whereas you’re still staying with us. I am staying with you, Ibn Al-Zubair. I’m staying because this is God’s Will. As for worldly pleasures, if there are any, no one will enjoy them forever. I don’t condemn your sons for their departure seeking their safety in this life. But I condemn what my son has done, by putting people in such a tough position. – Are they a groups? –

Yes, My Lord. Grant them my guarantee of safety then. Release them after they declare breaking their pledge of allegiance to Ibn Al-Zubair, and pledge allegiance to Caliph Abdul Malek. – Who remained Makkah with Ibn Al-Zubair? –

My Lord, the sons of your enemy Ibn Al-Zubair came seeking safety from you, Khubaib and Hamza. His own family left him! Did you hear that, Ibn Amr? Why doesn’t he come to me and ask for his safety? Ibn Al-Zubair isn’t seeking to spare his life, My Lord. Is there something more precious than life? My Lord, I wanted to say… Say no more. You’ve said enough. I don’t like your constant praising of our enemy.

I overestimate him only to overestimate this war we’re waging against him. If we defeat him, we’ll have defeated a man worthy of being fought. I like this, I like it indeed. If a few people are left who didn’t seek safety from me, this means that he will seek safety for himself and for them. –

Yes. – Is there any safe place in Makkah other than the Sacred Mosque and the Ka’ba? – What do you mean? – I won’t leave any safe place in Makkah until I enter it. Otherwise, let Ibn Al-Zubair come to ask my security. Come with me! You would catapult the Sacred Mosque and the Ka’ba? No, I would catapult Ibn Al-Zubair if he took refuge there. Peace be upon you! I’ve never seen anything like this.

A man kneeling in prayer, while the pigeons of the Mosque are settled safely on his shoulders. While he himself isn’t safe! You kneeled and prostrated for so long, Ibn Al-Zubair. I didn’t want to stop. Perhaps you didn’t want to scare the pigeons which felt safe around you. I didn’t notice them. I was standing before God Almighty, and I wished it would last for the end of my life. I’m not sure if I will get to do that again in this life. What are you saying, Emir of Believers?

Ibn Safwan, stop addressing me by that title. What kind of Emir of Believers have only a few of them around him? I only see a few people around me whom God has chosen for a good end, so they chose it. – You say this a lot, My Lord. –

What else would I say? People gather around you in the Mosque and around the Ka’ba. Don’t you think that Hajjaj would catapult them? Do you really think so, despite being his father? When I give my orders, you launch the strike in the direction I instructed. My Lord, won’t we be committing a sin by doing this?

Woe betide you! You are only a slave who obeys orders, and a soldier, who obeys the orders of his leader. The only one who would be committing a sin, if any, it would be the one giving the orders. You are Abyssinian, have you ever performed the pilgrimage? No, but I look forward to doing that. Do you have any doubt that Ibn Al-Zubair who took refuge in the Sacred Mosque, is God’s enemy? –

You said that, My Lord. – No. Catapulting God’s enemy doesn’t render you sinful. You will rather be rewarded by God for it. Feed the hungry, and secure the frightened. We will, although we are only left with a few supplies. They can barely cover any needs. As for me, I am left with this sword only. It’s only one round with it. Listen, Ibn Amr, I want you to prepare the army to invade Makkah. Shouldn’t we wait for the permission of the Caliph?

– I sent for his permission. – Let’s wait it then. – No! – My Lord… If we receive the Caliph’s approval, he will be pleased and bless what we are doing. What if he disapproves? Then, we will not receive his reply, as it was held up by something on its way here.

Then, we will be inside Makkah, so he’ll approve that. – Prepare the army. – My Lord… What’s the matter? I heard that your father was with Ibn Al-Zubair. So what? – He might be killed defending him. – Woe betide you, Ibn Amr! I am talking about power and the Caliphate, and you are talking about an individual! He is not just any individual, he is your father! It doesn’t matter.

He chose to take the side of my enemy in this war. These mushy sentimentalities have no place in this. So, prepare for what I ordered you, go ahead. By orders of our leader, Al-Hajjaj, when night comes, launch the rocks and fire balls in the direction he instructed.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 20

And don’t stop until you receive his orders. We shall obey our leader, Al-Hajjaj. Won’t you sit with the people? They can’t stand to look at me anymore, nor can I stand to see frustrated looks on their faces. And I am helpless in the face of this calamity.

I am only left with this sword. But it is frozen in its sheath. If only that enemy of God comes to confront us, so this the whole matter would be settled by sword. Until when would he keep hiding from us?

Do you think he would he catapult the Sacred Mosque and the Ka’ba? Ibn Uqba had done it before under Yazeed ‘s orders. Al-Hajjaj is no better than Ibn Uqba, and Abdul Malek is no better than Yazeed. – Ibn Safwan. – What?

Al-Hajjaj knows that I am staying at the Sacred Mosque, taking refuge in the House of God, and I’m the one he’s after. Speak. Why don’t you convince people to leave the Mosque to get them out of harm’s way? They chose to stay here, and I can’t prevent them or expel them.

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Because they think that God’s enemy won’t catapult the Sacred Mosque. Isn’t that enough, My Lord? Until Ibn Al-Zubair surrenders to me. His supplies ran out, and his men abandoned him. These rocks and fire balls won’t leave him a safe place to hide. So, until when? Won’t he surrender? – He won’t.


– And I won’t stop and retreat. But why are you doing this at night? Didn’t you say that these rocks and fire balls were blind? The night is blind too and people are more blind during it. One blindness on top of another will intensify the fear in people’s hearts. I’ll go get some sleep. May God help us! Bury the dead and nurse the wounded. Shouldn’t we wait until morning or until the strikes stop? I will go home, perhaps I’d find some leftover food to bring.

Zubair. Slaughter my horse and give its meat to people to eat. What does this night conceal? And what disaster in Makkah will daylight reveal? turkceurdu.com Al-Hajjaj ‘s catapults are striking the Ka’ba! Disperse, hurry up, go ahead. Emir of Believers! The rocks thrown by Catapults hit the Eastern corner of the Ka’ba! Al-Hajjaj did it! Come with me.

My Lord. What is it? Lightning struck Abu Qubais mountain, which made the soldiers panic, so they stopped catapulting. Woe betide them! It’s not my need, but people’s need. You already know that there is nothing at home. Yes, then I’ll return to them empty handed. I knew what happened. They abandoned me, Mother. They let me down. Even my two sons, Khubaib and Hamza. I am only left with those who prefer to die in dignity than to live in humiliation.

They have chosen what you have chosen for yourself. These are your men, so endure with them. I can’t bear to be away from you, but those who endured with you deserve to be with you more than I do. So, go! With what shall I return to them? With what you believe in, and what they believe in. Yes. Don’t let me see you cry. Wait until I’m gone. The catapulting has stopped. Why did you stop catapulting? What’s wrong with you? – It was the lightening, My Lord. –

Woe betide you! How could a soldier be frightened by lightening? – It is God’s wrath. – I know this land better than you do. These are only waves of lightning and thunder typical of Tuhama. If they struck you, they would strike others. Prepare the catapults, hurry up! Verily, we belong to God and to him we shall return. Were they buried? – How many were they?

– Numerous. Some were killed by the catapults, others were struck by the lightening, while others died of hunger. We have too many causes of death. But no one have been killed in a battle or a duel yet. – Then it’s death without dignity. – No, Ibn Safwan. No one in Makkah died with indignity.


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