Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. “Al-Hajjaj” I am here amongst you again, with a different face, and a different attitude. “Episode 10” Did you see, Hajjaj? You are easily irritated. which clouds your judgment. Can you recommend any of your men to be in my army? They are some of the best fighters. And I shall march with you too, if you want. You have delivered on all your promises, Ibn Zinba’. By God, everything I have now, I owe it to you. As for this, I see you should only go to Makkah as a pilgrim, not as a warrior.

We have defeated Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a and the Khawarij. So, what do you think? Shall we return to Basra? We will not leave Ahvaz after we forced the Khawarij out and took over it. If we left it, the Khawarij would come back. And you would leave Basra? I’m sure the Umayyad Caliph will take care of it. You puzzle me, Commander. I see why you’d be puzzled, but it won’t be for long. You will understand everything with time. Come on, bury them and clean the place up. In your right hand, you have your sword, as well as your soldiers and money. And in your left hand, you will carry this letter, guaranteeing the safety of Abdullah bin Al-Zubair, his family and followers. If they pledge obedience, that is. Emir of Believers, we’re talking about killing hem, and you’re sending them a pledge of safety?

– I said, “If they pledge obedience.” – What if he did? Al-Zubair’s sons would never submit or surrender to anyone. I’m aware of that. But it’s my duty as the Caliph and the Emir of Believers. As for the Sacred Mosque of Makkah, don’t come near it unless I give you permission. And spare me the blood of the Hashemites, for if they were shed, they would destroy the Kingdom. My brother Bishr will send some of our troops in Kufa to join your army. As for money, do not spend any of it unless it would contribute to our victory, with God’s will. I see you’re eager to mount your horse. I’m rather eager to fulfill the Emir of the Believers wishes. Hajjaj, that’s Tareq Ibn Amr, one of our best, most trustworthy men. We had sent him to Hijaz to explore it. He will help you in your mission. My Lord, I have met Ibn Amr before by sheer coincidence, and you’d be astonished if I told you the story.

حجاج بن یوسف قسط نمبر 10

You will tell me about it after your triumphant return. The army is waiting for you, so proceed with God’s blessings. Is this the tent of Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a, The Chief of Al-Azareqa and their poet and cavalier, and those who pledged allegiance to him as Caliph and Emir of Believers? Yes, this is it. How could a man like him settle for a tent like this? There aren’t many men like him. He’s as modest as his tent. He’s uninterested in worldly pleasures, and he’s not a liar or an imposter. I see you’re very eager to defend him and praise him, as if you were one if his men. Would I be fighting him with you if I was one of his men? No, but the truth must be told. I commend on the good traits of Qatari’s bin Al-Fuja’a, but I cringe at Al-Azareqa’s cruelty, accusing other Muslims of apostasy and killing them, and terrorizing peaceful people. So, which outweighs the other in your opinion? Wouldn’t one cancel out the other? What’s worrying you? A man like me always has something to worry about, day and night. I used to be able to see into your heart. So let me see what’s on your mind now. Go ahead.

It’s about the Hijaz mission. That’s right, the Hijaz mission. You could see it then. You worry, and I wonder! What makes you wonder? Did you really delegate Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi to take over Hijaz from Ibn Al-Zubair, and made him the commander of the army? What’s so strange about this? You’ve only known the man for a short time, and he’s not an Umayyad, so how could you put him in charge of such a grave mission? And I think he’s fit for it. When Al-Hajjaj sets his mind to something, he never relents until he achieves it. And if he did, aren’t you afraid he would turn against you? No, I have tested him, and I found him more loyal to me and to the Umayyads than they are to each other. I will tell you something, Atika, which I haven’t told anyone. Is there anyone as close to you as I am? Al-Hajjaj came to me, so I used him to fight Ibn Al-Zubair. The only way to get rid of Ibn Al-Zubair is to kill him and end his reign, given who he is, and how Muslims hold him in such high esteem. And you can’t invade Makkah and kill him yourself, right?

