Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles free

The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 27 .” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude. So, Caliph Abdul Malek sent you, Ibn Amr, to tell me this? I’m doing it against my will. I sense that you already know my answer to that. – I can guess. – Why? For who you are, Daughter of Al-Hussein. Don’t you find the Emir of Believers, Caliph of Muslims, and the head of the Umayyad Household suitable for me?

I’ll make it easy for you, Ibn Amr, for you are merely a messenger. and I feel sorry for you carrying that letter, – and my response to it. – Then you turn him down. How should you convey it to your Lord? I can’t guarantee that he won’t get angry. If you went back to him with this? Yes, if I went back. Hajjaj Bin yusuf episode 27 – Tell me something, bint Al-Hussein. – Don’t ask. I refuse to marry Abdul Malek bin Marwan for who he is and who I am. Besides, how could he forget that he killed my husband, Mus’ab?

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 27

If he did, how could he ignore that Atika bint Yazeed is his wife? And that Yazeed bin Mu’awiya is the one who killed my father, Al-Hussein? How could the Umayyad Caliph wish to marry both the daughter of the killer and that of the victim? My God! How these people take pride in their sins, Hajjaj Bin yusuf episode 27 so much that they disregard the dignity of others! I never thought of what you’ve just said. But given what I know about you and about him, I don’t think that you are suitable for each other.

Excuse me. – Are you going back to him? – No. I shall roam the land, I am not fit for the company of Rulers, nor will I approach them again. Go back to Syria, I’m not going back there. We get hold of each house that Ibn Al-Fuja’a leaves. al-hajjaj Except the last one where we’ll bury him. How are the soldiers? hajjaj bin yusuf episode 27 – They complain a lot. – Despite the victory? They were forced to fight by threats. So, if we delay their return to their families, they’ll complain. If we retire or remit, we will lose momentum. Prepare them to follow the Khawarij in Taberstan.

They’ll complain more if we continued our wars without a pause. It is one continuous war. By God, we won’t retreat before we achieve our goal. I’ll talk to them, let’s go. Shabeeb, why don’t we invade Kufa or approach it since it’s very near? No, we will neither invade nor approach by our troops. I will send someone from here to investigate about it. Sufian bin Al-Abrad’s messenger came to report the defeat of Abdurabbeh Junior and Abdurabbeh Senior and their men. Thank God. What else? He and his men are heading for Taberstan to join the army to fight the scattered vestiges of Al-Azareqa.

Yes, send a letter informing him to proceed. I want you to go to Kufa and bring me its news. Remain among its people and find out about their inclinations. Go ahead. – The Shabeeb Khawarij. – Yes, My Lord. Their troops are approaching Kufa, and we don’t know whether they have reached it yet. – Describe them – My Lord, they are… Describe their Chief to me, Shabeeb bin Yazeed Al-Shaibani.

I only heard about him but I’ve never met him. Forget about that. Prepare the men to head for Kufa. Yes, My Lord. Why are we holding our horses, Shabeeb? Because this is the last war. Either we achieve victory, after which we’ll only stop when we kill the Umayyad Caliph, or we are defeated, where we will have no place on this land. What defeat? You’ve never mentioned defeat before. I am weighing both options, for we’ve never fought a war like the one we are preparing for.

I hope that the people of Kufa would join us when we enter it. I don’t think they would. They might not fight you, but they wouldn’t fight with you. That’s not an option in this war. Those who are not with us, are enemies that should be killed. I sent someone to investigate about them. Thus, you are giving our enemy the time to prepare for us. Al-Hajjaj won’t be capable of fighting us with his men, unless he asks for support from his Umayyad Master.

He will, if we give him time. You’re an impatient, zealous woman, Ghazalah. Take this letter to the Caliph and come back with the men he sends with you, go ahead. Let’s go. Great news! Why didn’t you report it to me earlier? It was overshadowed by another, which we wanted to verify. What is it? Shabeeb bin Yazeed led his Khawarij toward Iraq. They are heading for Kufa, and if they reached it … That’s strange! This insurgent group is strange. Their head, Ibn Al-Fuja’a gets defeated in Kerman, so the inferior one dares to threaten us. Shabeeb Al-Shaibani is not inferior, My Lord.

He is the imminent threat. We don’t think that Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf is capable of deterring him. Are you overestimating this Kharijite, Omar and underestimating Al-Hajjaj? Neither this nor that, I’m just stating the facts.

If Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a was defeated by Al-Muhallab, it was because he settled to establish a rule and his men were divided into groups and factions. As for Shabeeb, he has never been tempted by any of that, and he’s a man of a fierce nature, courage and self-possession. Enough, Omar, enough. If I let you go on, you would leave us and join him. No, My Lord…

I don’t like to have my enemy’s good traits mentioned before me. If there is an imminent threat as you say, then we’d better think how to evade it. I need everyone who’s capable of fighting in Kufa to come to me. My Lord, most of them are in Al-Muhallab’s army. Who’s left? I didn’t expect to return to Kufa by this, nor did I count on it. Isn’t that Obaid Al-Dari? It’s him, indeed.

What brings him back? When did the messenger leave Basra with this letter? On the same day Al-Hajjaj left to Kufa. It’s just a matter of days. Prepare the reinforcements that Al-Hajjaj needs. Yes, My Lord. What brought you back? I heard about your situation, so I joined you with some men. – What about Al-Azareqa? –

I think it will be just another battle before Al-Muhallab kills who’s left of them in Taberstan. I’m sad to hear what’s become of Al-Azareqa. They are scattered groups now, chased down by Al-Muhallab and his soldiers all over the land. if he reached Taberstan, it would be a decisive battle.

No. We won’t let him discourage us. He will make us more determined and we will be victorious, with God’s will. I don’t deny that Shabeeb Al-Shaibani, of whom we heard today, is a very dangerous man. I would never forget that he used to stalk me during the Pilgrimage season in the previous years. He almost killed me by deceit. I don’t want Al-Hajjaj to return until he kills him.

You are in charge of this, send support to Iraq. They should not return before killing Shabeeb Al-Shaibani and those with him. This is what I thought, I think it is time. – What is your sign? – The people of Kufa, as my spies reported to me, won’t fight with Al-Hajjaj because they hate him. And even if they fight with him, they will let him down. My Lord. Gather the people at the Mosque, I want to see them there.

Help me, Emir of Believers. Send me reinforcements. Send me reinforcements, Emir of Believers. For the people of Kufa are helpless. My court is a few steps away from this place, but it’s a totally different world! You made me laugh, Atika. So, you are Laila Al-Akhialia, the beloved of Tawba Al-Himyari? I was, My Lord, until death did us apart.

Nothing other than death would have taken him away from me. Your story spread far and wide, so we could no longer tell what was true and what wasn’t about it. The good things you hear about our story are true, and the bad things were made up by the narrators. Your beloved was one of the best cavaliers. He was, and one of the best poets too. As for this one, let us judge it for ourselves.

He was only famous for the love poems he wrote about you. – And that was enough. – What did he see in you to love you so much? My Lord, the old woman sitting before you is not the same Laila that Tawba fell in love with. Woe be to the years! He saw of me what no other man has ever seen of a woman.

And he saw in me what everyone who saw me envied him for. Come with me, Atika. Order for her a generous payment to suffice her for the rest of her days, then dismiss her from here. She claims to have enjoyed a heartbreaking look once, but now all she has left are heartbreaking words. hajjaj bin yusuf episode 27 Okay. When shall we set out? We will set out under the cover of night. I took a pledge that if I entered Kufa this time, I would meet Al-Hajjaj and kill him, or get killed trying. – Obaid! http://Pakurdo.com

– Shabeeb! – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. People of Kufa, May God humiliate whoever wishes to achieve glory with your help, and may He let down whoever wishes to achieve victory with your support. hajjaj bin yusuf episode 27 You refused to join us in fighting your enemy, and I see that when I call you to fight, you march to it unwillingly as if you were led to death in chains.

If you don’t defend your land, I will send for people who are better than you, and who are more obedient and have more endurance in the face of adversity, so they’ll fight your enemy instead of you. That so-called Shabeeb used to invade your land, violate your homes, hajjaj bin yusuf episode 27 kill your prefects, and weaken your soldiers. This was in the past, and you were incapable of fighting him. But today, while I am your prefect.

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The Emir of Believers, may God honor him shall provide me with soldiers who will be triumphant, and who have what it takes to achieve victory, with God’s will. Once we’re out of this ordeal, and once the dust settles, I shall treat you as you treated me. Have you sent the reinforcements to Hajjaj? Yes, My Lord. I hope they reach him before that Shaibani does. That Shabeeb will be the death of me! Peace be upon you, My Lord.

Peace be upon you too. Where are they now? I saw them with my own eyes, al-hajjaj they might arrive any moment. Al-Muhallab has fought us for this land for a long time. So, either we expel him from it, or we bury him in it together with his soldiers. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 26 in Urdu Subtitles free


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