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The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 26.” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude. This is my letter to Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a. You exchange letters with the head of Al-Azareqa Khawarij?

Yes, I follow the example of the Emir of Believers, to offer a choice before using the sword. Let Al-Muhallab send this letter with a messenger to Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a, before sending the army to fight him. O people of the two Iraqs and the soldiers of victory. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 26 Now that you have a courageous prefect, who sent troops and strengthened the wills, you must be firm and diligent, for I found that survival depends of firmness, and that victory depends on diligence. Pakurdu.com

Let their defeat and their elimination be at your hands and by your swords. Let God’s word reign supreme. Let the word of truth reign supreme over the heads of God’s enemies that will be subdued by His will, or that shall fall down with His will. – How long shall we stay here? – This shall be your home until God eliminates the Khawarij. Why would you imprison us here? Take us to fight them.

If we fight them together, they will be nothing. Hold your horses, Ibn Al-Jaroud. Al-Hajjaj who sent you to me waited until he followed us, so he would give us the order to set out. Our payments are our right. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 26 Yes, our right. – Our right. – Our right. – Our right. – Our right. Our right. Just like doing well in battle is our Leader’s right. Ibn Al-Jaroud, don’t bring this up now as this is not the time for it, as no sword has yet been unsheathed and no blood has been shed.

No. if you’re not in charge of this, I will take some of these troops to someone who can take charge. Woe be to you, Ibn Jaroud! You want to split the army? Woe be to you. Come here. Come back. Come back. Come back. Come back. Come back. What do you suggest, Malek? Al-Hajjaj has forced the people of Basra and Kufa to go to war. He threatened to kill them, so they came to you against their will, out of fear of his punishment, rather than a willingness to fight.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 26

Then they seized the chance to leave you and return home. I didn’t expect this from Ibn Al-Jaroud. The Soldiers’ payments were just a pretext. He is the Chief of his people. He wouldn’t accept being under Al-Hajjaj’s command. – Is that what you really think? – This is how I see it. By God, I can see sedition rearing its ugly head.

An hour of anger made you come out with me, and it could dissipate. Al-Muhallab is a lenient man, who would only kill in the battlefield. But Al-Hajjaj is different. I’m going to see him, and I don’t know what will happen. So, would you pledge loyalty or leave? We pledge. Assigning Al-Hajjaj as a prefect is an insult to us. Let’s expel him from Iraq.

And we’ll write Abdul Malek asking to replace him. We pledge. We pledge. We pledge. We’ll take your pledges and your vows after I meet Al-Hajjaj, so we’ll have something against him to convince people with. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. I thought you set out for war. You came back quickly. You seem to be eager for war. Not as eager as you are. I am only one of your soldiers.

What are the news in Basra? And how is Hind? She’ll be fine, God Willing. I also met Al-Hajjaj. What did you think of him? And what did you talk about? I wouldn’t go to see him, he summoned me. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 26 As for my opinion of him, you wouldn’t want to hear it. Therefore, I’ll keep it to myself. He wants you to send this letter to Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a before you march with your army to fight him.

Does Al-Hajjaj write letters to the Khawarij? – I was surprised too. – What does it say? The messenger should be discreet, as you know. Would you take it to Qatari, Malek? I’ve always wanted to see him while swords are sheathed. He might kill you. I think Al-Hajjaj means to upset the leader of the Khawarij with his letter and I think that Ibn Al-Fuja’a would want to convey his response to Al-Hajjaj, so he’ll spare the messenger’s life for that purpose.

Regardless of his purpose, I am a fighter and I’m bound to die by sword, So, send me. Get ready to set out at dawn. My Lord, a visitor is asking for permission to meet you. – Who is it? – Abdullah bin Al-Jaroud, Chief of Abdul Qais tribe. He must have something that would upset me. Let him in. Peace be upon Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf. Peace be upon you too. Sit down. Didn’t you join Al-Muhallab’s army? Yes. I went with those who marched out in compliance with your orders, My Lord.

Then I learned something that made me retreat. What is it? You didn’t give the soldiers their full payments. That’s right. That raise on payments was given to you by Ibn Al-Zubair. It is an increase whose owner is gone, and I don’t approve it, so I deducted it. But Bishr bin Marwan approved it and gave it to us, and Khaled bin Abdullah did too before you came. But I’m in charge now, so all that doesn’t matter.