Al-Hajjaj comes from Ta’ef, and he’s from Thaqif, the tribe that mistreated the Prophet in the early days of Islam. The people of Ta’ef forced him out and back to Makkah, hurt and injured. But that had been long forgotten. It might be neglected, but it can’t be forgotten. So, if Al-Hajjaj conquers Hijaz and enters Makkah, and destroys it as he wishes, they will link this to that. And you will have stayed out of it. No, I can’t stand to kill Abdullah by myself, or by the hand of any of the Umayyads. I sent him a safety pledge, and I hope he would accept it. This is what the Emir of Believers think, and we agree with him. For what’s the point of building if we couldn’t protect what we build with force and strength? Ibn Safwan, it sounds like you’re warning us against an imminent danger – which we’re not aware of. – It’s an imminent threat indeed. But we cannot continue to ignore it, but rather prepare to face it. Where is the Emir of Believers to tell us about this? He’s in seclusion. I think he will join us later. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Why are you staying outside while the doors to the house are wide open? I prefer God’s vast space to the narrow homes. Then come to my court and talk to me. I have taken it upon myself not to enter a court of any ruler. I haven’t crossed all these rugged roads and endured that strenuous journey, to meet the powerful Caliph, but rather to meet Abdullah bin Al-Zubair, the pious believer. And here I am, so speak up. I came to warn you of what Abdul Malek bin Marwan is plotting against you and the Sacred Mosque, and against Makkah and Hijaz. – When did you leave Syria? – A few days ago. It was only by God’s grace and mercy that I got here, otherwise I don’t think I would be strong enough or live long enough to reach you. – Did you meet him – Yes, on his way back, boasting his victory over your brother Mus’ab. What did you see in him? A wickedness which he hides, but the faithful could see it with their instinct. I think now that he’s done with Iraq, he will be heading towards Hijaz. What’s your proof, Sheikh? The Umayyads slyness and cunning, I told him some words I couldn’t keep to myself. Normally, he wouldn’t keep me alive after hearing those words, but he wanted me to get ready to head for Makkah to meet you and tell you about that, as if it were a warning that he was heading towards you, with pride. Honorable Sheikh, I have never disregarded that. I had the same insight. Now, come to my court to get some rest after your trip, and then we can talk. No, Ibn Al-Zubair, I would rather go to the Ka’ba, – for that was my destination. – At night? If you’re going to stand before God, does it matter if it’s day or night?

Sleep here tonight. And what if I died tonight? I would rather stay near the Ka’ba, until God allows me to move from that revered place, to an even more revered one. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. This tent was good enough for the leader of the Khawarij. But it’s not good enough for the Caliph’s appointed Ruler over Ahvaz. The Ruler appointed by the Umayyad Caliph? Khaled bin Abdullah in Basra sent me a letter appointing me as the Ruler of Ahvaz. And you kept it a secret. I was upset at first that Caliph Abdul Malek did not send it himself, but this was only one letter, and it will be followed by others. Listen, Ibn Bashr, I know what you’re thinking, but I will tell you this to understand what’s on my mind. I have been delegated to fight the Khawarij, those who divided the nation, until I eliminated them, and I would never back out from that. The Umayyads have taken over Iraq now, and I would never violate a pledge of allegiance or betray my loyalty, but that should be for those who would reunite the nation again. I understand that, Commander. I don’t have any greed or biased. Nor am I. And I don’t want to be distracted by any dispute from what I was delegated for until I achieve it. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. May God accept you prayer, Sheikh. May He accept good deeds from all of us. You declined my invitation to enter my house, so, I’ve come to see you where you like to reside. I didn’t decline your invitation. It’s just that I was invited by the One Whose house is bigger than the whole universe. Tell me, Sheikh, when you met Abdul Malek bin Marwan… I suppose you stayed up all night thinking about this. Haven’t you come to warn me? Who was the closest man to him? I wish you didn’t ask. It was a man I hated the moment I saw with my poor eyes. But I hated him even more when I could see him with my insight. Was it Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi? It was him.

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The Umayyad kept him close and accompanied him when he invaded Iraq. Men from Syria come to support me, while other men leave Hijaz to Syria to support Ibn Marwan. I can’t seem to know the reason behind that. I didn’t come to support you, Ibn Al-Zubair, nor did I support anyone else. I rather follow God’s guidance, seeking to please God and be close to Him. I would’ve to be close to the Ka’ba even if you were not here. People! We didn’t leave Ahvaz to retire from fighting. Nor to let our enemies enjoy that capricious victory they had. We are here in Tabarstan and Karman, but we were promised to take over the entire world, so we would enforce God’s laws in it, or die for that cause. Swords should not be put down until the thrones have been shaken, and people have repented. God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! It wasn’t our enemy who defeated us; but rather our separation and disunity.


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