Watch out for your head, or I’ll chop it off. Why do you say that? By God, I’m just advising you. Everyone behind me would back me up in what I said. Woe betide you. Who is behind you? You will see them and meet them. Listen, Ibn Al-Jaroud. I won’t kill you since you came to me. So, go for now, but next time I’ll enjoy killing you, and killing your family and your tribesmen as well.

By God, if you don’t submit to me, I will render your people in general, and your family in particular, a nation that no longer exists, And make them history. Go. No. The one who wrote to me is not my peer, but I am curious to know what he wants, so you read it to me. What’s wrong? Don’t you know what it says? – No. – Read it then, so that you and I may know. In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful From Hajjaj bin Yusuf to Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a, peace be upon you.

You were … You were an Arab Bedouin who liked to eat morsels of bread and pieces of dates.” I was, and I still do. I’m not interested in the luxuries of life, nor do I seek its pleasures. Continue. “Then, you went out to seize what you had no right for, so, retreat and reconcile with me, for it is time to do so. Leave him. He is merely a messenger in our hands. It is prohibited to kill him here, but it is allowed in war. Listen, you. You are only like I said, we might meet you at war.

The one who sent us this letter is merely a slave for his master, Abdul Malek bin Marwan. All it will take is a battle in which we will step on your heads to reach that lewdest Umayyad. As for the letter you are carrying, throw it into the fire. The letter is in fire, and so will be the man who sent it. Does it take all this time to look for Ibn Al-Ash’ath? We only searched in Basra. We left no stone unturned searching for him. If he was outside it, how could we find him?

Where would he go if he left Basra? Could it be Kufa? Then go search for him there. If he knew that you’re after him, he might leave it. I don’t want to do him any harm, I want him for something good. If he knew it, he would come to me by himself. Go and look for him, and if you return without him, you’ll have what you thought I intended to do with him.

Go. Then, this is Ibn Al-Fuja’a’s response to Al-Hajjaj’s letter. He described him in such a way that no one would dare convey to him. Al-Hajjaj only sent that letter because he knew how Qatari would respond. He only wanted a pretext to fight him. Do we need an pretext to fight the Khawarij and Al-Azareqa? Their mere existence and the threat they pose is enough.

Father, Al-Hajjaj is not a man of war nor is he qualified for it, and his cunning precedes his sword. I suggest that you go to see him, which you intend to do. Ibn Basheer, as of tomorrow, rally and prepare for what we are heading for. What did the messenger report from Iraq? He reported news that wouldn’t please the Caliph. When has the news of Iraq ever please us, Omar? Speak. Abdullah bin Al-Jaroud, Chief of Bani Qais tribes, is rallying his men, to fight Al-Hajjaj, and they are large in numbers.

Al-Hajjaj has a few men left after he sent the troops to join Al-Muhallab, Did Ibn Al-Jaroud danger reached an extent that would enable him to threaten the Umayyad rule? He poses a significant threat, or you can discharge Al-Hajjaj as the prefect of Iraq, My Lord. Ibn Al-Jaroud is laying conditions for us! This is part of the pledge he took from his supporters. So, what do you suggest? To make the people guarantee Al-Hajjaj’s safety is they got hold of him, until he leaves Iraq and comes here.

I don’t think he should fight while he’s incapable of it, so as not to sacrifice his men. After that, you can assign another ruler for Iraq. This is only to prevent an unrest which we have no time to deal with now. What’s wrong, Waleed? How could you remain silent while hearing this? I don’t agree with Omar, for Al-Hajjaj is not in Iraq in his own capacity, but rather as the Caliph’s appointed ruler, who consulted him and made him close to him, until he raised him to his current status.

If people underestimated the prefect’s orders, they would underestimate the orders of the one who appointed him. Keep talking, Waleed. You touched upon what I was thinking. Keep Hajjaj bin Yusuf Episode 26 talking. Don’t underestimate him before his enemy, but rather provide him with enough support to march with his soldiers to fight those people, so the Caliph wouldn’t submit to those who spark unrest and lay their conditions. Well said.

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I will write to Al-Hajjaj about this, and we will provide him with back-up if he asks for it. But I am surprised by what I heard from you, Waleed. You criticize Al-Hajjaj, then seek to support him. I didn’t praise him. I said that for the sake of the Caliphate, for Al-Hajjaj doesn’t only represent himself, but also represents your power. Otherwise, I would have agreed with Omar.

I wish to get rid of Al-Hajjaj but not under these circumstances. Did you hear that, Omar? My Lord, the supporters of Ibn Al-Jaroud are increasing in numbers, and so are his weapons, while only a few rem ained with us.

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